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best 2006 tracks


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so far

Dominator - hypertrash technology....

and Kashyyyk - technosexual (does that count? its unreleased?)

Claw - Jigsaw KIller

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Prometheus - ?

Hallucinogen - Pipeworm

Prometheus - Nerve Centre

Entheogenic - Kashmir Day Trip (the whole album actually)

Juno Reactor - Angel and Men (X-Dream rmx)

Prime Suspect - Synthetic Love

Cyberbabas - Vine Of Souls

1200 mics - Dances Between Worlds



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Hallucinogen & Lucas - Pipeworm

Vibrasphere - Tierra Azul

Vibrasphere - Late Winter Storms


first 3 to pop in my mind


then also maybe..


Entheogenic - Absphinx (the rest of the album is not as good imo)

Fuzzion - Distort and Discord ... also I C U.. Sound Surface




more to add:


Nuclear Ramjet - Folding Time

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So far I'd say my favourite tracks are


Tegma - I Wanna be a Robostar

1200 Micrograms - Dances Between Worlds

Subgardens – Listen To The Flowers Grow (Aes Dana Remix)

Cell – Floatation Retention

Kemic-Al - Forest Of The Impaled

Western Rebel Alliance - Falling

Androcell - Atmo-spheres

Shulman - OMG

S>Range – Another Theory (Big Deal Remix)




Hope there are more by the end of the year.

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My fav tracks so far


Greg on earth - Angelikshdwlnd

Celsung - Tri assasin dont die

Claw - Juracid

Horror place - A small pan.or aslide panic

Baba jelly - Zo la folasse

Audiopathik - Corrosive material

Danse macabre - Glombakkaboffdish

Procs - Big fat large snoring lamas

Metallaxis - Symbols & numbers

Hishiryo - Waxkiller

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I really like:


Derango - Oscilla

Danse Macabre - Glombakkaboffdish

Para Halu - Silencio

Para Halu - Flash Dance (rmx)

Hishiryo - S.A.N.

Mubali - Spacial Distortion

Derango - Mellan Mitten

Hallucinogenic Horses - The Stable of Hooves

Zikdrury - Joconta Stories (rmx)

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nice :rolleyes:B)


some tracks i enjoy so far this year...


Even 11 - Oblivion

Ka-Sol - Schlumpen/Just Another Riot

Atmos - Start Up

Derango - Oscilla/Mellan Mitten

Mubali & Xyla - Mechanophobia

Psycotacine & The Psyentist - Mysticly Spaced

Man Made Man - Motion Detector (eat static rmx)

Galaxy Madness - Parvati Cream

Vibrasphere - Sweet September/Morning Breeze

Tristan & Lucas - Porcupine

Sensient - Dissolve

Ace Ventura - R.I.S.E.

Deviant Species - Iophant


+ more..... B)

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Royksopp - What Else Is There (Interactive Rmx)




you mean, trentemoller remix?



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Guest Rezwalker

MFG-The world is a narrow bridge

S-range-Another theory

Electric universe-Science

Hallucinogen-Gamma goblins (Artha rmx)

Moby-Lift me up (Indra rmx)

Laughing buddha and Lucas-Binary bonanza

Dickster and Lucas-Living dangerously

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