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  1. ok i need dark psy tracks such as delta-thing tim schuldt-evil payground rytm psy such etnica-v.c.o ,dino psaras, xdream-we interface vocal psy such as michael adamson and acid trance ok write some good and new trax plz ty
  2. i need some traxx with super duper bad evil bass such as delta-thing tim schuldt absurd and traxx with rythm such as etnica-vco (the best of the best)
  3. write here some vocal trax plz like we interface ty
  4. ULTARAVOICE - M1ND CONTROL Astrix - Day Dream (Mars Rmx) Royksopp - What Else Is There (Interactive Rmx) Solar Gliders - Rain Dance. Orbital Vibes - Rasta
  5. wright here your best 2006 psy traxxx
  6. i need 2005 traxs with good melodies any request?? i suggest gms vs bimbo-mozart
  7. which r your favorite psy trax for 2005 so far?????
  8. wts your best intro that is start gamiseta??for me tim schuldt-absurd sub6-methaminimal digital talk-abyss
  9. im lookink for tracks with good vocals(like gms-femenine,michele, bamboo-breath etc) and with good melodies(like beat hacker-elation station rmx etc) (not acid melodies ok?) any requests?? thanx
  10. tell me a track thatu r listening and u have a hair-raising for me i cant tell u sesto sento-dive to drive(gataka rmx) the last 3 minutes very creepy melodi
  11. bamboo forest-breath fly agaric-the finger electric universe-the prayer su6-7son listen and then tell me
  12. its not from psytrance but i HATE him A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT TIESTO
  13. do u have tracks which r familiar? 1.tortured brain-sweetdreams rmx 2.eskimo-voodoo people rmx 3.skazi-seek and destroy rmx 4.gms-juice
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