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whats your personal favorite format of music?


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I love my cds and my vinyl(sadly no deck to play em on just now:( ).. i also have lots of stuff on cassette that i will part with as each break...........tho, they dont seem to be breaking, so i`ll carry on listening to em:



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Not really, the CD format is older then the Minidisc format.. its more likely that the mp3 players made the Minidisc format Disappear. Probably in combination with the broader availability of mp3 via p2p networks.

minidisc is still alive and kicking, alot of shops are still selling it, it's not the standard but it's not death either.

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1. Vinyl (till the end of the world :D)

2. CD

3. Digital (don't care if it's wav, flac or high quality mp3)

"Physical": vinyl - one and only, call me old fashioned, I passionately love all of my vinyls with inexplicable intensity!

That's not being old fashioned but having sense of quality. No digital format whatsoever can compete with vinyl when it comes to sound quality (unless the record player is really bad and creates distortion, unstable speed etc.). That's not just my personal taste but a physical fact; the resolution of vinyl is infinite (since it's analog) which no digital format can compete with since it's limited to, well, whatever resolution it has.

On a lot of tracks the difference may be hard to hear (very easy with other tracks) but in most cases you can feel difference.


When I got Etnica's - "Trip Tonight" on vinyl ("Hell's Kitchen", 2001) it was a whole new experience; I already liked the track but it suddenly had totally new level of vibrancy, dynamics and depth and the mp3 version sounded completely flat in comparison.


That doesn't mean that music played digitally are necessarily bad at all (I'm very fond of my cd player and cd's and playing mp3s through my stereo works nicely too, although I'm very disappointed with the crappy sound quality of Ipod - high-end earphones just exposes the flaws even more.) Unfortunately the production of new music is getting worse and worse due to most new music is now being produced to be match crappy systems (most portable mp3 players, cellphones, radios, cheap in-ear phones, build-in laptop speakers etc.) that can't handle dynamics.

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Well, I think if 192khz isn't better then 44.1khz, then infinite isn't better then 44.1khz either.

Right the sample rate doesn't make much difference in sound quality as long as it's at least 44.1khz (or preferably 48khz)

but the bit rate means a whole lot and 24 bits are much better than 16 bits and infinite bits (analog) are way beyond the sound quality any digital system can produce.

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