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  1. Oh yeah i do like some 1200 Mics. As for proper melody, listen to some of the yahel stuff i posted. I think yahel is hated in psy world tho? maybe sounds to mainstream to you guys, not sure.
  2. I am still not feeling most of the samples people posted, there still is not much of a melody for me, or nothing that caught my attention. I always thought goe evolved into psy trance and that most artists only produce psy now? Are there any artists producing goa? I guess it's hard to say as genres are mixed together nowadays. I love Yahel's old work but now he is rubbish, also some of Astrix's old stuff was nice.I love Shpongle for downtemp/ambient stuff. The melody that comes in at 3:56... is that classified as cheesy in psy/goa world? anyway it is catchy and has always
  3. Hi, I have known this forum for a few years now but just signed up. I am not a psy guru like most on this forum. I am more of a expert in normal trance, if that's what you call it here. The problem i have with psy is there is never a proper melody, it is mostly just repatitive nosies. I check out most popular releases and best rated and i am most times disappointed. I usually appericiate the production behind it, some tracks are really well produced and have really cool sounds and trippy effects but at the end they fall flat and get boring from not really having a melody. I have
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