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  1. back in the day he used to make music as Parabhamandala (killargh proto-darkpsy), and then suddenly stopped as well. so perhaps he will emerge as something entirely new, again? would be sweet.
  2. did Mozart have a degree in composition? erm, i think not. i think both academic and hands-on experience as Colin OOOD's is the best kind of education.
  3. i can't stand this album.. guess not my cup of tea or something... though i love previous u-recken work.
  4. should be nice... Onnomon and Dylalien (Fractal Cowboys) will be playing on kgnu.org tonight. http://kgnu.org/ht/listencomp.html cheerio
  5. thanks, it was a blast playing there! i don't have a set list as i was just going with the flow, but i can try to remember some of the tracks later.
  6. The Goal Our goal is to inspire participation from promoters, clubs, artists, musicians and peace-lovers worldwide to dedicate one day to support humanitarian efforts and help unite people from all nations in a day of peaceful celebration and harmony. This year we are expanding the circle to include anyone interested in world peace. We are inviting artists, jewelers, craftsmen, and anyone that would like to sale their wares; we request that what you sell be handcrafted (the exception being prints of original art works). Psytrance Stage – powered by Jagged Sound Onnomon (Soular Records, Gaian Mind, Philadelphia) - live www.onnomon.com One of the premier Psytrance producers in the US, with a distinctive deep funky and intelligent sound. His 2004 album 'No Monno' has drawn wide acclaim. In the past 3 years, he has performed all over the US, as well as festivals in the UK, Israel, and Morocco. His new album will be released in the next few weeks. Deeper in Zen (Soular Records, SF) - live www.deeperinzen.com Deeper in Zen is producer James Brian, the founder of Soular Records. Deeper in Zen aspires to create music with a pure psychedelic intention. Always incorporating an aspect of spiritual transformation into the music, Deeper in Zen consistently seeks to channel intelligent infinity through the use of sound and vibration. Dylalien (Fractal Cowboys; Mistress of Evil, Manic Dragon, SF) – live/DJ Dylalien of the Fractal Cowboys will be dj'ing songs beamed from the peaceful planet, Zorbach, to help in the Earth day Festival. He will do this on 23 decks, two of which will be three dimensional... Live painting by David Hale (Athens, GA) www.davidhale.org also playing.. Allen (Gaian Mind, Philadelphia/Florida) Amoeba Funk (Metameme, Denver) - live BuddhaBomb (KGNU Electronic Air) Chevy (Taos, NM) DMTree (Jagged Sound) E.L.F. Arrow (SpaceDub) Kriya (Psygnosis) Micromusic (Onetribe, Denver) - live Mukti (Psygnosis) Psylens (Metameme) Psydway (Jagged Sound) Parallax (Jagged Sound) Schmid-E (Wacky Shack) Solomoon (Metameme) Sevin (Mind Temple) Techno, Breaks, and Live stage Aphelion - live electronic improvisation Bean 5000 (Taos, NM) – dnb Equality (Communikey, Dope Recordings) – techno Hi Octane (Onetribe) – techno Cephalopod (Larimer St. Collective) – live PA Noah (Metameme) – eclectic techno live PA Justin George (Family Productions, Albuquerque) – house Isatope (Wacky Shack) – breaks Mikey Fisher (Family Productions) – breaks Milk (House of Lotus, SkyJuice) – breaks Octopus Nebula - live Panther - breaks Technic-9 – breaks/dnb Sacred Science – DJ Saxton w/MC Scottrohedron Sablazo (Taos, NM) - breaks Smark A Myth (smarkamyth.net) - breaks Chillout by SpaceDub Psilicon, e.Lan, & Pixylight (SpaceDub) – live Audio-Visual performance Baal (Wacky Shack) – IDM Blue Lotus (Sephiroth Dance, Space Dub) – psy-chillout Eyeamone - ambient Jakob (Metameme) – ambient Nemo – IDM Raja (Familymoons.com) – downtempo Ruben - downtempo Wayne Winters - IDM Yertle (Onetribe) – IDM ..and more VJ Pixylight (SpaceDub) VJ Archetype (SpaceDub) ..and others Futuristic Art Installations Visionary Art also 'How `Bout Now' drum&fire troupe (Crestone, CO) Workshops: Tribal Evolutionary Drum Camp - hosted by Jopa Sacred Geometry – hosted by Boo Yoga – hosted by Asiana Ethnobotany Aromatherapy Fire Dancing …and more Vendors – jewelry, art, prints, etc. If you would like to give a workshop or setup a vending booth, please email sagepersephone@... Beautiful, legal & permitted outdoor location ~1.5 hours from Denver. Please see website for location info. www.onetribeproductions.org Healthy food cooked on-site. Meal plans available. $20 in advance, $30 @ the gate Tickets out at Herbs and Arts in Denver - 2015 E. Colfax For Boulder ticket sales, please email bb at buddhabomb dot net or windowing at yahoo dot com. Crestone outlet TBA You can purchase tickets online here: www.jambasetickets.com/evinfo.php More info on www.onetribeproductions.org
  7. erm, it was played at a moderate 156 bpm that particular night. also i've heard it played before at the full 160, and danced like crazy.
  8. I'd be curious to hear the new OSOM live set... i guess they played in Japan last month, i am told it was epic.
  9. I heard the Boom fest story from Quasar himself - he said some idiot ran up to the stage near the beginning of his set and said he 'wanted to play a little' - i guess he was able to tweak some stuff in the controller before the security got to him, and it fucked up Quasar's soundcard - he played a live set in the US the following weekend and he had to borrow Mubali's soundcard because his was constantly clipping. back on topic - i think it's a very nice album, it's not 'dark psy', it's more twisted fast psychedelia. honestly i prefer his other alter ego (with Dylalien) - The Fractal Cowboys, their live set is just fucking unbelievable. album should be coming soon...
  10. fractal cowboys and penta lives were the best for me. dunno about the worst, i just walk away from the dancefloor and block it out.
  11. i could see how this could be really good in the late morning/afternoon. just what the doctor ordered.
  12. the Hyper Frequencies track is really nice here.. quite unexpectedly, I might add. also the Shotu and Jahbo vs. Shotu tracks are solid, as usual.
  13. Gappeq rocks!! can't wait for more music from this guy..
  14. Infected Mushroom vs. Madonna - Menage Trois (Poolside Rmx) - Unr. Killarghhhhh!!!!
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