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Nova Fractal - Fractal Landscape


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ARTIST: Nova Fractal

ALBUM: Fractal Landscape

LABEL: Ovnimoon Records

YEAR: 2012


STYLE:Psychedelic, Goa Trance, Full-On


  • Through Our Senses (7:24)

  • Autopsy (7:23)

  • Perplexed (8:01)

  • Reality Of Life (8:23)

  • Sky Technology - Back To Future (Nova Fractal Remix) (8:46)

  • Perception (7:12)

  • Connect (7:55)

  • Common Cold (8:39)

  • Blindsight (7:55)

  • PharaOm - Cellar Door (Nova Fractal Sunrise Remix) (7:50)
Nova Fractal, probably my favorite newschool Goa trance artist and definitely one of the finest from Croatia, in my humble opinion. So who is this dude who suddenly started releasing some powerful and highly energetic Goa trance tunes? Well, it is Renato Brnic, 27 years old producer, from Slavonski Brod who started doing some trance music (more on the commercial - eurotrance side of things) and after some time he decided to change his style and voilà now he’s doing proper Goa trance and I like it, so excuse me because I’m not gonna be that much objective (I had privilege to release 80% of this CD on my netlabels during 2011/2012.).


Fractal Landscape kicks off with ‘Through Our Senses’ and intro for this one is gorgeous, lovely atmosphere at the start with nice dive into rhythmic part around 2nd minute. Structure of this track is something that you’ll find in most Goa trance tunes, first couple of melodies introduces you with the ‘theme’ of the track and after the break(s) you get the complete picture, so yup, TOS is something like that and on climax you can just feel the special energy, energy that shows who and what Nova Fractal is. Great track.


‘Autopsy’ - second track on the album and probably the most agressive one, it’s fast with strong beats alongside with that awesome driving fullonish bassline that I dig so much. I know, I know, many of you who’re into Goa trance, don’t like it but in my case, basslines like this one are something that I always love to hear in my newschool Goa (a wise man once told me ‘taste is a taste’), so I’m not gonna care if you disagree with me on this one. Around 4 minute mark, you’ll probably feel tiny dosage of repetitiveness, but hell no, here comes another melody and it closes this track very nicely.


Sometimes I’m so perplexed and probably that’s the main reason why I love the next tune on this album. Nah, kidding, I love it because it’s freakin’ Goa trance awesomness. Yes, I’m talking about ‘Perplexed’, track I’ve heard in demo version for Future Architecture compilation and I was amazed how beautiful this one is, so without any futher thinking, I decided to release it and let me be honest with you here, it’s still one of the favorite tunes among the Goa trance fans, probably because Perplexed got intense melodic work, perfect break and climax afterwards. Best track on the album.


‘Reality Of Life’ is next track and honestly, I find this track average, not because it’s bad or something, but it always sounded kind-of-mellow to my ears. Only part of this track that sounds great is around 06:20 with huge burst of melodies and it finishes nice, but overall it’s not something that I find equally good as other tracks on this album. Now you’ll probably ask: ‘Ummm you don’t like that track but still you decided to release it on DG2, compilation’. Funny thing, but sometimes when you’re doing compilation you got to know that you’re not doing it just for yourself, or for couple of people, you have to know that there are people in Goa trance who actually love mellowish Goa trance approach, with an almost-cornymelodies and overall feeling. It’s not a bad track, one more time, but it’s just not the type of Goa trance that I like that much.


Sky Technology’s ‘Back To Future’ remixed by Nova Fractal is next one. It kicks off with nice intro, swirlling effects and sounds all around and after one minute kick starts, semi-melodies, nice pumping bassline, much different than orginal, but still very very nice. Break around 3rd minute is done nicely and melodies afterwards are cool too. It is more relaxed remix and it won’t be that much ‘in your face’ as the orginal tune. I like it.


