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Whats the 1st Track You Show Someone?


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Whats your perfect “intro to psytrance/goa” track? One that wont overwhelm someone on first listen to the genre, possibly their first listen to electronic music?

Mines probably a classic like LSD by the man himself. Might as well show them the best first right hah...


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depends on the situation, person and what i want to show. i've got good reactions from progressive from colleagues overhearing my music at work. one even asked for the album and came back for more recommendations :).

the albums in question were e-clip - shuma and protonica - search. i guess my go to track for a random person would be e-clip - asia tribe.


to give an interested person an overview of the variety of psytrance in one track, i'd take something like electric universe - morning star or dimension 5 - moon cake. if they're not into easy listening music at all when braincell - there is more on this world would be an option too.

otherwise it totally depends on what they usually listen to. but generally astral projection (mahadeva, let there be light, dancing galaxy) would also be near the top of the list.

for listeners of 90s hard trance i have a mixtape that slowly transitions into goa classics and was very well received.

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So many good tracks that could fit the bill. Asia Tribe E-Clip is a great track Padmapani and one which has been on my fave list for a few years, very good suggestion, epic melodic feel towards the end and deep dark atmospheres. Black Hole by Egorhythmia has a lot going for it, sweet, precise and and minimal and draws you in, as hypnotic as it gets. For me to express the full energy side of things I think Tuned in perfectly by Mad Tribe would be something archetypal.

For those who find the Phrygian scale a bit moody and maybe a little inaccessible try Human Blue - Lone Ranger and Orion - Welcome to Reality - never fails to put the hairs up on my arms and is top class IMO. The latter 2 tracks falling into the old is gold sector. But possibly the most easy way in of all might be is Spinning Spoon by Human Blue whilst not falling right in "psy" it is dreamy stuff, which I first heard with sun rays coming through the trees one morning laying on the grass, that was a special happy sadness tinged moment to that. (Took me 3 years to tune ID it as it was on blank CD-R's according to the DJ)

Great topic idea.




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I usually play them something easy to the ears and catchy: MWNN or Juno reactor, Jaia is also a good choice, art or trance, Miranda. Generally, what is closer to the club-trance sound.
Juno reactor - pistolero (MWNN remix) is usually my first choice, it's a happy-catchy-cluby song yet still psychedelic.

I think the more complicated, acidic stuff that I really enjoy and people praise are simply not easy for someone not acquainted with this kind of music or at least other types of electronic music: Hallucinogen, TIP,  Nervasystem, Koxbox, BoTFb etc and many many more I think are too complicated.


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On 10/11/2018 at 3:45 PM, psychedelic chipmunk said:

I am firmly rooted in the 90's goa trance. Don't bring out the big guns right away. Koxbox is definitely too strong, too bassheavy, too technical. Be gentle, give em something like Jaia - Mai Mai :)


it is difficult to pick just one. it depends. when someone is interested i give them some tracks that show how little are psy limitations and how wide its spectrum.

for example, i wouldn't say that highlight tribe - free tibet (vini vici remix) (ORIGINAL MIX) is psytrance, though it shows my point very well. same as etnoscope - odin's kraft. if i think in of a more agressive psy the pick would be talpa - letter from vienna. it is simple, it screams for attention and, incredibly, it is easy to follow.

so far we have full on, tribal trance/psy. 

some goa is needed of course. Jaia - Mai Mai is a really good choice. for a more complex goa i would say Kox Box - Life Is.

to exemplify a more wicked psy it could be anything from Morphic Resonance, also The Misted Puppet

bonus: a track that never seems to fail among non-psy public is ppk - resurrection. and i always put some hi-tech just to see their frightened faces

it depends of course in how much interested the person is in all this, if it is just one track to satisfy curiosity something by Astrix or Infected


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Jaïa - Maï Maï & Hilight Tribe - Free Tibet (original for me too) are good choices.

I would add a Shpongle tune from Are You Spongled? & Dancing Galaxy from Astral Projection.

So , depending on people i'd choose one of these 4 tracks.


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On 11/17/2018 at 10:43 AM, LeLotusBleu said:

I would add a Shpongle tune from Are You Spongled?

please don't. i recently went with two colleages to their first psy (goa is the usual umbrella term over here) party. there were reluctant to go and very surprised about the music (proggy, uk psy, some forest).

"so you'd say this is goa"? "really?!?"
"i thought i didn't like goa at all, but this is acutally good"
"i always thought goa was that slow boring stuff, kinda like reggea"

i bet that someone showed them shpongle as example for psy in the past :)

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