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For reference:



People who do not like depressive music or are prone to depression, please dont listen. The vocals sound like a dying dog dying while its vocal cords are being cut with a razor blade very slowly.

Been listening to some dark underground shit for well over a decade. But this, this one is something else. I bought the cd when it came out on prophecy productions and I can testify what Themaniac said; the sheer negativity displayed here is simply unmatched.

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Last week I had the pleasure to go to an AmenRa gig, it was brutal, really liked it. I missed parkway drive's concert because of work stuff....


1st of June, everyone's favourite uncle/junky is coming to town....


....i know he's a fucked up pensioner junky but u have to give respect where it's due.. he's the grandfather of industrial metal, in my eyes he's on the same level as OZZY in terms of influence to future generations of musicians....

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Such an emotional gem. Sublime. Now in my top Melodic Death/Black Metal albums along with Insomnium, Ne Obliviscaris, Dark Tranquility, Omnium Gatherum and Mors Principium Est. I'm serious. It's a real masterpiece.


Style : Progressive/Melodic/Atmospheric Blackened Death Metal





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Igorrr has always been mindblowing since I know him. Always with his obssession for Breakcore and mindfuck music :lol:


Look at this one :D


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To all skilled ears and fervent Progressive Metal listeners : NE OBLIVISCARIS IS BACK !

Album of the year incoming.


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For reference:

People who do not like depressive music or are prone to depression, please dont listen. The vocals sound like a dying dog dying while its vocal cords are being cut with a razor blade very slowly.

Oooh wow, I haven't heard this song for so many years, suprised to stumble into it here of all places.... Nattramn is from my hometown, or close atleast - he was living in a mental hospital which I used to work in (though after he was there...)  :wacko: It's all quite the twisted story but the music is so special and emotionally intense, I used to love it when I was 17 I still do :P He has a electronic project called "Diagnose:Lebensgefahr" too!


Nice to see some good metal being posted here, I haven't listened to metal much at all for many years, here's a few of the bands I still play once I do. Black metal is one of my favorite genres overall, though mostly I turn to the "depressive" spectrum of it these days.


Also basically everything by Electric Wizard is amazing

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Again an other personnal selection of excellent albums :
Group : Mistur
Album : In Memoriam
Style : Melodic Black Metal



Group : Fleshgod Apocalypse
Album : King
Style : Symphonic Brutal Death Metal/Technical Death Metal/Modern Classical




Group : Anciients
Album : Voice of the Void
Style : Progressive Stoner Metal/Progressive Death Metal




Group : Oceans of Slumber
Album : Winter
Style : Progressive Metal




Group : Whispered
Album : Metsutan - Songs of the Void
Style : Melodic Death Metal/Folk Metal/Symphonic Metal




Group : Omnium Gatherum
Album : Grey Heavens
Style : Melodic Death Metal



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Group : Disperse
Album : Foreword
Style : Progressive Metal/Neo-Progressive Rock/Djent

/!\ Poppy Jazz influences. Careful and refined. Trained ears and open minds only /!\



Group : Ne Obliviscaris
Album : Urn
Style : Progressive/Melodic/Symphonic Extreme Metal

/!\ As expected : Godlike /!\



Group : Progenie Terrestre Pura
Album : oltreLuna
Style : Atmospheric Black Metal/Psybient/IDM

/!\ Psychedelic. Cosmic. Futuristic. As cold as the universe. /!\




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5 hours ago, Richpa said:

I've always thought that NSBM/DSBM/Deathcore/Grindcore and all this things and above were just trash music but I must recognize that this Deathcore band is interesting. Put a politcal content in such a kind of sound aberration is dared. It makes the thing a little smarter^_^

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Yeah, great band, make sure to check full album, it's great!

Here are full lyrics for this track:

A spectacle in vain of fictional entertainment
Nothing more than a distraction
With the characters created
By such influential men behind the scenes

Camera, action
Make up, action
Lies, snap
Fucking action!

Lightning, action
Lines at the ready
Lies, snap
Fucking action!

Creatively designing the illusion of choice
Intrinsically sculpting
At the aura of democracy
Oh, this suit makes you look so honest

A certain type of lightning gives a warm glow
Now take your fucking scripts!

Quirks and trivialities
Spring from scriptwriters tongues
So trivially

Building a theatrical mass distraction
That these puppets stand for

Radically different
Political philosophies
Misrepresenting cleverly
Like some cheap reality TV show

Increased surveillance
Tax and more control
We'll try to lower taxes
But we'll take more from the poor

Like a sacrificial ritual
To monetary systems
The stars of the show fake a smile and
Take their seats upon the glutinous wings of arrogance

Follow the script
If you think that it will make the slightest difference
Waste your time on a fictional debate

Pertaining to a legion of lies
Obey this puppet
Show stuck on repeat
The illusion of choice

Eat up
You pigs

Gorging yourself upon their fucking lies

Infatuated with
Opposing parties quarreling for inconsistent reasons
Competing superficially
Festering with dishonesty
Shaking hands behind the scenes

Entertaining the blind
Pay close attention
Charismatic tyranny!
Do you have no memory?

You're dancing with hypocrisy
Part of the system
Everybody's fast asleep

Time to realize
That whoever you'll vote for
It'll make no difference
They are one and the same!

How could you think their one to trust?
Glorifying the pursuit of greed and lust
These streets were never paved in gold
They're littered with the bodies of the ones who said no

Vote for Corruption

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