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  1. Been taking some time to work on these two tracks lately, tell me what u think if u wanna! Scando forest mystery music Cheers! <3
  2. Hey folks Got down to do some weird stuff, I did. Feel free to comment what you think or what could be improved
  3. I believe the psytrance-community can be a great place to thrive for anyone with their hearts right, especially for those who feel "outside" or odd Anyone could produce a generic psy-song with the right amount of knowledge, but what's interesting is the tunes only you can make!! As long as you have a great time making the music and keep yourself motivated to continue you will grow and create amazing things And you'll have a helluva fun on the way too!! Skål (började skriva posten på engelska innan jag märkte att du var svensk så fick stå haha xD )
  4. Hello and welcome Listened to the tracks, and IMO they sounds really cool! Really nice melody work and interesting rhythms and sounds to back them up. And being odd ain't a bad thing! I think you got a distinct sound and it might come from your way of composing, it's kinda storytelling, living and energic rather than progressive and hypnotic or monotone.. But it's nice seeing people breaking the usual norms and patterns, much psy sounds quite the same these days Cool stuff, keep up the good work!
  5. Having a blast working in lower tempos, new sounds and emotions. This was made as a friday morning jam, bathing in the early rays of sun Made another one this morning, I'm feeling inspired now that spring finally has come to Sweden After many months of snow and freezing temperatures it has now been really nice for around two weeks! Feedback is always welcome, especially on the mixing.
  6. Welcome! You can post your tracks in this forum ("free music promotion"), and you can find some guidelines for posting in the pinned post:
  7. Really like the energy in this one! Beautiful atmosphere and synth work What DAW do you use?
  8. Nice man!! You keep putting up stuff faster than I can listen to it haha xD But I'll have to give your album a thorough listen soon This one was great, really fitting atmosphere for the name and I love the hypnotic patterns.. Good work!
  9. Really nice! Sounds oldschool yet fresh, love the lead that comes in @06:54
  10. Hey folks Tried to make some slower music, got pretty happy with the results but could probably use a bit of feedback on the mixing? ... anyway enjoy! spacey tech-trance psybient
  11. One of a kind Closest would probably be stuff from the sanaton-guys.. Derango, Purosurpo, Hallucinogenic Horses etc. Have you heard the collab-tracks between Taigan and Troglodytes? Each one is a masterpiece..
  12. Sanaton is usually more on the "mossy" (as Digitalys accurately expressed it), crazy side IMO. They have released a bit of oldschool goa-sounding stuff on their comps though, such as Zoon and Ka-sol
  13. I personally like a mix of familiar and unfamiliar tracks, if there's only music that I know well being played the "suprise-effect" disappears. Though if I'm too lost a recognizable song usually takes me down to the ground a bit, so it's all about balance! Classics often creates a burst of joy among the dancers, it's awesome hearing your favorite pieces on a dancefloor (but it's even better finding a new one right there ). As long as the transition is relatively smooth and doesn't take too long I don't complain, a bit of dissonance usually doesn't hurt (especially when it comes to forest/darkpsy where that's already a prominent element of the music). Other tricks (fx, etc) is secondary, it's cool when people can pull it off but I've never thought "man this set needs more DJ-tricks". About storytelling, I think it makes a difference. Though sometimes storytelling just means thinking about the relationship between the tracks and the order played, in terms of dynamics, mood and such. Which I guess every DJ do, but I love when someone can take it to a deeper level and create a real trip.
  14. I'd love a Schlab-vinyl but I'm in a really shitty financial situation xD Could probably donate a 10-15$ or so to support the project, the Schlabbaduerst-gang has done so much for the music that it would be a shame not to, but that's about it for the moment. About waiting time, I don't see it as that important. Give it the time that it would need. I suppose singles are a tad cheaper to produce? Would be really cool to have a Botfb - Ka-sol split single, of course a double vinyl would be awesome too. I live in Sweden so kinda hard to answer your last question, if it actually were pressed I'd buy it if I could afford it.
