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V.A Three Om Three | Anjuna Records | ANJUNACD004

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Dear Goa Heads,

After a short break we return with a new release, a collection of rare masterpieces from well known acts.

Each tune was selected precisly to reflect the spirit behind this collection.

The name Three Om Three is a derivative from the one and only synthesizer that affected so many, TB-303

Through this compilation we would like to elucidate the more brighter, uplifting side of Goa trance music.

Pre-order starts today, available through our website: LINK

10% discount during the pre-order period, We also offer with this compilation a Tee printed with the album logo (images below) in 25% discount when purchased with the CD.


Track List:

1. Perfect Rainbow - Exotic Eye

2. Total Eclipse - Area 51 (Live)

3. Syb Unity Nettwerk - Forbidden (Space Invaders Remix)

4. Ufomatka - Extragalactic Form Of Life

5. Shakta & MoonWeed - Q

6. SubCouds - On Red (1999 pHlatline Mix)

7. Jaia - Brainstorm (Live Mix)

8. MoonWeed - Jaunt

9. Virtuart - Tetragrammaton

10. Tandu - Inception

Preorder Date: 14/3/14

Release Date: 7/4/14

Compiled By: Tal Hazan (Aurax)

Design & Art By: Samuel Farrand

Prepress: Adir Vered

Digitally Mastered By: Tim Schuldt @ 4CN-Studios









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Great tracklist! - Will be another must buy for me from Anjuna Rec.


Especially the Tandu track also directly caught my attention :-).


Virtuart - Tetragrammation was released Vinyl only before, am I correct?


Btw.: UX Live CD will be released later this year?

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The story goes that I offered this Tandu track as a possible candidate for Mind Rewind project but it didn't get enough votes. I find it really good one thou - it's the first they made as Tandu. So I thought why not contact Anjuna and well, here's the result... :)

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Looks good.


Just out of curiosity why do you not offer full downloads when someone purchases via Bandcamp? I just ask because as a collector it offers the chance to keep my cd in mint condition while I enjoy the music.



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Hi, Samples will be uploaded soon once preorder beings.


We do not offer digital download as part of our agenda, we are considering it though exclusively on our bandcamp page.


We understand and receive a lot of request from people who prefer to keep their CD's in mint condition, but our perspective is a bit different (as radical as it may sound), We believe that digital downloads "ruins the fun" turns everything into fast food stand of digital signals... and basically turn the whole process of investing in a release into much less enjoying experience.


But yet again, we will consider a late release of the albums in digital format, digital download will still cost as the physical CD. it won't come as a bundle.



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Personally, I hate physical CDs and end up ripping them to FLAC immediately anyway.

One thing that I learned over the past two months was that when I bought the Nervasystem CD and it didn't arrive for nearly two months, I sat around pissed and annoyed because I dropped cash on something and had nothing to show for it.

Flash forward to the Deviant Electronics album. I also bought the physical CD to support the artist but it came with an immediate download of the FLAC for instant gratification. I still haven't received my disk in the mail yet but haven't needed to bitch and moan about it because I have the music and that's what I care about.


I honestly don't have the time or patience to fuck with the postal service these days and I'm far more slow and hesitant to drop cash on failed media options.
I love vinyl and will still buy that from a collectors standing, but since I am gonna rip everything digitally anyway, you may as well do it for me and sell me the best option.


Also, if you sell digitally, you can sell the nice 24-bit audiophile stuff and give us audio snobs something worthy of our cash.

A 16-bit CD rip is kind of ghetto in this day and age...

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Anjuna is an old-school oriented label and the physical CD should be the main platform.


We believe that digital downloads "ruins the fun" turns everything into fast food stand of digital signals...

Gotta love this quote.

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Indeed postal service has it's own sicknesses, we experienced it quite aggressively during the nervasystem release, the main reason we are considering to allow digital downloads in our bandcamp page is due shipping time.

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We believe that digital downloads "ruins the fun" turns everything into fast food stand of digital signals...

Yep +1.


It is definitely correct digital releases can offer higher sample or bit rates, are more flexible. etc. . However, music is a piece of art for me that should be properly presented. Download only still feels like fastfood to me which doesn't grab the attention it may deserve...


(Despite of that I still need CDs for Djing and I am really too lazy to download first, burn it, label it, etc. ;-))


Of course I also directly rip CDs for backup purposes, Traktor-based sets, etc. but this comes only secondary.

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... the main reason we are considering to allow digital downloads in our bandcamp page is due shipping time.


And shipping expense. Why pay for postage when the music can be electronically delivered anywhere in the world for free.

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BTW, why do some CD collectors object to digital downloads as long as the disks are still available too? You buy the disk and I'll buy the download. Everybody wins.

exactly this! stop spamming our limited space

no seriously, why not counting with the benefit of digital downloads? makes you tough to releasea even better stuff..

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There's no need to convince us with the benefits of digital downloads as we are quite tech savvy's ourselves and do see the great advantage in digital deliveries.

The reason or main factor for our method is not financial at all, common... psychedelic trance label... financial? hah! we could save quite some money delivering digital only ;)


Our perspective (hallucinogenic as it may sound) is that music is being delivered through many channels, analog, digital, through the neighbor's wall.. it doesn't really matter eventually it's all digital...


The reason we prefer to stick to what you considered as an oldschool method is the effort that was being made to hold the media, keep it, cherish it, knowing that you have it. those tiny use marks on it which suppose to remind you how it traveled with you, a thing no digital media can ever replicate or imitate.


So the real argument is not digital delivery is how does the music is important for you and the package that is yours, not ours.


We do agree that it's:

1. Not Green

2. Not Cost Effective

3. Tend to break due ungentle postmen

4. Lost due ungentle use of drugs

and on...


But, that's part of life, and we prefer to deliver something for you to keep, if it was that easy we wouldn't be here chasing psychedelic combination to spread across your minds.

Same as those tune were written - they will be delivered.


We do listen to your requests and we are definitely considering allowing digital downloads after the end of presale. this is something we are looking into.


Peace ;)

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