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  1. I haven't logged in to this site for almost 9 years. Only the fact that Ultimae appears to be phasing out made me come back to check if someone over at Psynews is aware, and to hopefully even hear some information from the officials. The label, although not defunct, has been releasing less as less music over years. No new concepts, no continuation of previous compilation series. What was particularly saddening is that Magnus has left the label. When he released his Red/Green/Blue discs on Droneform, I thought that it's only a sporadic move to release some out-of-concept music on side label without implying that he's actually leaving. But it's become apparent over years that Solar Fields is no longer the resident at Ultimae. He hasn't released anything on the label for years. And the history showed that it was arguably one of the most crucial points in the further formation of the label. I love Ultimae. And have always loved, and while it's at one hand just a formal case (I mean, as long as good music is released – go check newest Solar Fields, – who cares where?), it's still concerning that the powerhouse is no longer that. So whatever is going on with Ultimae, a label once exemplifying the golden standard of Intelligent Psychedelic Ambient, that we, the community, have loved for so many years? What are the relations between Magnus and Vincent? We haven't seen new music from old artists for several years now. Is the label slowly phasing out? Are there any constructive plans? Life is life and this particular post is not about breaking natural flow, but more about showing respect to the label. We still love Flying Rhino and Dragonfly, artists like Blue Planet Corporation, Shakta and Darshan, even though none of these labels or artists have released anything new or significant since their prime years in 90s. Similarly, we talk about Ultimae because we love this (already classic) label and the music it has presented to us as an unbelievable gift. Cheers. Hi Psynews! It's good to post here after so long.
  2. The opposition of two extremes... Things don't change... mentality neither. Like with any other case when we have two camps, two different parts in a competition, there seems to be no excuse when it comes to attempts of reconciliation. It's been a mystery for me for years — why it isn't possible to perform a synthesis and try to follow both streams. For many years I've been into both, mainstream and underground scenes and figured that these markers are extremely RELATIVE. There's a whole lot of examples of deep, profound, dark and intelligent trance in the mainstream scene (the type of music I'm into), as well as equal amount of flagrant trash in the so-called underground. When you have a clear vision of what you're finding fascinating in music, you can always recognize it anywhere, completely regardless of the genre. What I'm finding sad in current situation is complete inflexibility when it comes to overseeing two scenes. Those who are into mainstream trance tend to never find their bearings in psytrance music, and the latter insist that the so-called mainstream trance is garbage by definition. For years I've been a member of numerous communities that specialize in both, mainstream and underground movements (from Trance.nu (R.I.P.) to Psyreactor) and I haven't yet found a person who could equally appreciate regular and psychedelic trance, following both of them to equal extent and giving each its credit. I'm still asking myself: "why?". And I don't have any other answer, other than overly stereotypic way of thinking. From the conviction that I've got, it's not about particular genre, but about particular mood, vibrations and "message" which can be found in music. It's not something so strictly attributed to "psytrance" or "epic trance". It's what can be found in both if you're a conscientious searcher. Here we have a situation of crossing. And instead of re-considering it from the point of possible connection, people criticize it for getting out of control, when in fact it's a dim light of possible solution. Sad thing. Not much can be said really... Expand your mind.
  3. Pardon me for raising the... But I have accidentally come across this thread once again. Can anyone refer a list of artist that represent the following line: "South African style (Twilight psy)". In my book there's goa, darkpsy, psyprog, psytech, suomi, nitzhonot and full-on. Full-on (as I perceive it) is not so versatile, so whether or not it's night or morning full-on, it's still "very much" within full-on bounds. Very intrinsic and interchangeable.
  4. 28. Goa is one of the most intelligent styles of trance music.
  5. The more I listen to Leylines, the more I regret about my hasty reaction I expressed year ago, declaring that the album doesn't have concept. It's extremely conceptual. Deep, intelligent, profound, psychedelic ambient. One of the best examples of music I've been looking for for ages. It's definitely up there on a par with all the previous albums. Vincent keeps it steadfast.
  6. There obviously is branching when you refer to space ambient. First one - a more or less traditional ambient (Steve Roach or Vir Unis, for example). Second - on the new age/melodic/atmospheric side - Proton Kinoun, Gulan, Telomere, Alpha Wave Movement, etc. Third - the Dark Ambient division - Ionosphere - The Stellar Winds and the likes. So, depending on what particularly you're looking for, the answer may vary. P.S. Listening to Mystical Sun - Primordial Atmospheres album right now. And it's pretty spacey, which would fit one's needs depending on the definition. Recent album from Cell might qualify as well, in certain sense.
  7. is invulnerable.

  8. Absolutely. One of the best goa compilations of the year. And a real highlight for Phototropic which is getting higher with every release. Amazing. Hypnotic and trippy.
  9. Here's my dark ambient toplist: 01. Terra Sancta 02. Ionosphere 03. Zoät·Aon 04. Tho-So-Aa 05. Atrium Carceri 06. Lightwave 07. Phelios 08. R|A|A|N 09. Northaunt 10. Ancylus 11. Kammarheit 12. Pete Namlook 13. Audela 14. Rapoon 15. Cisfinitum 16. False Mirror 17. Kerovnian 18. Land:Fire 19. Oophoi 20. Sunn O)))
  10. I'm going to be a bit marginal. 01. Pleiadians - IFO (1997) 02. Furious - Uncanny Beats (2007) 03. Darshan - Awakening (1998) 04. Dimension 5 - Transdimensional (1997) 05. Blue Planet Corporation - Blue Planet (1999) 06. Chi-A.D. - Virtual Spirit (1997) 07. Mindsphere - Inner Cyclone (2007) 08. Optica - Alkaline Spectrum (1995) 09. MFG - Project Genesis (1998) 10. Prana - Geomantik (1997)
  11. I'm missing Darshan. I wonder what they would throw right now if remained duo (Grant Collins still can be found involved into various projects, but that's barely even perceptible). http://www.discogs.com/Hopi-Friends-The-An...release/1803359 1 Hopi And Earthling (2) Offline Providings (7:32) 2 Hopi And Dickster Mission (7:55) 3 Hopi And Darshan Minimal Animal (7:06) Looks like a joke (in plain sense) to me.
  12. Astral Projection Infected Mushroom Astrix Ott (he made some nice work on Twisted In Dub, though) Pitch Black Troll Scientists Entheogenic Tegma Neelix Also, although I'm a goahead to the bone, I could never feel Etnica's stuff. While IFO is probably the highest and the most essential achievement in goa music, and many good things can be said about Crop Circles as well, Etnica, on the other hand, had virtually nothing as near as that. Most of their work I find completely and utterly pale.
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