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  1. 5. Artifact303 - In Your Mind (E-Mantra Rmx) 6. Crossing Mind - Xtatic Confusion 7. Mindsphere - Fly High 8. Celestial Intelligence - inevitable feelings these are my fav tracks 7 & 8 are mindblowing, what I want from Trance, banging, kickin, floating and melodic, supporting those during the summer parties and festivals ^^
  2. Seems another great VA Album from Suntrip : ) Here is the Twitter Address of Suntrip Records that you can follow the News quickly & daily https://twitter.com/SuntripRecords
  3. Great Album, very Trancey, some transitions between kick and build up should have been fixed
  4. GREAT Album, no need to make arguements, 10/10 Hypnotic, Melodic, Acidic, Trancey all the way, Neo Goa Trance as It should be : ) Gray Matter is one of my favourites, what a beauty ?! Celestial Beings, Into the Depths of Illusion, 1001 Reasons other favs. like a journey through outerspace <3
  5. Uptempo: 01. Astral Projection - Goa Classics Remixed (TIP) 02. E-Mantra - Nemesis (Suntrip Records) 03. V/A - Ten Spins Around The Sun (Suntrip Records) 04. Tesla Principle - Forbidden Knowledge (Geomagnetic) 05. Elegy - Inside (Ovnimoon) Downtempo: 01. Sygnals - Eternal Light (Sonic Loom) <3 02. OM - Viaje Al Interior (Ovnimoon) 03. Asura - Radio Universe (Ultimae) 04. E-Mantra - Echoes From The Void (Altar Records) 05. Entheogenic - Enthymesis (Universal Symbiosis Records)
  6. man, I just can not wait for this beauty !
  7. 01. Miranda - Concorde [Distance / 97] 02. Crossing Mind - Magnesia [Dat Records / 10] 03. Astral Projection - Soundform [Trust In Trance / 97] 04. Pleiadians - Alcyone [Dragonfly / 97] 05. Prana & Athena - Future Space Travellers [Matsuri Rec. / 95] 06. Antares - Dreaming Universe [suntrip Rec. / 11] 07. Antares - The Unseen World [unreleased / 07] 08. E-Mantra - Radiant Vision 2003 [ultiva Rec. / 08] 09. ID - ID [World Premier] 10. Mindsphere - Inner Cyclone [suntrip Rec. / 12] _________________________________________________________ download: https://soundcloud.com/ilgaz-astrojen/astrojen-goa-seasons-vi-september-2014-difm mirror download: www.sendspace.com/file/mu5u73
  8. This is a great set with extremely good mixing skills, well done mate.. Actually Goa Trance sound for the year of 1994 and before that isn't my cup of tea, but after 1995 this sub-genre took its exact shape ...
  9. cant wait to listen this, keep it up guys !
  10. Damn man, last news make me sad, but what can I say : ' ( Good Luck with the new work mate, just keep us hearing some Trance stuff even If you produce downtempo, you got incredible talent on downtempo genre as well and I will follow your way for sure, Silence Album was one of my favs ! very sad that I miss Tree Of Life Festival, E-Mantra played there respect to: E- MANTRA _ O _
  11. Very nice album from Ajna, I like the last track with Goalien, very nitzhoish : )
  12. I am really curious about new Mindsphere album, he did guest mix for my radio show last week and some new stuff did blow my mind, beautiful melodies and of course cant wait to listen to my fav artists, Cosmic Dimension's new one !
  13. the last time I listened to Armin's stuff was in 2004, Universal Religion album and that was full of Progressive Stuff : ) I dont consider him as for this genre anymore, pop DJ
  14. http://www.spacetribe.com : )
  15. Lectro Spektral Daze - Crystal Clear is a beautyi love It ! so much dark melodies !
  16. Paul Van Dyk, Armin Van Buuren or Tiesto were making Dutch Trance / Euphoric Trance.. Travelling is close to Progressive Dutch Trance yes, Now they are doing shit anyway : ) There is no sub-genre called Progressive Goa Trance yes, but some artists use Goa melodies or samples with Progressive Psy elements, like Ascent:
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