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  1. mudpeople live improv 16 April

    Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ov6vu1ulsxdmoho/live fixed April 16 2018.ogg?dl=0
  2. mudpeople live improv 16 April

    Fully hardware (except the long audio clips from Live). With: Moog Minitaur, Jomox MBase11, Arturia Microbrute, MFB Tanzbar Lite, Novation Circuit, Audiothingies Micromonsta, Make Noise 0-Coast, Meeblip Triode, Bastl Kastle All MIDI starts in Live. A few channels are clips, the rest are sequencers. 2 synths are run by ML185 step sequencers which map really well to the Novation Launch Control XL, 2 others are run by generative sequencers that are always making new different sequences. All the audio goes into the Soundcraft EPM12 and a submixer for the Tanzbar Lite and effect returns. All the analog synths have fully analog signal paths right up til 1) part of the signal is sent to the Zoom MS50G DSP effect unit and 2) the audio is recorded onto the Zoom H1. The Minitaur bass box gets a nice Electro Harmonix overdrive pedal and sidechaining with FMR RNC. So far most of the rest of the effects are EQs, but I'm working on that. Master channel effects by Korg Kaoss Pad Quad. https://www.mixcloud.com/josephkastelic/live-april-15/
  3. Videogames official thread

    My computer is (like most every computer Ive owned) too slow to play any modern games, so basically I stick to anything older than 2013. Modern consoles really don't interest me mostly because of the huge emphasis on being connected to the internet and also the huge price tags. Currently I'm playing Dead Space 2, Torchlight 2, Skyrim, Oblivion, Doom 3, and Call of Cthulhu-Dark Corners of the Earth. Skyrim in particular is pretty much the main game I play. Gotta build those houses. I've been into games since I was very young when my mom would take me to the arcades and I'd play QBert and Star Wars (the one with the vector display Death Star trench). My first FPS was Wolf3D, and in highschool I was way into Duke3D (and made some fun maps, one designed to be played while tripping ). First console RPG was Dragon Quest, then very shortly after we discovered Final Fantasy. Nowadays, though, I don't have a huge drive to play games like I used to (no spending 15 hours straight playing CS without even drinking water or using the toilet), mostly they're a fun time killer. Something about those LootQuest type games, no matter how many Skyrim characters I make, somehow its still fun to find new interesting loot.
  4. Psychedelic Horror

    Begotten is pretty difficult, yeah. The same director did Shadow of the Vampire, which is much easier to watch and has a coherent plot and actual dialogue. Begotten I guess is meant to be some kind of Christ allegory.
  5. I currently use Live, switched after using Renoise for 6 years or so after I started accumulating hardware (Renoise at the time was very bad for MIDI [has since changed]). I've been able to make psytrance with both of those. I've also done it in Reaper, ReBirth, Jeskola Buzz, SunVox and several old "PDA"-era music apps (including SunVox again), though never really got beyond the writing stage. After reading some debate about Live's render being inferior, I made a test: I made the same basic bassline-kick-percussion loop in both Live and Reaper, with the same exact MIDI, the same exact patches. I rendered from each, and opened them with Sonic Visualizer to see the spectrogram. Sure enough there was a difference in the resolution of the lower frequencies from Live, which were very, very slightly more blurry than Reaper. So, there is a difference, even if it is very very slight.
  6. mudpeople-Cookies!

    My newest finished track: https://hearthis.at/mudpeople-yh/cookies/
  7. Put some more pieces of the puzzle together, with an overdrive pedal and outboard compressor for the Moog Minitaur bass.
  8. Psychedelic Horror

    Nice ones. These might be called psychedelic: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antibirth https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Dies_at_the_End_(film) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Existenz https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Videodrome https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phantasm_(film) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Begotten_(film)
  9. If anyone is interested I can explain everything, but it's a long explanation so I'll wait til someone shows interest. Just finished replacing softsynths with hardware, with the Moog Minitaur for bass. I can't believe how good the Minitaur does for psytrance bass, and so damn easily. And just how much variety you can really get with 2 oscillators even with only 2 waveforms.
  10. https://hearthis.at/mudpeople-yh/ https://mudpeople1.bandcamp.com/

    Now I wish I had a pizza.
  12. The Official Psynews Welcome(d) Topic

    Hey, totally forgot I even got a new login on this version of psynews... I used to be alleycat on the old psynews, like >10 yrs ago (how tf has it been so long...). Hello again psynews!
  13. 12 tracks accumulated over the past couple years, released into the wild to make room for new occupants: http://mudpeople1.bandcamp.com/album/laminar-flow
  14. mudpeople tracks

    Been a long time since I was on psynews. Here's some of my most recent tracks; https://soundcloud.com/mudpeople/through https://soundcloud.com/mudpeople/inquo