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  1. Yes. And, also, there is the :v (pacman) emoticon, used by certain Spanish-speaking people that try to be "funny".
  2. Jikkenteki is fucking great, and I hope he releases new stuff too.
  3. Holy fuck, I really cringed and felt disgusted while listening to those clowns' obnoxious, lame "psy"-"trance" attempts.
  4. It's because its "unusual" nature for mainstream crowds. I mean, it's not "the same thing over and over" that they can easily digest, more complex and less monotonous than what they can stand and it's not even promoted by mainstream media, which is an important factor to make them like it (yes, they'll easily consume what media give them). Also, they aren't able/educated to appreciate music (and other forms of art) in general. And it's good that psytrance is not mainstream, at least until now.
  5. I hate overreactive people. Sometimes you can't even talk to them without them being so whiny. Also I dislike people that are really stupid or act like that. Some years ago, I used to act somewhat hostile towards them, but now I'm more calm. Crocs, that are ugly, and people who wears them at the street piss me off too. And, then, there is the annoying "selfie" term.
  6. Yesterday I finished Erased, and what a great story.
  7. Yes, doing whatever you want is really helpful for forging your own style. You can experiment with new techniques, atmospheres or even other genres, but then, these things will sound yours, and that's how "forging your own style" works. Also, focus more on what you like instead of pleasing other people.
  8. Definitely, Solid State is such a masterpiece: full of oneiric atmospheres and smooth melodies, and it's trance in its purest form.
  9. Discover new music, talk and discuss about it and the warmth of this community.
  10. Really good cover art -that would look better on a Goa album- for boring, generic and cheesy music. Btw, his old stuff is better.
  11. Regarding the video, it perfectly describes nowadays' commercial "psy"-trance and, also, that's why I lost some interest towards new prog and psycore stuff. Btw, triplets are good when used properly.
  12. Happy to see Lauren released new stuff:
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