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  1. Eh, well i don't like Watts or Krishnamurti either - When I'm going for 'enlightenment' I go straight to the Upanishads, Shankara, Shams Tabrizi, Meister Eckhart, or St. John of the Cross... Rene Guenon for someone more recent than that. I'm quite 'traditional' when it comes to definitions of enlightenment... I don't think Krishnamurti had much to say. Oh well. Topic derailed :\
  2. Thanks for the feedback, everyone. It'll have a bit more tension in the final mix, plus a lot of EQ and volume changes. As for the comparisons to Hallucinogen - Simon's definitely one of my biggest influences, so I'll take that as a compliment (as I think anyone would.) I have a second rough mix of a track online now at soundcloud.com/pandanandi - the track is called "Laptop Minotaur." It's just as rough as Psychic Mothers and needs a lot of volume and EQ work, but Richpa convinced me to put a rough mix online instead of waiting till I release it on an EP later this summer... so there it is. Have fun listening to it if you choose to go play it... and check out my EP coming out later this year - Psychic Mothers and Laptop Minotaur will both be on the album in more polished forms.
  3. Kickdrum and bass NEED to be dead centre for dance music so that the bass weight is spread evenly on an actual dancefloor.
  4. There's a group of people who listen to psytrance, and insofar as you listen to psytrance and go to psy shows, you're part of a given subculture. It's the nature of modern subcultures that they all tend to overlap and that no-one belongs to one subculture exclusively, but they're all still there. Psytrance culture has a thoughtform of its own, so to speak, at this point, and exists fairly independently of whatever you have to say about it. You can deny there's a psy scene, but Ozora's still going to happen, if you catch my drift... it's unrealistic or solipsistic to flat out deny that something exists when that very something has tangible effects in the world. (for the record, I don't get a good feeling from Leary OR from McKenna, but that's a different story.)
  5. Reminds me of this "shitbass" stuff (mashup hardcore?) that's sorta popular where I'm from.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0siQxc_QFg
  6. Artist: Noble Savage Title: Freaks of Nature Label: Liquid Tune Records (http://www.liquidtunerecords.tk/) Released: 10 June 2011 Style: Goa, Forest Trance http://www.ektoplazm.com/2011/noble-savage-freaks-of-nature 01 - Razzia (147 BPM) 02 - Secondary Protocol (147 BPM) 03 - 7th Seal (142 BPM) 04 - King Of Fools (145 BPM) 05 - 2012 (147 BPM) I hadn't heard of Noble Savage prior to now, but I'm very grateful that Liquid Tune and Ektoplasm conspired to bring the project to our collective attentions... I stumbled on this gem today and was caught by the description of the release. Forest goa? My mind immediately hearkened to (and hankered for) the style of Twin Sharkfins - a style which is hard to come by, especially in the present day climate of goa and psytrance. Intrigued, I downloaded and listened to the album. And I have to say... this is impressive. The album brings to mind the early stylings of the Battle Buddhas, or perhaps something like the Tales from the Forest compilation. There's a WHOLE lot of melody and tonality. The screeching and squelching of the forest sound is still present, but is filled out with a strong melodic sensibility which is always tasteful and never fluffy. Some of the sounds used in these tracks are really mindbending... the patch that both opens and closes Razzia sounds like a marimba dosed with henbane.(That comparison makes no sense. Oh well. - Panda) The comparisons to the Buddhas and other musicians are mostly just for benchmarks; for loose reference... Noble Savage has created something original, not a direct imitation of one style or another. My only complaint lies in the basslines - I'm a bit sick of galloping and rolling bass and miss the days in which goa basslines were submerged in the mix and treated as something to be compliment to the music, not a central focus of the music. That said, big rolling bass has always been a part of the forest sound, so I'm probably just being too picky. Some of the regulars on this forum may recall a recent discussion about the present situation (and the future) of melodic goa trance. One of the most common complaints aired in that thread was that there's too much fluff in the goa trance genre and not enough darkness, weirdness, what have you. Noble Savage's rolling basslines may be a bit uncomfortable for anyone who has bad flashbacks to awful full on or darkpsy when they hear a rolling bassline, but looking past the bassline is a rewarding venture for the goa trance afficianado: Noble Savage has created goa which is both distinctive and dark while remaining true to the essence of the style and sound. I hope for and expect great things from this project. All hail variety in the modern goa scene.
  7. Definitely a sad day. Liked or loved everything you guys put out. :<
  8. Bump... follow me on soundcloud! new track coming out soon~
  9. metal! Enslaved; one of my favorite bands period: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGs28oh-_w0
  10. It's all good. I didn't feel like calling you out and being like HEY YOU GOT DETAILS WRONG... I knew what you were talking about anyway. Interesting that that happened.
  11. Yes, but didn't they name one of their albums psycho circus? Honestly I don't know that much about kiss o.o oh well.
  12. I come from a fairly orthodox view of things, so maybe *my* perspective on this is also biased... but in my experience, yes, it's quite touchy. I hadn't heard the ian anderson story and I'm fairly curious about it. I'd like to read about that if you have a link to it. (also, a lot of it really has to do with WHAT is being promoted - Lakshmi was used in some advertisement for hamburgers by Burger King and it set off a FURY. Similarly, as I said, the connotations of party lifestyle that is associated with goa culture would be vaguely off putting to most Hindus when it comes to displaying divine images in association with it. And yet as much as I feel that I should be offended by it, I was born a westerner and have the opportunity to see things from both sides... and it's just part of Goa's charm to me. I know the scene really doesn't mean any harm by it, even if it's annoying at times. oh well. )
  13. Anyone else here play Street Fighter HD Remix on PSN? Need other people to play with :(
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