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Pleiadians - Family Of Light


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Pleiadians - Family Of Light


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Artist: Pleiadians

Title: Family Of Light

Label: Dragonfly

Date: 1999


Track listing:


01. 08'11" Head Spin

02. 10'33" Universe 13

03. 16'49" Modulation

04. 07'09" Meter

05. 07'35" Family Of Light

06. 08'04" Moon In Your Window

07. 15'51" Seven Sisters




VERY DISAPPOINTED !!! I would never think Pleadians could make such an album

after their fantastic IFO album !!!

Most of the tracks don't seem to be Goa ... Track 1 is pretty good, Track 7

(more Ambient than Goa Track) is good, but other tracks are poor and

repetitive ...

I don't like Tracks 2 and 3 at all :-(

Rating : 3.5/10

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Guest ChrisdeeACiD

I don´t think I will agree with your opinion about this album though.. I think

it´s very very good actually! It begins with Head Spin, OH MY GOD! was my

first reaction.. so very Full on and great melodies with psychedelia in it

too. Universe 13 though is one of the weakest tracks here.. Repetitive and

boring all the way.. Modulation is one of the better ones here. It keeps on

goin till 10 minutes when it looses it´s tempo.. and suddenly when you´re not

aware of what´s happening it comes back and blows you mind with extreeeeem

poweer!! just fantastic! Meter is the following track wich also is extreemly

good with some very heavy bass drumms and basslines.. great! Family of light

is a bit poor though... doesn´t really fit in I think. Moon In your window is

another well done track with heavy bass drumms and ACiD sounds.. Finally..

Seven sisters. This one´s a bit slower than the other but works fine to me

even though I don´t like the slower goatrance.. I didn't really ex

pect another "gods work" from Pleiadians after such a good work with IFO ....

But they´ve convinced me that they really are the best group! 9/10

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Guest Stathis_gti

Yes.I thing this is a great album too.I didnt particularly like track 1

(headspin).Its fast ok with nice melodies but something is wrong.Modulator

(3)is the best track in this album.Fantastic!Even though it is 16!! minutes

exceptional all way long.Moon in your window is a good track too but i HATE

the vocal.About the last track i expected something better.I like slow tracks

but this one was a bad one. 8.5/10

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Almost as good as IFO, in my opinion. Very psychedelic music. I like a lot the

ambient track Seven Sisters, and my favorite is Family of Light, with an

incredible sound.

Pleiadians/Etnica is really one of the best goa group.

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Guest Psylent Buddhi

Not as good as IFO. but still a lot better than most of the modern,

minimalistic releases! I like all tracks except "Seven Sisters". The

arrangement of the track is to put it mildly ODD! It could have been without

all those acid-sounds in the middle of the track! Besides that, another

must-have album from the Pleiadians. P.L.U R. Psylent Buddhi

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Guest Tequila

Really excellent.The group Etnica/Pleiadians is one of the best.The tracks are

great, the melodies original, and this CD reveals in me some kind of a new

dancing energy.nearly as good as IFO or Alien Protein.

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Guest [Anonymous]

I don't really get it. Some of the tracks here are too long with some good

parts and crapy parts bound together. I do like tracks 1 and 4 a lot though,

and track 7 is not bad.

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Guest cosmica[at]goatrance[dot]com

i'm asking if you really love psychedelic hehehehe. For me FAmily of light is

my best album... I did not listen to the firt of Pleiadians but this one is so

space.... MODULATION is my favorite but SeveN SiSteRs can bring me in trance,

so that's really nice!


Trance on all!

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Guest vm[at]alphatrance[dot]org

Am I the only one who likes "Family of Light" more than "IFO."? The key to

this album is playing it outdoors and playing it LOUD. And not only loud, but

on a good sound system, so you can actually hear how intricate and subtle this

music is. Sure, it's not really your plain old "goa" trance, but who cares

about that in 2000, anyway? :-) It's got better mixing and production, more

thought-out melodies and more complex arrangements, more diverse use of

instruments and samples. One disappointing thing about the album is the

absense of flow: while there is a definite attempt to arrange tracks in a

logical order, it somehow loses the flow in the beginning and never really

picks up again. I cannot name a single bad track on this album, but my

absolute favourites are the full-on "Headspin", the epic "Modulation" and the

eerie beautiful "Seven Sisters".

