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Lectro Spektral Daze - Voyage In Your Mind (Timewarp Rec.)

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Lectro Spektral Daze

01. Between Two and Twelve
02. Definitely Real Events
03. Bouncing Radar Off The Moon
04. Floating Cities
05. Psychedelic Temples Of The Mind
06. A Few Molecules
07. Descend Into DNA
08. Peace of Mind


Release date: Coming soon

Format: CD



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Great news for all LSD (not the drug, obviously) fans this year, two full lenght albums and a lot of compilation appereances from Danny. Congrats to Timewarp, I've heard couple of tracks from the album already and they kick ass big time!

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Especially thanks for Timewarp of letting CD collectors have their supplies increased by this one.

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On the preview @1:20 I picked up similiarities with @4:58



Gotta be a coincidence since Trinodia remix is so fresh and thereby cannot see too much influences switched the owner. Anybody else hearing the same?

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