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  1. Hey, Time Glitch has now been released in a few different mixes. With styles of Psy-DnB, Synthwave and Trance. Free Release. Check out my Bandcamp. Enjoy https://mellowsonic.bandcamp.com/album/time-glitch-the-lost-fragments Storyline: The year 2285 begins with a time collapse. The result, we landed in the years 1985 & 1998. After about 2 minutes, the anomaly was fixed by an unknown force and we had the 23rd century back. Fortunately, the lost fragments of the 20th century could be secured.
  2. The Album is now released! Buy here! https://mellowsonic.bandcamp.com/album/afterlife cheerz
  3. Hey, Finally, the time has come. My new album is coming out soon. This time it's more in the direction of the soundtrack mixed with psychedelic cinematic chillout/downbeat. Full Album Stream Buy Bandcamp: https://mellowsonic.bandcamp.com/album/afterlife Stream Spotify: Enjoy
  4. Hey Here some new stuff. Inspired by the end of 90s nfs, extreme g or other game ost's music Enjoy the ride
  5. The Album is just amazing and is currently running in continuous loop! Just the right thing for a sci-fi racing games. My Favs. Apex, Dreamland, Secret Space & Devine Plan. Keep it up Artifact!
  6. Archives is a massive Collection. 30 Inspired Tracks from GameOst's like older Need For Speed, Extreme-G, Wipeout, Mass Effect and more Sci-Fi Stuff! Enjoy a Mix of Ambient/Atmospheric Drum & Bass/Psy-Breaks/Psy-Trance and more! Free Download on Bandcamp: https://mellowsonic.bandcamp.com/album/archives-2 Or streaming on Spotify:
  7. Fantastic news.. Back to Space was really good. Can't wait to hear more. This is definitely my album for 2021.
  8. 5k Subscribers on YouTube have been reached. Of course, this will also be rewarded with a new track. Enjoy The Trip Download free on my Bandcamp! https://mellowsonic.bandcamp.com/track/reminiscence
  9. Hey, here my contribution to Blood Moon by Sirius Delta & Gitklar. Enjoy a Psy/Trancey-DnB Remix. Full Release on Spotify
  10. yo i'm back with a new tune! enjoy a deep spacey atmospheric psy-breaks. btw free download on my Soundcloud
  11. thanks guys for the feedback and sry for the late answer.... the soundtrack is now final and all tracks from the game are remixed you can download for free on my bandcamp
  12. hey guys whats up ? new psy/goa tune.. inspired by sci fi themes..
  13. hey whats up ? remix for games goes in the next round this is from my fav game extreme g this appeared in 1997 for nintendo 64 the soundtrack is from the same guys as xg2 by simon robertson & stephen root hope you like it, cheerz & enjoy the ensemble
  14. hey guy's what's up ? time for new music stuff Starforgers is a Collaboration project of Xenofish and Mellow Sonic, with their newest release, Neural Grid. This release features probing the far reaches of psychedelic drum ‘n bass territory. It also features the distinctive science fiction atmospheres and twilight melodies. Mastering and artwork by Xenofish. download the Album free on my Bandcamp cheerz & enjoy
  15. hey guys finally new album psychokinesis this album will released on cosmicopia and my bandcamp, full release on all stores 23rd September enjoy Update the album is now released on all stores ! Bandcamp Beatport Junodownload Itunes ................................................................................................................................................................................................ Psychokinesis is the new release from Mellow Sonic, a multi-genre producer from Germany, the new Album brings fresh new psychedelic sounds and twilight melodies of Freeform/Hi-Tech and Goa with a strong science fictional and mystery influence 01 Subliminal Perception 02 Psychokinesis 03 Omega 4 04 Blackout 05 Slipstream 06 Shifting Reality 07 Hypnopompic 08 Paradoxon 09 Conspiracy
  16. hey hey time for some news:) my need for speed remixes collection is finally done! here a example rom di prisco & saki kaskas the mans from the oldskool need for speed ost series now it's time for reload check it out my remixes of this classics with a bonus track from my new project synesthesics download 18 tracks for free on my bandcamp! https://mellowsonic.bandcamp.com/album/need-for-speed-reloaded cheerz and have fun
  17. hey guys happy new year !!! at first here is the perfect start into future new trippy sci fi dnb track in collaboration with mate xenofish https://soundcloud.com/mellowsonic/xenofish-mellow-sonic-through-the-datasphere enjoy
  18. hey guys here is the brand new ep Mellow Sonic and Shivaxi return to Cosmicopia with their newest release, Star Particles. This release features four collaborations probing the far reaches of drum 'n bass territory. It also features the distinctive dark science fiction atmospheres and twilight melodies. Teaser grab it here Beatport Bandcamp Junodownload Itunes Amazon
  19. votes 01: Space Elves - Out There 02: Cybernetika - Prismatic Reflection 03: Xenofish - Made Out Of Stars 04: BlackStarrFinale - Siege Of Phobos 05: Colin OOOD & Goa Travellers - 100 Billion Neurons 06: One Arc Degree - The Tree Maiden (feat. Georgia Irakli) 07: Main Sequence Star - WOMFG 08: The Mule - Numinous 09: dSk - Biosphere ( Psybient-Soundtrack mix ) 10: Phobium - Orbital Resonance
  20. hey guys I'm back with a brand new album ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSmFPn9b3Uc download it here on ektoplazm http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/m... Twisted Worlds is the new release from Mellow Sonic, a multi-genre producer from Germany. Following up on the last psychedelic drum ‘n bass release, Coreshaper with Xenofish, this album is a fresh collection of science fictional and psychedelic drum ‘n bass with twilight melodies, building on the sound of his last full album, Dreamcatcher. Mastering, music, and artwork by Sandro K. 01 - Twisted Worlds (180 BPM) 02 - Particles (170 BPM) 03 - Xtreme (180 BPM) 04 - Fury (140 BPM) 05 - Heliophysics (178 BPM) 06 - Portal (175 BPM) 07 - Eye Of The Storm (172 BPM) 08 - Witchcraft (180 BPM) 09 - Astral Traveller (feat. Arikatoku Shimo) (140 BPM) 10 - Fusion (135 BPM) 11 - Interplanetary (170 BPM)
  21. i'm back again i have a new collab with arikatoku shimo sounds more uplifting goa trance with a little dnb part hope you like it guys https://soundcloud.com/arikatoku-shimo/arikatoku-shimo-ft-mellow-sonic-astral-treveller cheerz
  22. hey guys i'm back with new sounds check the teaser https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmTguFKMjVg Bandcamp Beatport Junodownload Itunes cheerz and enjoy
  23. hey guys i'm back with a new remix now from the classic game mega man III magnet man theme njoy https://soundcloud.com/mellowsonic/mellow-sonic-magnet-manmega-man-xiii-remix
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