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Merr0w - Born Underwater (SUNCD12)


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Increiblemente mature album, it's the first time of my life i listen to 7 times the same track "Poseidon Lullaby" i can"t leave this track, i love more and more and more each time.


And sorry but, Rise Up To The Sun is absolutly fantastic !!!


The only track i am not fanatic is the 6th "The Pleiades"


Very very nice album !! thank MerrOw



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excellent material, one of the best cds suntrip released, really.

is complex and well driven, mature and filled with great energy.

and production: top notch

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It's nice to see other people agree that Rise Up to the Sun is a great track.


Lured by the Nymphs, Born Underwater, and Mermaid's Twin Sister are magical. Poseidon Lullaby is great too, very uplifting without being cheesy. Atlantis, Aquarius, and Mind Blowing are strong as well. Blue Planet is very well done for a closing track. I love the beginning minute and often return to hear it again along with the entire album straight through.


The only track I'm not a big fan of is The Pleiades, though it has some good elements. It feels less refined at times, less satisfying and well produced than the others. I'd say with The Pleiades, that the whole doesn't equal the sum of its parts, so to speak. Fortunately the song isn't bad; some of it's quite good, but it could have been better.


When I first heard Merr0w's track on the Twist Dreams compilation around 2005 I did not like it, and found it the weakest on the compilation! Yet this release is a big improvement. The track variety is healthy too. Each song has identity, character well developed, and doesn't similar to the one before and/or after it. The album has intensity too not often expressed in Goa now days. Filteria is one of the only new school artists that has edge (intensity), followed by RA (and with few exceptions, some other artists/tracks).


I can't believe Suntrip Records has released 15 albums since 2004, and Afgin just came out! My review is up for that now. :)


Good job Merr0w! Take your time to make an even stronger second one when you're ready. :)

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Not really. That would be the same with robbing a music store.

come on! it means the same

and seriously, if it wasnt for downloading, i wouldnt know all those group, all this music, so i woudnt buy there music anyways, no?


Yeah butcha can't download cigs, beer n drugs.

haha one day i hope, one day...
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Merr0w's debut is a bit uneven. The songwriting on many tracks feels a bit empty.

'Poseidon's Lullaby' is the best track and offers great melodies, the other tracks have hard time giving it a challenge, althou 'Mind Blowing' and perhaps 'Born Underwater' would also be acceptable choices in a goa set. I could say - if you buy this cd you probably won't regret it. There's enough good to validate a purchase. I'm giving it an 'ok/quite good' mark.

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Rise Up to the Sun = the best song on this cd. Followed by the Pleiades.

What he said.


That's a track that doesn't spend 7 minutes building, because it doesn't need to. It just brings on tons of good lead melodies, one after the other, straight away.


I get so bloody bored with goa and psy that thinks a 6~ minute buildup of generic arpeggios is required before "a big payoff". A shame that a lot of this album still follows that old "rule".

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I seriously had very hard time trying to figure what was full-onic in "Rise Up to The Sun" (and even more so, what's so inferior about this track according to some replies on the first page).


Anyway, this is one of the most amazing goa albums released in the past years. 100% storming twisted goa album in 2009! Who could imagine? Thank you Merr0w, thanks Suntrippers for making this possible.

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I was drawn to this release from the first time I saw it.

Listened to the samples only for a few months.

Just gave it my first true listen after receiving the CD today and was blown away. Very nice!

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This album is growing on me when I listen to it as music instead of as trance music, if you get my point. Not searching for cool percussive rhythms or amazing lines, just going with the flow. It's really nice and atmospheric.


Rise Up to the Sun in particular is full with storming lead melodies that don't go over the top.


Merr0w has his own, somberly understated melodic repertoire. This is perfectly in line with the underwater concept.


Great album!

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After one year i must say that is a really really great Album. I listen to it again and again and again.

Especially the tracks Atlantis and Born Underwater are so good. :)

The melody in Born Underwater at 6:00 is like a swirl on the sea. ;)


And this is the a perfect present for Aquarius-born people (like me). :D

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This album has some great tracks, but also many similar sounds. I seldom listen to it straight through.

I want a sequel nonetheless. Take the time. Raise the bar. Maybe in a year or two? Or three? :)


Update: Merr0w's track on Temple of Chaos is SUPERB !


Quality over quantity. WOW.

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A full reviewnever written by meh? A shame!


Joking aside, good album? Hmm, yes. Underrated? Yes, a little.


The production is refreshing and some of these melodies are really beautiful. It's a little interesting how he can pull the most dark and warped melodies like in Citrus Circus or Pixelized Sight but also manages to pull out heavenly beautiful melodies like in Poseidon Lullaby. It is also a big thing to note that the underwater feeling is immensely done. Sure you can look at the cover and track names and go by those alone imagining these tracks, but the actual way they represent themselves feel very oceany, even without massively oblivious wet acid sounds all over the place. Not everything is perfect, no, but the great tracks, notably Born Underwater, Aquarius, Mind Blowing, Poseidon Lullaby are just fantastical. Rise Up To The Sun and the ender are good as well. The others are still nice but not as memorable or convincing(Pleiades is basically a remix of Pixelized Sight, but the latter is far better; thus I ignore it.)


Don't forget about it.

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