‘Perception’ was released by Ovnimoon Records on their Mysteries Of Psytrance Vol.2 compilation in February 2012. I think, and feedback regarding that tune was mostly positive. It’s much more melodic than usual Nova Fractal’s work and basiclly you hear the melodies during 80% of tracks duration. Not a bad thing at all, but it’s just a bit over the top.

Earlier this year I decided to unleash compilation of previously unreleased Neogoa demo tracks and one of the was ‘Connect’, track number 7 on Fractal Landscape and I’m happy about Renatos decision to involve this track on album aswell, I find it great and it got that structure that I love, with nice development (especially on melodies), with superb breaks and climax. Connect is great.


Number 8 is ‘Common Cold’, released in 2011 on Main Sequence Star EP. So far I’ve heard couple of versions and I think this one is slightly different than orginal track. What to say about this one? It’s the fastest track on the album and it got the most awesome climax and somebody will find it a bit corny and chessy but I like it, it’s much better than ‘Reality Of Life’ to my ears. Very nice track!


‘Blindsight’ was released on Croatian psytrance compilation ‘Entities 2.0’ earlier this year and it’s a nice tune with neat melodies and a bit slower and calmer background atmosphere. It’s an emotional fullonish Goa trance tune and overall good track.


Last track on ‘Fractal Landscape’ is PharaOm’s ‘Cellar Door’ Sunrise remix. Renato already made one remix for this track and this is another one, a bit shorter than first version of ‘Sunrise Remix’ It’s different than ‘Timeless Remix’ and I’m gonna be honest here, I like more ‘Timeless Remix’, but I’m sure many of you will like this one.


Conclusion - Almost complete ‘Fractal Landscape’ is available for free download and that’s a fact, almost all tracks were published previously around on various netlabels but that doesn’t change the fact that this one is a must have and worthy buying. Collectors will have neat album with almost 80 minutes of highly explosive Goa trance with big melodies and great production, plus new mastering should improve overall quality of the music. I’m greatful to Renato for all his input in Neogoa and upcoming Graviton releases and I wish him all the best with this debut, he deserves it, plus I need to thank him for this promo digital copy of album, so I’ll try to update this review with links for purchase when actual CD comes out on Ovnimoon Records.


For all details, updates and news, please follow Nova Fractal on facebook.


Review by Richpa: http://richpa.tumblr...dscape-ovnimoon

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Artist: Nova Fractal

Title: Fractal Landscape

Label: Ovnimoon Records

Date: December, 2012



1. Trough our senses

2. Autopsy

3. Perplexed

4. Reality of life

5. Back to future (Nova Fractal rmx) - SKY TECHNOLOGY

6. Perception

7. Connect

8. Common Cold

9. Blindsight

10. Cellar Door (Nova Fractal Sunrise rmx) - PHARAOM



Ok let's get this out of the way right now.


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Worst. Apocalypse. Ever.


Stupid Mayans. No, you know what? Stupid us. We already have people standing in the street saying that it's the end of days and we think their f*cking crazy. So now we're giving credence to a race that didn't even wear pants? Fine Mexico, the joke's on us. You've had your laugh and now you can go back to tying to hop over my country's border and sell me oranges or blow the leaves out of the local 7-11 parking lot.


*feels up and down pants and checks in pockets* Let's see I have it on me somewhere, where did I put it? Ah! There it is. My very own ticket to hell. Window seat b*tches!


Nova Fractal is Renato Brnić a very nice Croatian fellow who is part of the dominant force of Balkan goa trance artists that have all but taken over. He asked me to review his debut album weeks ago, but with the Christmas Holiday and the Mayan failure (yet again) I haven't been able to give it the time it deserves. Now I can. Ivan did a great review, but he's not funny. I however, am hilarious. Ask my 1 year old, she'll tell ya.




The first thing I want to get across to all potential buyers is that this is a very talented artist. His tracks are melodic and big on the storytelling side of things. Another thing you should know is that the vast majority of these tracks have already been released. For free.


