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R.I.P. Neogoa (2010.-2011.)

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R.I.P. NEOGOA [Netlabel, database, infosite] (2010.-2011.)


P.S. - I'll post details about this in couple of days!


This is goodbye year for me and for this netlabel. We're gonna release 4 more releases this year, as we planned:

1) Javi - The Aural Exciter EP,

2) Nova Fractal & Sky Technology - Versus EP,

3) Various Artists - Love & Devotion (Downtempo compilation, compiled by Anubis)


and our biggest effort:


4) DIMENSIONAL GATEWAY 2 (Untitled Sequel) in December 2011.




Thanks for your support and feedbacks!



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It's strange to hear after big success of last release psychowave - sunshine reborn. :blink:

But everything has it's own end, when time is come. And I'm sure you have reasons.


Respect for everything have been done before and will be done this year.

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I've really appreciated the quality of your effort/collaborations thus far and am looking forward to any slated future output!

Great artwork, professional organisation and presentation. Quality upcoming and developing artists with plenty of potential and energy. Good foundation you've established. I'm sure you and those working through the label have learned a lot and enjoyed it even if in the future you are choosing to leave it in the past.


Hope you're not being overly-sensitive to a few comments on the forums because many here, including myself, have freely reaped the reward for the time you, and those with you, have spent.


Heil Richpa! Posted ImagePosted Image

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Neogoa as review site and info site will remain, Mdk will run it.


Neogoa as netlabel will remain active until the end of this year. We have to release 4 more releases as we announced, they all gonna be free for download and they all gonna be published on Ektoplazm. Our biggest project, Dimensional Gateway 2 will be our last release, full circle accomplished.


Some tracks from thoose releases is probably our best stuff so far.


What happens next? New label with different approach and different concept. My deepest wish is to put all that I worked before on higher level.


If someone is asking, why don't you change Neogoa into something new and continue to work under the same name, well I don't want to ruin Neogoa's tradition and approach.


New Arronax album will be released under the new label and I'm gonna introduce complete concept soon. Don't worry, I'm still gonna continue to release goa trance music.


Anyways, thanks for kind words and support.

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Then, Richpa, with all due respect, this thread title is misleading.

Neogoa is not going to Rest In Peace. It will go on. Not as we know it, but it

won't be closed down. Is that right? Good news, by the way.


Neogoa is closing after 2011. After that I'm starting with new platform (label). Neogoa stands for free music, this label will continue to release similar thing like Neogoa did but not anymore for free. The main plan, idea is to push even harder, to improve all segments of my previous work, through music, better PR, better and more professional artworks, proper mastering and the most important thing: availability on CD/CDr for people who actually care to have something in their hands. Besides all mentioned, I can't handle anymore all expenses. Excuse my poor english, hopefully now you understand.




Edit - And yeah, topic and announcement is maybe too early but at least I'm always informing people, guys who follows our work with my and Neogoa activity. For me the most important thing is honesty and I don't see reason why I shouldn't inform people about my decission to close this. It's better to know something on time. Imagine situation that I opened this topic right after Dimensional Gateway 2 been released.


Plus few other things, from the very beginning I was calling all interested to participate in this, to create Neogoa together, but only Mdk helped with reviews, Somazoid with his database, Arronax with translations and Penzoline also with reviews.


Funny thing? I also sended message (via facebook) to our beloved label owners of: Cronomi Records, Sita Records, Phototropic Records, Suntrip Records, Ezel-Ebed Records, UAF Records, Dimensional Records and offered them free acces to website control panel and label accounts to add thier news, announcements and data, wanna know who only answered to my message and accepted that offer? Timo (Chakras) from ex. Kagdila now Dimensional Records. If people doesn't care about it, why should I push hard...after that my biggest focus was on music and it's distribution on Ektoplazm. Wanna know how easy was to work on website when Mdk took reviews section under his control: A LOT. Database will be available just as reviews page.

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Funny thing? I also sended message (via facebook) to our beloved label owners of: Cronomi Records, Sita Records, Phototropic Records, Suntrip Records, Ezel-Ebed Records, UAF Records, Dimensional Records


only facebook?
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only facebook?


Just for example, Dimensional Gateway was established through facebook. You got easier acces to people via facebook and it's lot better way to comunicate, that's a fact.
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