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  1. I have a page dedicated to Psytrance now... Recreating some sets at home (live - one take - not programmed) that I performed live in the past... I write down my playlists often (good thing too!) https://www.mixcloud.com/Echo_Void_Darkpsy/
  2. I bet this is retro now... some inspirations to revisit the past... Darkpsy Session1 https://www.mixcloud.com/CaptainMissionRadioShow/darkpsy-sessions-01-with-echo-void-july-192020/ Darkpsy Session 2 https://www.mixcloud.com/CaptainMissionRadioShow/echo-void-darkpsy-sessions-2-20200816/ Darkpsy Sessions 3 https://www.mixcloud.com/CaptainMissionRadioShow/echo-void-darkpsy-sessions-3-aug-28-2020/
  3. ...substances have been replaced by qi gong... which is much more powerful and reliable...
  4. Freedom of speech doesn't mean what people think it means... it doesn't mean you can say whatever you want without consequence or censorship... there is no place on earth that practices that sort of thing...
  5. Something about them really fucks me up... I love it but it makes me dysfunctional... I need to be functional today, so resisted listening to the tracks in the thread...
  6. Good Stuff... I like it! Funky, non formulaic Goa - with good production. I am not sure it sounds like new music, but the production is quite good...
  7. Finished it... the last line was a big one... Now I am reading: Armando Torres - Encounters with Nagual
  8. I see that for some people the message that is ALREADY in psy / goa is over their heads... psy / goa is happy (+) politics is NOT happy (-) (+) x (-) = (-) I want to be happy(+) therefore I think psy and politics should not be mixed concept albums are fun though...
  9. Oh... I saw the headline without listening... Now that I have listened to some of the examples: I have heard this referred to as Hardcore Techno, I was never into it enough to seek out any artists... BUT Hellfish and Producer - Bastard Sonz of Rave is an amazing album: Here's the first track from it: http-~~-//youtu.be/pD6TygOcMkc Have to be in the right mood for it for sure... Parties for this style still happen in Toronto... rather underground still http://thenameisembryon.com/ In the audio section of the site are some dj sets - B7 used to be mindblowing This one is from this year: B7 - Ignition (hardcore) http-~~-//thenameisembryon.com/audio/B7%20-%20Ignition.mp3
  10. Squid Lid - Moustache Whacks (these guys are awesome live...)
  11. I agree with Rotwang and would like to add to it: Where energy is focused, energy builds up. If you focus the high energy of psytrance on politics and negative things, then the energy of those negative things grows... Psytrance DANCE is a return to primal roots. Would you address your political concerns into your rain dance? No. These things are not actually important and do not deserve the attention that such things receive by the population at large... I am sure your mental masturbation is meant with good intentions, but you aren't aware how important it is for positive energy to GROW for the sake of GROWING to make the world a better place. No matter how hard you try, putting more politics into politics will not make politics any less full of shit....
  12. That's pretty cool... I've added to my screen saver pics...
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