  15. It's on youtube for those who don't have the patience to wait for their physical copy! I personally haven't sat down and listened to it yet (will probably be jumping more than actually sitting though), I want to do it properly considering how much I've looked forward to this release.. But the samples sounds great and I recognize some of the songs from his soundcloud. Killer artwork too, the artist who made it is amazing.
  16. Wow, great stuff! It has a dimension of "silliness" or playfullness that I tend to like in psy. Never heard of the artist before but I'll have to check it out...
  17. Nice topic indeed ! This one has looads of nice sounding synths, but there's two that always caught my attention. The bubbly synth at 5.05 is really great, very trippy and organic! Also the pad that come in around @7:40 is incredible, so menacing!! The melodic lead right after 04:35 is also reaaally nice! So acidic and alien, really rich sound.
  18. Happy to hear!! Your tracks are great and the cosmic horror-theme really fits your style Looking forward!
  19. Hope I don't stray too far from you original request but as Redo gave you a great list of forest essentials I thought I'd point you to another interesting genre under the forest spectrum: forest-goa! Especially since you listen to Goa mainly. Usually based in the goa sounds but darker and more chaotic, with maddening melodies and the moody, quirky vibe associated with forest. Ka-sol - Fairytale, Gorm Höller - Böller and Kiriyama - Reach Escape Velocity is probably a great introduction. Also Chronicle of Mystery recs (VA Chronicle of Schlabbaduerst is amazing goa-madness), and ofc Schlabbaduerst rekkords.
  20. God damn I couldn't have said it better myself. And regarding freedom: I think structures have to be balanced with an open mind. We don't want to get locked up in our own structures, but a "too open mind" won't do you much good either. I think we have to sacrifice some of our freedom (freedom to "do whatever we want to" atleast) when we find a goal worthy of pursuing, that's called dedication. But when we dedicate ourself to a purpose and it is one we've chosen ourself and feel is "true", we'll find ourself more free than ever. When we create something we create it from the chaos that is freedom, by making decisions based on our values and ideas. And to do this we must first trust ourselves, otherwise how would you know what decisions to make?
  21. But it's an ever-relevant task. Too much freedom is just chaos, structures are what we create to put meaning in that chaos. You always have to compromise, for example: the idea of PLUR is a structure, with intent of creating a welcoming and free environment. But it's still a structure. Music also relies heavenly on balancing chaos (or freedom, creativity) and structure, the artist is free to make any decision but often relies on some kind of structural backbone (like basic genres, scales, tempos etc) - and that's not necessarily a bad thing. It's about recognizing and adapting patterns we see "work" and perhaps sacrificing a bit of freedom to use and further evolve them.
  22. Interesting and valid points! The ceremonies I attended didn't feel dogmatic or ideological but unifying and welcoming.
  23. I've been to a few festivals here in Sweden which had opening ceremonies and even 15-30 minute ceremonies during Saturday evenings, held at the main stage. But I think much of the anti-structural elements is rooted in anti-dogmatism, which is also kindof necessary. Balancing structure with freedom and not imposing too strong beliefs on people can be hard, for me, hearing long spiritual, "cosmic", new age samples during songs can be pretty annoying - on the dancefloor I like to switch between some weird thing in my own head and connecting with new and old friends, and that's enough to handle without external messages about "what humans are" or what I should think. But yeah, therefore separate ceremonies seems like a pretty good idea. If one doesn't want to join, no problem. In general, I've had pretty varied experiences when it comes to the psy-community, but I've met many bright, beautiful people. For some reason my best experiences with people has been at festivals/raves deep in the forest, often with focus on darkpsy and forest, but that's surely individual and maybe different from country to country. I just can't help but suspecting uk fullon and prog attracts the kind of folks I don't get on that well with, atleast the spiritual-instagram-trendy ones. Not trying to put down any sub-genre or sub-culture, my partygoing has been limited to almost only Sweden and my first psy-rave was like two years ago.. The dark-crowds certainly has some less favorable elements as well.. ...like ketamine abuse
  24. So this debut compilation from the new label "Gylfaginning Records" was just released! So far I'm enjoying it alot, proper weirdness. Sure is worth giving a shot if you're into forest music. https://gylfaginningrecords.bandcamp.com/album/v-a-scandinavian-swamp
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