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  1. My fav tracks so far Greg on earth - Angelikshdwlnd Celsung - Tri assasin dont die Claw - Juracid Horror place - A small pan.or aslide panic Baba jelly - Zo la folasse Audiopathik - Corrosive material Danse macabre - Glombakkaboffdish Procs - Big fat large snoring lamas Metallaxis - Symbols & numbers Hishiryo - Waxkiller
  2. Though Artificial soldier is awesome the best FLA album imo has 2 b Caustic grip. If u like FLA u should check out Skinny Puppy, Covenant, Ministry, Velvet Acid Christ, Numb.
  3. Ths has 2 b 1 0f the best night comps iv heard ths year, all the tracks hear are killers. The hishiryo track is awesome and the baphomet engine tracks are some of the best iv heard from thm so far. Ths is kabrathors debut comp and it sounds way better thn some comps of labels tht hav bn around 4 some time. If u like your night music deep, gritty and intense u hav 2 get ths. Great job guys cant wait 2 hear the next 1.
  4. kyuss(very psychedelic) neurosis type o negative melvins eyehategod sleep ministry(al jourgenson is fucking awesome) faith no more strapping young lad (killer stuff) just got the new tool album, its ok, not as good as the older stuff tho.
  5. Xenomorph Vs Psykovsky Derango Vs Duck off Ka Sol Vs Procs That would be cool
  6. Deep Mental Trauma-V/A (Nabi Recs) Up The Kabrathors-V/A (Kabrathor Recs) Trauma Trance-V/A (Mistress Of Evil Recs) Refused-V/A (Devils Mind Recs) Phenix-V/A (Phreex Networx) These are some recent comps that i found to be the most "sick" (hardcore) , if u like "sick" tunes u may like these.
  7. Cosmonaut

    v/a - Mechanophobia

    Just got this in the mail yesterday and after listening to it a few time's i hav to say this comp kicks some MAJOR ASS!! the Baba jelly track is AWESOME!! and the Vicious Alchemy,Mind Distortion System and Procs tracks are fucking AMAZING!. The rest of the tracks are killer 2, this is the best Trishula comp so far imo, cant wait to hear the next 1
  8. I'm not sayin that all goa trance and old music is boring, I like some old stuff like huxflux,droidsect,logic bomb,manmademan,talamasca,the infinity project,juno reactor and some of the first trance cd's i ever owned were koxbox-the great unknown and astral projection-another world and i still listen 2 them, I'm just sayin that i dont like some of it because imo its not as exciting and hardcore as the newer stuff.
  9. It's just that i dont like most of the older stuff that much. I find most of it boring imo compared to the newer more killer music that's out
  10. Older: Nocturne-V/A (Discovalley Recs) Fungus Funk-Cyber Fungus -Album- Azax syndrome vs Psychotic micro-Voices of madness (Parvati Recs) Parasense-Avangaro (Acidance Recs) Xenomorph-Qlippoth (Gnostic Recs) Newer: Derango-Tumult (Impsyde Media Recs) Ghreg on earth-Sigil weaver (Wirikuta Recs) Deep mental trauma-V/A (Nabi Recs) Para halu-World of peace (Parvati Recs) Refused-V/A (devils mind Recs) I'v not heard much of the older goa trance stuff since i'v just been in the psytrance scene for 3 years now
  11. Got these today: -V/A-Up The Kabrathors (Kabrathor Recs) -V/A-Mechanophobia (Trishula Recs) -Dominator project- Paranormal connection (Deja vu Recs) the kabrathor comp is KILLER!
  12. Cosmonaut

    Cosma - Simplicity

    "Simplicity" has a interesting story, quite emotional, involved for arabian vocals crossing the whole album and supply many amazing Moments, tought. Obviously it's not perfect, there are some less strong sides, maybe lack a bit more of "dynamic" [if you get what I mean...] However, looking to Cosma's age and taking the fact this was the first release, certainly I make no mistake if I say that his next work, promise to be even better. Special attention to Track 6 [cosmatic] with 3 truly impressive minutes [3.55-6.55]. A solid 8/10 as Final Sentence PLUR
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