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  1. I have a pair of Adam A7, and it's true it doesn't go very low and the basses aren't mad loud. But they are very clear, clean and present. You'll have to get used to it. You might mix the bass too loud at the beginning, but if you compare with other sound system, you'll get used to how much bass you need to put. And I'm very happy with them
  2. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=63076133851 http://www.accessallareas.org/cgi-bin/whatson.pl http://www.myspace.com/alphaomegaevents : Liquid and Frogs Main Stage :: Psychedelic Trance Hallucinogen Green Nuns of the Revolution Earthling Tron Paul Taylor Chameleon Natzan vs Pieman :: Tribal Vision and Om Liquid :: Progressive Techno Vibrasphere DJ Slater Luke Porter Hamish Morph Trevor P Geo Simon B :: Archangel Breaks and Waveform :: Breaks General Midi The Breakfastaz Mary Miss Fairy Drum Monkeys Agent Smith Rms & Peak :: Broken :: Electro Tom Real Simon Pieman Frank Opus Spiney Gacid Loke vs Konflux Anyone going?
  3. Black Adder it has all the greatest British comedian: Rowan Atkison, Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie
  4. They play on friday in birmingham, and on saturday in london.
  5. No they close, it's a cafe, they don't have a license to open late. They're not even supposed to have a dancing area. But then there is the Astrix&Friends party and Whirl-y-gig and hundreds of other nights, this is london after all .
  6. Megabus is your friend (assuming you live in the uk)!
  7. http://www.inspiralled.net/index.php?optio...&Itemid=378 Is anyone going?
  8. what is it with psytrance fan always wanting to be non-mainstream, even within the genre?
  9. slow, paced jazz like coltrane, stan getz, bill evans
  10. I did, I was dancing next to him actually. That new track with the melodic drums was pretty insane. I loved it!
  11. wooo I got my ticket! See you guys at the inspiral lounge (great place to hang out)! You should check out cyberdog as well as it's in the same area.
  12. I thought they was more people than this making music on this forum, where are they?
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