Posted Image


Yes, yes I already know what you're gonna ask. For the last time, she looked 18 and now it's a matter for the courts to decide.


That wasn't it? Oh. Then, uh...go ahead shoot. "If it's already out there for free, why would I buy it?"


Posted Image



That's a good one. And the answer is I can't tell you why you should buy it.


But I can tell you why I would. Number one, it is re-mastered with improvements so right off the bat it's going to sound better. Two, it's some quality goa trance that is now localized on one CD. Three, I'm happy to help out artists that produce good music.


He opens with Through Our Senses which is a very cosmic track with an other worldly feel thanks to the long intro and break. Where the first track was cruising above the planet Autopsy rockets at ludicrous speed as stars and meteors go by in a blur. When you get to that brief break it's like a super slow motion replay.


Posted Image


"Hey he's trying to make it across the border!"


The relentless pace continues with Perplexed as chaotic leads scream giving this one a darker tone. Reality of Life is another darker track with sharp edges and the remix of the Sky Technology track is pretty good with pumping beats and frenetic arpeggios. Perception reminds me a bit of E-Mantra with the sounds he uses and that's a good thing. Connect always sticks out to me due to the break beat. Common Cold and Blindsight are good, but a little too full on for my tastes. By the time we get to the final track...well let's see...this is the what? 3rd or 4th remix of this track? Geez, next guy that hands you a remix of this track get your security to handle it.


Posted Image


"No problem man, I'll give it a listen."


It has a soft appeal and some nice feeling in the breaks, but aside from being beat over the head with this track, it's just full-on in style and the least "goa" of all the tracks.


One thing that is readilly apparent is his excellent storytelling during breaks. They're just filled with emotion and a good springboard for his next sonic assault.


Renato is in a tough spot here. He makes some very good cosmic goa trance, but I think it's going to be tough to get people to buy this. It's very good and I already gave my reasons why I would get it. But the fact of the matter is that most of the tracks are already freely available. As many labels will tell you though once the cat is out of the bag it's very difficult to shove it back in there. It's going to come down to those people who want to support the scene and whether or not better mastering matters to them. I'm actually surprised that a label agreed to do this knowing that they would probably take a loss. But more power to him. He is a great producer and he deserves all the success he can get.







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I love this album, long subtle warm stretched detailed waves.

Climaxes that are just not to much.

The trance effect does it work and it's still goatrance. Well done!

I can put this album on repeat all day (matter of speech), it's never-ending goatrance...


Thanx Nova!

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Nice album, but listening through a whole I had a feeling it all sounds similar, sort of part I, part II, part III... The spaceship was flying and flying. Maybe it was intended, anyway it found it's listeners, so that's more important.

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For me this album is split into two parts not connected to each other.


Tracks 1-7 are morning goa, and goa of pretty subpar kind mainly because of the lead melodies, most of them are very simplistic, repetitive and unidimensional, instead of etnrancing me they just sound annoying. Which is a shame because the production and the sound design are really good. The track starts with nice acid sequences, hypnotic and edgy, elegantly progresses to a climax and instead of the climax we have a very simple 4 note pattern playing during the next 32 bars without any change. Which track? Most of them. 


Though in some cases it does work, Perception has exactly the same stucture but somehow this time the melodies and the way how the track progresses are really captivating.


Suddenly near the end the album totally changes the direction. The last three tracks basically are mid 00's euphoric full-on style (like Protoculture, Ephedrix and stuff) which I personally love (mostly for nostalgic reasons), and for me these are the best tracks of the album and I think they are actually quite good per se. Not because of full-on vs goa thing but because i think they are better arranged, have good melodic development and sound more mature overall.

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Wow, I only really paid this attention because i've seen @astralprojection Mention him so often and to be completely honest he is correct. Nova is completely underrated, how did that happen? Have we missed our chance for the glory days? Or is there more to come? I'm sure there is plenty I haven't heard that will keep Tsotsi entertained but who doesn't like new new new.


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