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  1. Steve Reich created some of the most beautiful Musique Concrete peices. Check out, Piano Phase, listen to the extreme depth and complexity created by simply phasing short piano tape recordings in and out of time & stereo. It has quite a hypnotizing quality. If you like Reich you may also enjoy Karlheinz Stockhausen.
  2. Guitar don't work/not work by default. Its all up to how good the producer is. I think Cosmosis handles guitars extremely well, Down at the Crossroads wouldn't be the same without that wailing blues guitar. Infected Mushroom's guitars work well on IM the Supervisor and Vicious Delicious but Classical Mushroom makes me want to vomit. How could anyone deny the guitar work on Heavyweight?
  3. Paul Jackson is the man. This & his album Motion Picture (2000), are some of my favorite stuff to listen to. Very minimal, "listening trance," as I like to call it. The rompers are split up by breaky electro tracks which really make the album cohesive. Too often are trance albums the same 7 or 8 full-on tracks followed by 1 downtempo track (BORING). Beautifully programmed analogue synthesizers float in and out of existance with a very sly, back-alley swagger. Very fun stuff to listen to. If you appreciate the original analogue sound, (most of the voices here would fit perfectly on a Klaus Schulze or Jean-Michel Jarre album from the late 70's) you will thuroughly enjoy this. Truely wonderful stuff. 9/10.
  4. .desiml

    Montauk P - Def=Lim

    This is truely an incredible album. Michael Kohlbecker and Gabriel le Mar are such a dynamic duo. Do not listen to the moronic bad reviews here. 9/10. Buy it! Lizardman, Def=Lim, Pham, Av Unit, & Turn the Page are some of the best shite I have ever heard. Deep, dark, atmospheric tech-trance at its best. Pham is one of the only 2 songs ever to actually put me into a trance, along with Sven Vath's Robot.
  5. Binary Neuronaut is pure gold. Love it. One of my favorite songs ever.
  6. Age of Reason, Ms. Frankenstein, and Le Lotus Bleu are masterpeices. Brilliantly stunning works of quirky trance with all the razor-sharp leads and acidic basslines one could ask for. Production is very, very dated, but who would want it any other way? My least favorites are Free Lemonade, Bad Data, and Nautilus, but just because they are my least favorites here doesn't mean they're bad. 10/10. Classic.
  7. Rise Up to the Sun = the best song on this cd. Followed by the Pleiades.
  8. Again, as with your other efforts, I believe you have many good ideas in your work. They just aren't fully realized. I think you could benefit from slowing down and not pumping out a new song every couple days. Take your time and really perfect your work. Imagine how solid this song would sound after a month or two of tweaking. Just a thought.
  9. thanks man, always love feedback
  10. hey man good stuff. they both have potential. i think these songs have a lot of great ideas, they just maybe lack a little experience. just keep plugging away and mastering the method until there are no limits and it is all entirely left up to ones ability to conceptualize, then it'll be a piece-of-cake. keep 'em comin.
  11. I like it a lot, there is a certain quality all of your stuff has that i enjoy. rather than everything being soo in-your-face and predictable, its left up to the listener to crawl inside and explore. really mellows me out. on a technical note, i do think the lower-end could be brought out a little more so everything seems to cruise along on top of the tight bassline. this would keep the groove from being lost in the mix, and make it seem like an anchor or backbone for the atmosphere. good work, keep 'em coming.
  12. good stuff. it puts me in the zone for sure
  13. i love the blue sunlight, good stuff.
  14. Give this a try. (this link is messed up, sorry!)
  15. Hello all, I just wanted to share my new tunes with anyone interested. Leave some feedback if you'd like, otherwise just enjoy it! check the 3 teasers of songs that will be on the final project at www.myspace.com/desiml Enjoy.
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