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  1. Hello, We are happy to announce this long waited release: Samples, bandcamp and digital distribution will be added at later time. Currently available for preorder directly through our website http://www.anjunarecords.com/shop/ux-audissey-live-beyond/
  2. Yeah it was quite amusing but facebook doesn't allow him to change his name for 90 days. So he will be shpongled for the next 3 months. Yeah, we made it. Album is available now through bandcamp and all big digital stores soon. Peace
  3. Jamie left facebook due technical difficulties (accidentally changes his profile name to Simon Posford) Paul - Your package has been shipped long ago - keep us updated if it doesn't arrive in the following week and we will reship you your order Peace.
  4. Thank you for the recommendation draeke. We still prefer to manufacture and distribute independently Regards
  5. And we would also like to thank the huge amount of people that bought this album!
  6. All orders will be dispatched tomorrow and today, some dispatched yesterday. We are adding Anjuna Records sticker to each order (limited 200 copies!) Album will be available soon on bandcamp and on big digital download stores (itunes, beatport)
  7. Thank you Franki, You should check our new moonweed release @ http://www.anjunarecords.com/shop/moonweed-voice-jupiter/
  8. Notes quite clear in the release page that it's available for preorder and availability date is 1/12/14. We made a bold comment if it wasn't clear enough
  9. Released http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php/topic/68712-moonweed-voice-of-jupiter-anjuna-records-anjunacd005/
  10. Antic, That is correct, release date as noted is 1/12/14. fans that would like to purchase this CD in preorder can do it now. No immediate digital downloads at this point, just physical preorders.
  11. So Yeah! we are about to announce the preorder for this album! We added a new unreleased tune that will carry the name "Voice Of Jupiter" and another previously unreleased tune named "Snake Charmer" total of 10 tunes in this album. We will also have a launch party for this album in Israel @ 13.11.14. Stay tuned. PS. Thank you for the great feedback's!
  12. Thank you for the great comments! specially Richpa for expressing his thoughts not only verbally. We are brainstorming now on the design and come out soon with news about it
  13. Hiya guys, we had a lot of thought about the artwork in the recent hours, we consider your comments and we definitely like you all to be more happy and connected to all aspect of this release. So let's expose another version for this album, which was not final but you'll get the direction, Jamie would love to hear your comments!
  14. Hi, The artwork is not vectored it's a drawing, and yes it's a bit cheesy. which is fine with us. Every album has it's own unique artwork, the artist guides the designer by himself, we chose to give the artist this freedom. Regarding your questions: Yes, Micronesia and Perfect Invisibility written with Shakta, freshly remastered and sounds quite brilliant. Peace
  15. Dear Goa Heads, Preorder avaiable through our website @ www.anjunarecords.com/shop/moonweed-voice-jupiter We are very excited to announce about our next release, Moonweed's debut album: "Voice Of Jupiter" He started making music back in 1991 after discovering the London Acid House party scene in 1988. Loving the squelchy acid sound he soon discovered where that noise came from and sourced a TB-303 and some other essential analogue gear. Whilst living in Brixton in the 90's he discovered Acid Techno and Goa Trance parties at the local clubs such as Return to the source & Ahisma etc.... His fist release 'Tempest' was under the name 'Salamander' on Platipus Records a full on Acid Techno tune. The Goa influence had made its mark on him and in 1996 he released his first Goa track 'Prophecy' on Dragonfly, which would be the first of many Goa releases on various Labels such as Phantasm, Psychic Deli, Celtic, Aquatech, VCF. He collaborated with Shakta and Tim Healey (pre-Quirk) and other acts such as OOOD. An album at the time was not possible as he had released so many of his tracks on different Labels each label wanted to release it themselves so it is only now that it is finally being released on Anjuna Records. MoonWeeD has always been a DJ also, Having his own party in Brixton in the 90's 'Journey Inside'. Recently he's been performing in Belgium and Oslo Norway at the 'Love & Magic' Parties which he co-founded and various parties around Europe. Tracklist: 1. Om Life 2. Aardvark 3. Prophecy 4. Micronesia (Feat. Shakta) 5. Spiral Expansion - MoonwOOOD remix (Feat OOOD) 6. Celestial (Feat Squid) 7. Telepath - Remix 8. [sh]It Happens 9. Snake Charmer 10. Voice Of Jupiter All tunes were mastered by Tim Schuldt @ 4cn-studios, giving the album much fresher, intensive sound as never heard before. Produced by: Tal Hazan (aurax) Artwork by: Samuel Farrand Release Date: 1/12/14 Limited T-shirt & Album Bundle through the following link: http://www.anjunarecords.com/shop/voice-jupiter-bundle/ Samples: Peace & Love, Anjuna Records
  16. The story behind Tribal Encore is very deep, beside being our first release. One day we will find the time to tell more about it. Chapter II is almost ready, it's much more psychedelic and deep then the first one, more trippy as it seems, it's a ground breaking release since most of thetunes were never heard before, very much reflects the label spirit towards psychedelic Goa trance. We will include more new psychedelic materials from our artists in chapter II,
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