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  1. why did i learn about this new Pleiadians album just now? wtf when is it gonna be released? and why i can't find anything about it on the internet except this video?
  2. holy shit, Darkpsy's "Fear" album is such a banger. and i noticed it was released from the same label as Suria's "Dark Side Of The Sun"
  3. hello. i'm looking for some tracks with dark sounds/samples but on low bpms (low as in 150+- bpm, not hi-tech) the only example i could give is this album from suria.
  4. hello i've always been wondering where the words on these tracks come from: the second one is an unreleased (as far as i know) track by Orestis and madianbrains, i'm just looking where the dialogue is from thnx for ur time =]
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