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Pleiadians - Family Of Light


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I have recently discovered this album, after having tryed get into the IFO album for some years i have recently really started to like Maia track + Asterope on IFO, so then i wanted to see what this FOL album was all about, and since i didnt have any real expectations i was really surprised by how good this album is, fav tracks: Modulation, Head Spin, Seven Sisters, Moon In Your Window.


Lots of nice details, the drum programming is really cool.. very playful.

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I don't believe that most of the replies here don't add the Family Of Light track in the best of this album.

No offence guys but you need to clean your ears! :D


Family Of Light is the most intelligent, psychedelic and alien track ever made! And this goa melody...OMG!

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2. Universe 13 C

Usually agree with you on everything but, here, I respectfully disagree. I think Universe 13 is a fantastic track. I see little details everywhere and the ambience is so alien that it makes me wonder where in the universe did the Pleiadians make this - Universe 13 perhaps? tongue.gif

Whatever is the case, its a very story-telling track.


I think this album is in the top tier what goatrance achieved in the 90's, up there with the other classics like Shakta - Silicon Trip, Hallucinogen - Twisted, Crop Circle - Tetrahedron and I.F.O. It's impossible to deny that. I think F.O.L. just got more crap than usually because it was the follow up of the most beloved album in the whole Goa-trance history and didn't completely live up to the hype/name because the style changed a little.


Edit: I need to add some of these basslines are so cool. They aren't typical hitting basslines, but dimm and dark that just make the atmosphere that much more darker. Moon In Your Window is just amazing here, the way it rolls and revs like an engine. So cool.

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I don't like it. Although, tbh, Asterope is the only track from IFO that I still listen to. I guess the sound must be getting a bit dated.


Off topic: what is up with Jon Cocco's out-of-character comments in 2001? I guess it was more than 10 years ago...

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I like this album but disagree with the choice of the tracklist, Head Spin is full power and launches the album, Universe 13 just follows and is the quietest track of the album (Seven sisters excluded).

I would have liked better this way:

1.Universe 13


3.Head Spin

for a progressive climax, then the rest. I don't care for Moon in your window and the vocal sample gets tiring (even worst in the 2015 IFO edition).

Favorite track: Modulation, maybe the most accomplished track produced by Pleiadians, and to me the most interesting.

Seven Sisters is great but I would do without the 4x4 kick part. Family of light is brilliant.

Universe 13 is not that bad but like I said, it would have been better if it was the opener of the album IMO.

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I guess this album is what Prince referred to with ”So tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1999”

At the turn of the millenium there were some really solid Goa Trance albums churned out. We had Astral Projection’s Another World, as well Miranda’s Northern Lights, to name some of the most memorable. Each improving on their formulas as we approached the millenial shift. And the Pleiadians were no exeption in this regard. They managed to follow up on their hugely popular I.F.O album, further developing and exploring these space themes. Which is no small task, considering that I.F.O was a solid album througout.

This album has an overall darker enigmatic sound. And I find this album to be captivating, it has a lot of details and variation to keep the listener engaged. The title track Family of Light track is by far my favourite. It has a super playful drum track programming. Which is very fast and dynamic rhytmically. And is sure to make your feet move, whether you want it or not. 

The tracks on offer work really well in a DJ-Set or playlist with the UX-Ultimate Experience album. And MFG-Project Genesis. Danceability is certainly one of this albums strongest points. With one track spanning around 15 minutes, which might not always work for home listening. Because it’s intense! :D On the dancefloor though, I would be zig-zagging around like Skinny Bob in his flying saucer.

I sometimes wonder if the Pleiadians group found any inspiration in the New Age Channeling books of the 90’s. Such as Barbara Marciniak’s Family of Light: Pleiadian Tales and Lessons in Living, released in 1998. And her 1992 book Bringers of The Dawn: Teachings From The Pleiadians. :) They atleast have the same inspired, and epic cosmic themes going. 

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