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What are you doing right now?


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What is that song that goes like "she's a bitch, she's a whore, I don't like her anymore"?


edit. Fuzzion - Shezabitch


Describes my soon to be ex-wife perfectly.


Also on playlist:


The Mountain Goats - This Year


The Mountain Goats - No Children

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A fellow biologist I see?

coming from a related discipline, but doing some mol bio for pharmaceutical applications at the moment.


it's interesting. i think we have an unusually high concentration of people proficient in natural sciences on psynews (or even the "goa trance community" as a whole) compared to the general psy scene. well, maybe that's only because we're older ;)

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Tired of being sad. Today I'm gonna do something good, I'm gonna resgister myself for post death organ donation.

Hopefully there will be something within me of some use to someone.


Ever heard of post death cd donation?


Sorry, trying to lighten up the mood  :blush:  :blush:  :blush:


Good thinking though Stark

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