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Psynews fundraiser


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This post is issued by Insejn, RTP (admin/moderators) and I (tech support).

We are launching an Indiegogo generosity campaign for Psynews: https://igg.me/at/D9j5urd2QHc



As you may know, Psynews has been completely free since it started 18 years ago: Hosting, Domain name, forum software, mainteanance, all paid by its creators and a few supporters (Manu / Psysurfeur, Fabien / Suntrip, the moderation team, a few kind sponsors (Daemon...)).


Back in 2006, following spam issues, the moderator team purchased a so-callled "perpetual" Invision Power Board license to replace the previous archaic board and everything went fine for years.


However, in  2016, as it introduced its v4, Invision services managed to get rid of those perpetual licenses! See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Invision_Power_Board#Version_4.x.x

Outraged by this move, the moderators team decided not to upgrade to IPB v4. However, since April 1st 2017, the Psynews.org community is at risk as no more security patches are distributed for IPB v3.


The Psynews community is now calling upon your generosity to fund several years worth of Invision Board v4 licensing. We've been in contact with the Invision Support Team and here the deal we came up with:


In order to upgrade to version 4, you would need to have a standard license agreement. We can switch out your perpetual licence for a standard licence free of charge if you would like to upgrade to this release. This would then mean that there is no charge to convert your legacy license to a Standard License.
Once that has been done, going forward, the cost would be $25 every 6 months to renew support, for ticket access and software updates.


Awesome! That means we would NOT have to pay the one-off $100+$100 for Core + IPB product (see https://invisioncommunity.com/buy/self-hosted), but ONLY for license renewal, $25 per semester.


What's included?

  • Ongoing access to new software versions, including major updates
  • Technical support for the entire renewal period
  • The IPS Spam Defender service, to protect your community against spam
  • Access to the IPS Marketplace for new themes and addons
  • Customer-only peer-to-peer support forums


The technical upgrade and maintenance will be performed by us, and will be, as usual, free of charge.



Furthermore, the psynews.org domain name is expiring by the end of september 2017. We'd also like your help to keep it going for a year or two. The price for a "dot org" domain is 15,50€/year (+21% VAT) with our registrar, Gandi.net, which is one of the cheapest.

See: https://v4.gandi.net/domain/price/detail/org/



The goal set here is for 3 years worth of renewals ($25 * 2 * 3 + 15.50€ * 1.21 * 3 ~ $220).


By then, Psynews.org will be 20 years old, and we can be proud it is amongst the very few sites that have been up for more than two thirds of the whole Intenet lifetime!


The Indiegogo campaign is available here: https://igg.me/at/D9j5urd2QHc

Please share!

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Wow this is just incredible, you made it happen, we reached the goal in just a few hours!

Thanks so much for your generosity! 

Since then, we got our IPB license converted, and I managed to upgrade to IPB 4.2. That was tough.

I added $250 in credits on the Invision account, which will provide for 5 years worth of license renewals!

The rest of the money (+what I received via paypal) will go to extend the domain name validity.


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Great news and congrats! It feels great to experience and be small part of this initiative. Upgraded version looks and feels superfancy and it's like new space shuttle :) I hope you guys will be able to get some 'darker' theme/skin for this version for all of us who tend to use it on previous version(s). :ph34r:

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I think you need to add some contrast to the colours. Everything is too white. It's a bit tiresome


Maybe a change in Css :

.ipsBox:not( .ipsBox_trasparent ):not( .ipsModerated ) {    background-color: #FFF6E1;

Get some contrast in the messages background. It gets tiresome with the page background ( both white)

Or the other way round, change the page background to a light gray or something like that

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5 hours ago, Proxeeus said:

I know I may very well be utterly retarded but here are the only themes available to me :unsure:



5 hours ago, Trance2MoveU said:

I also only have 2 choices.  Default and CleanCut


5 hours ago, Paul Eye said:

Same here.


Lame. What browsers are you using?

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