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Psy with proper melodies?

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I have known this forum for a few years now but just signed up. I am not a psy guru like most on this forum. I am more of a expert in normal trance, if that's what you call it here.


The problem i have with psy is there is never a proper melody, it is mostly just repatitive nosies. I check out most popular releases and best rated and i am most times disappointed. I usually appericiate the production behind it, some tracks are really well produced and have really cool sounds and trippy effects but at the end they fall flat and get boring from not really having a melody.


I have heard in the psy scene that when something has a nice or cachy melody it is quickly classified as cheese? I know that psy moved towards a less melodic genre from goa, but are there any artists that are producing very melodic stuff? and i am not talking about cheese either, but something with nice melodies?


That is the problem i have with psy, they are just tracks with nosies and not much context, it's like if i tried to think of a track in my head, i couldn't do it as there is no real melody to go with.

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So I'm assuming you aren't referring to Goa but more of the other variants of Psy-trance, right? The only major subgenres that I can think of that really don't have melodies are darkpsy (no offense to folks of that scene but I just can't get into it at all, and there probably is melodic stuff but whatever) and the "progressive psy" that is actually minimal music that has some sounds from the psy scene.


Regarding your comment on the cheese part, from what I've seen/read it is usually with Full-on (which folks still debate whether if it should be called psy or not, who cares about that now).


Here's some stuff I found quickly on Ektoplazm that you may enjoy:


http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/astropilot-emptiness- One of my favorite releases ever












But as you will notice, they all have a common theme: they are tagged as either Goa, Full-on, Morning or Progressive. Like I mentioned, I don't really listen to the other subgenres that much no matter how much I tried to; so I hope that other folks will contribute with some other stuff. I would say that Psy-music isn't for everyone, not that not everyone can listen to it but simply that some folks are more interested in other aspects of music that others. It took me some time to actually "listen (that is to not hear just kicks and sounds but subtle stuff)" and enjoy psytrance. Also I just have to ask since you happen to choose that name, are you by any chance connected with the Rank 1 group? I recognized that since I listened to a lot of older Rank 1 tracks.

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Oh yea, pretty much check out anything from Ovnimoon records, they tend to have good stuff (especially Ovnimoon's latest album(s)).

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The problem i have with psy is there is never a proper melody, it is mostly just repatitive nosies. I check out most popular releases and best rated and i am most times disappointed.


Hey man ! We have the same concerns as you do here. On Psynews.com, we are very attached to the most creative aspects of psytrance, and a lot of us love melodic psytrance and melodic goa trance.

We defend a certain idea of psytrance, but today, most of the releases in the realm of psytrance are mediocre. The big names - Ace Ventura, Liquid Soul, Captain Hook - barely produce psytrance.


The scene is dominated by noise-makers.


A second issue is that psytrance rely on codes that can appear as osbscure from the newcomer. Certain forms of so-called "night-time" psytrance rely on rhythms and atmosphere to build musical patterns, and are, by essence, un-melodic.

Raw, dark, twisted forms of trance avoid melodies in order to create sinister atmospheres. That's the case of twilight trance, zenonesque, dark psychedelic and forest trance.


Now, know that there exists some kinds of psytrance that rely more on melodies. Melodic Goa Trance is the topmost of it. Basically, it is Goa Trance (i.e. organic psytrance > smoother than generic psytrance) with a more poetic feeling.


This school provides delicate music, and can even evoke classical music.



The melodies at 03:40 is an example. A more striking example is the orchestral blows given at 04:34.


Another piece of Goa Trance that could be translated with classical instruments is this one :



Stéphane Bèze, the man behing the Crossing Mind Project, uses classical influences to build up Goa songs :




To finish, there is one Goa project that is generally very welcome by "normal Trance" people : Antares.


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I am still not feeling most of the samples people posted, there still is not much of a melody for me, or nothing that caught my attention. I always thought goe evolved into psy trance and that most artists only produce psy now? Are there any artists producing goa? I guess it's hard to say as genres are mixed together nowadays.



I love Yahel's old work but now he is rubbish, also some of Astrix's old stuff was nice.I love Shpongle for downtemp/ambient stuff.



The melody that comes in at 3:56... is that classified as cheesy in psy/goa world? anyway it is catchy and has always sounded nice to me.


Some more oldskool Yahel goodness :)


If anyone can recommand artists that have similar style to yahel's old stuff, that would be awesome.


As for the question if i am connected with rank1, no but i am a fan and i guess that's where i got the name from :P

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Not satisfied ? My answer : Journey Into Sound.


Check 03:15 for melodic climax.


Chek the rest of the album.


Bonus :



Are there any artists producing goa?


Goa is alive and kicking. It attracts more and more people. It has almost passed away in the beginning of the 2000', but now it is fancy again.

The newschool Goa scene is influenced by psytrance, but some artists keep producing a very pure style from the 90's.


Regarding Yahel, I don't dislike his first 2 albums. The further releases are not my cup of tea.

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Are you looking for key changes, or just melodies in general?


There's a ton of melodic Goa out there, some of it less tuneful than others of course ;) Also some very melodic psytrance.


Here, compare and contrast.


Melodic psytrance:




New school melodic Goa:



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The melody that comes in at 3:56... is that classified as cheesy in psy/goa world? anyway it is catchy and has always sounded nice to me.


not necessarily. too cheesy for my usual goa playlist, so avalanche and for the people reside in my trance playlist instead along with waves of sound (which is even more cheesy) ;)

but generally we're used to much worse cheese from fullon (ahem... electro sun....), so it's (mostly) fine. everything is relative.


also, there are many "trancy" goa tracks, which for almost all of us (at least us goa nerds) are below the cheese threshold while still having beautiful and simpler melodies.


try these:








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Oh main, Electric Universe's Rain is such a beautiful track. I regret not listening to that compilation sooner.

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Terrafractyl, the thread.


Not going to link to a million tracks as you can find for yourself.


Actual melodies however perhaps a bit jazzy for some, specially on this forum for some reason.



Spacey Koala is doing similar stuff inspired by him but still quite good.



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hey bro

i totally understand where you coming from

european trance got memorable melodies

psytrance not so much


you have to dig into old goa trance


the following tracks got proper melodies


etnica - trip tonite

transwave - land of freedom

man with no name - vavoom

power source - goaway

elysium - trancelestial psychobabas

shakta - lepton head deedrah remix



any memorable melodies in todays "new" goa trance?

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any memorable melodies in todays "new" goa trance?

So many. So, so many. The whole reason I drown myself in goa trance is the way traditional psy and trance considered melody secondary for so long.


Filteria - The Big Blue

Filteria - Earthrise (although it's hidden under a chaotic goa masterclass)

Filteria - Dogs Day Bliss

Fiteria - Birds

... you can see a pattern here.



Artifact303 - Beyond Lightspeed (original and E-Mantra remix)

Goasia - Dancing With The Blue Spirit

Goasia - Black Khava

Goasia - Visitors (I absolutely adore the way this melody comes through at the end, probably not quite what you're looking for though)

Chromosome - The Spirit Molecule (not goa but superb)

Ra - Spirit Complex


Just to start with.

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