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Being somewhat pissed off at hardware.


First, about a few months ago one of my soundcards (ESI Juli@ XTe) literally fried. It wasn't under warranty anymore so I tried to find a replacement PCIe card, with zero luck, so USB was the way to go. After some mishaps with a Steinberg UR22 (which I returned for a full refund) I settled for an ESI U22 XT. At least that one has been running rock solid (and I sure hope the situation stays that way).


Then, one of my hard drives really started acting up (it had been a bit wonky already during summer but I didn't have time to do anything about it), so I had to get a replacement. Having lost some stuff I won't get back again in a hard drive crash some years ago, I didn't ask myself twice if I really should replace this one. Luckily I was able to rescue everything from the failing drive :)


And next, one of the fans on my GTX770 failed. The card was still under warranty so I had it replaced, with a 770 that wasn't exactly DOA, but severely wounded so to say. Of course I had that one replaced too, and to my surprise got a 970 as a replacement. Well, at least it has been running well so far. That whole ordeal took almost 2 weeks.


And now it seems the eSATA ports on my motherboard have failed (interestingly enough, the eSATA ports on my previous computer never worked...). Disabled them in BIOS for now. So, as 3 of my 4 external hard drives relied on eSATA, I need to think of some new USB solution. Of course, having only 1 free USB3 port left my only option seems to be a dock where I can swap the hard drives as needed. Not particularly optimal but what else can I do?


Also, the channels on my DJ mixer fail every now and then. It's still quite rare (and I sure hope it stays that way, or rather goes away for good) so when it happens it catches me quite by surprise. Strangely enough, what fixes this is to toggle the channel input switch...



And of course, all of this has put quite a dent in my already limited funds. Here's to hoping no more hardware decides to blow up.

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Well I've had the feeling at least for the past 15 years that modern technology hates me in one way or another.

All my computers (bought my first own PC in 1999) have fucked up in one way or another. Well, except for my gig laptop that's locked up only once during the 8,5 years I've had it. And the 2 audio interfaces I've had for it have both crapped out on me once, all this in of course the most unfortunate situations. The past about 5 years it's been running rock solid. Quite the achievement for what could be considered a cheap piece of crap :)


Oh, and also, one of my studio monitors emits a weird *zip* when I turn it off (not that I turn them off very often anyway).

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After some mishaps with a Steinberg UR22 (which I returned for a full refund)

what problems did you have with the ur22?


i've got one and it sometimes produces some bitcrusher-like artifacts for 2-3 seconds once a day. besides that and the fact that you cannot turn both channels (output and headphones) of completely (there will always be a little bit of sound playing at my monitors when i use headphones and vice versa), it runs fine and does its job. have you seen the same behaviour or did your unit have worse problems?

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what problems did you have with the ur22?

Weird clicks in playback (foobar2000, both with DirectSound and ASIO). Also the fact that I basically had to plug the rec out of my DJ mixer into 2 mono channels; trying to match the input levels was too much of a hassle. The ESI interface has RCA inputs on its back panel, so now I can connect both my mixer and my guitar to it, when needed :)

And for the record, the UR22 was the MKII version.

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