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  1. I ordered a box and plan to give them out to little kids who win science fairs. Thank you
  2. Only got 30 minutes in but this is on point. Great track selection and great samples. Kept me pimped for 30 minutes and I'm sure the whole mix is as on point. I'll be coming back to this many times. Thank you very much for this
  3. This is good. Consistent energy.. doesn't fizzle out. Nice
  4. Lol at this. How's that tin foil hat? I heard on the third month of the third Mayan calendar at 3:33 if you face northwest while wearing your tinfoil hat you can get secret messages. I hear the illuminati is really into playing barbie life in the dream house and a huge false flag will be staged behind most of the tactics in that game. Back in the real world.. trumps not dead, nor will he die. You know why? He's too smart. Anyone who has the capability to kill him is already faithfully and loyally working for him. The man is a gangster in every sense of the word. He is a work o holic who has severe sleeping issues which give the perception of sociopath. How it works in trump world; I do believe he has great ideas. You want to oppose him? Get crushed. You want to work with him? Smart move
  5. First off let me say hi! Second I hope you had a great holiday! Now to the mix.. usually not a fan of the constant time signature switches but my brother like your name is hyperstyles.. you made it work. 110% banging mix that kept me going and I didn't even realize over an hour had passed. The only thing I could say is next time state that there are curse words in the mix. Not so good if you are blasting at the gym or a public place and all of a sudden the F bomb drops repeatedly. Lol As always, thanks for this
  6. Just gets better every time. Thanks again When are you posting a new mix.. I need more!!!
  7. Another great mix. I personally like the fact you use soundcloud because I will not download files. Keep these mixes coming!
  8. You truly live up to your name. When I see a mix that is posted by you I immediately look forward to hearing it. So far this mix has been played 5 days in a row, for 2 hours each time. Thank you so much brother. Please don't stop!
  9. Finally! Thanks for this. Listened to the whole thing twice.
  10. SixZeroFou4


    Excellent response. This is why you are more successful than the others. #schoolisinsession
  11. SixZeroFou4


    It's truth. He wanted to keep going with it and he went low first. Why good does it do you to chime in with your own perception which is wrong anyways
  12. SixZeroFou4


    You can't understand. You come from an inferior country. Trump literally said tonight how he plans on extorting your country and you know what you're going to do about it.. take it. When you come from that vantage point, you embrace it.
  13. Well I'm a two time state champ, Jr Olympian, title belt holder with multiple certification in personal training. That's what separates mine, but so be it
  14. SixZeroFou4


    Listen I don't think it's true, and the Paul family is a notorious fear mongering (the repeated market crash predictions) - which were wrong, but they are known fear mongers. Addressing the post, I don't think it's true. If it were true then I'm glad I'm on the same side. Don't be a hater because you have no Cia Seriously though bro.. who cares. Put out great music. Throw awesome parties. Meet beautiful women and enjoy life
  15. That's some good hate. There you are
  16. Really Dude? Let's turn this silly thread into something serious?! Stop
  17. This is some heart warming hate. Excellent example
  18. So you're saying you have enough hate to create a breed of hate not even see on these forums in the form of a button that ANYONE CAN display hate... ?!?! That is some top tier hate. Mind blown
  19. Ok for real.. this is about music. The common bond that has us ALL posting on these forums. I can't think of a better place to post this than here. No matter the style we have have gems. Call me captain Morrigan because I'm on a hunt for booty. The booty contains treasures of music that motivate and regulate. Music music music Any style, any kind. I need it. Preferably very motivational. Whether it's the lyrics, the tempo, the construction.. it does not matter. What matter is quality music that gets you moving. I say you, because this is something we can all get into. Maybe someone posted a great song and you want to get in better shape yourself.. well get on it. Please leave all hate for the hater thread. I feel this thread should be a fitness connecting lounge where we delve deeper into our personal health as well as make a buddy doing it. Maybe you are in great shape from dancing but have those hidden gyms that get you going.. post them. Also if anyone wants some diet or exercise tips I have no problem giving a comprehensive answer that keeps safety in mind, but will certainly address questions and concerns. LET'S DO THIS
  20. We could speculate 1000 times over as to the reasoning g and outcomes of such activity. Your idea sounds reasonable for some. When we take it in context of the scenario.. it seems odd. Either way I'm glad you got a laugh. Whaddya say to a good Ole fashioned high five? ::holds hand up and out::
  21. The sooner you transcend to the language and lifestyle of the cyborg, the sooner you will understand. I absolutely hate your comment. The machines will now strike back for 24 hours within you reading this. ://error
  22. However we have the element of the beer being spoiled. I hate both of your ideas
  23. Masterminds are beautiful people too
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