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Guest phase[at]mnet.ne[dot]jp

I really enjoy this album a lot! I like it more than

Alein Protein, and a little less than IFO. The bass-lines

are wicked, the new use of samples works well,

and I am overall very impressed. It has been playing

non-stop on my system sice I got it. I admit I am very partial to the

Etnica/Pleiadians style, but I think the

this music is intricate, tightly-designed, and

truly HEADSPINningly powerful. Thank you !!!!!!

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Guest Young

its true, in order to hear all the sounds to begin with, u should hear it on a

good soundsystem at a party (even better if the muzikmakers play it

themselves-possibly live!)... and then once u have that taken care of, enjoy

the space-psychedelia of one of the best groups psytrance will ever have ;)

meter is my favorite, very stylish, family of light very tropical yet spacey,

and moon in ur window is just wikked... seven sisters is a pleasant soother

which is not an ambient tune trying to be another one of those

"all-religions-slapped-together" trax, it's from another planet ;-))))

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Guest ChrisdeeACiD

Hmm.. I just have to comment "Headspin" again cause it's unbelievable how

anyone manage to create such track like that. My friend borrowed my x of this

CD and I got it back from him today after 4 weeks. I came home from school,

put on the cd and I got HypNoTiZeD while my skin got tight and I fell in love

once again!! = ) Amaaazzzing

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Guest a_ozi

comme ci comme ca.... sorry this only gets 6/10 from me. Track 1, 3 and first

half of 7 do it 4 me, while the rest seems a little dated or cliche or

something. Not as good as IFO composition wise but with better percussion,

production and soundfx.

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Guest kim.gavlestam[at]home[dot]se

This is great stuff from the masters Max Lanfranconi, Maurizio and Andrea Rizzo

(also Etnica, Crop Circles). If you've heard them before you know they are

talented. There are no bad tracks on this album. Although T.2, Universe 13 is

not really topnotch like the rest. This album differs some from their previous

(and first) album IFO, more sounds, more complex layering, better drum

programming. Although I have to say I like the previous album better, not much

but it had ALL tracks topnotch. Anyway, you shouldn't miss this album!

Rating: 9/10

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Guest Kvin2000

In the beginning I didn't like it all and the CD just lay in my room with no

use. Not long ago I've cleaned the dust off its cover and and decided to give

it another try. This time I liked it a lot better. Very spacey release. It

still not my favorite though (lacks hard solid bass I think) so overall 7/10.

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Guest X - Dreamer in NYC

I don't understand not everything has to be GOA to be great. So what if it

doesn't sound Goa this album is the bomb track 4 is amazing. Great album from

start to finish. 10/10

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Guest dj_avion[at]hotmail[dot]com

Don't like it. 'Modulation' and 'Moon in your window' are pretty wicked but

'Family of Light' and 'Meter' are terribly cheesy. There are good parts in

most of the tunes but they all seem to be ruined by some sought of cheesy


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Guest Ehsanur

Ahhhh.My head is spinning!

No matter

what people want to lable it,its brilliant music alright.

The whole cd is just a fucking danceparty,under the

psychedelic sky.....it begins with HEADSPIN. What is there to say? If this

isn't Goa,then I do not like Goa at all

...hehehe I think Pleiadians are great (better than as Etnica) and this cd is

so full of good melodies,cool

breaks,heavy bass and drums and some wicked noizes.

I start to dance everytime someone plays full-on tracks like Meter,Moon in your

Window,Modulation or Family of Light. Ok,Unverse 13 is the downpart of the

album,but the whole cd is too great to be jugded by just one song.

And oh...yes,I forgot to mention Seven Sisters,a beautiful ambient track. I

just love the synths.....oooo

What can I say? Ten fat joints out of ten fat joints!!!!

10/10.......Bom Shankar! and dont stop using chillum ;-)




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Guest SpaceCowboy2002[at]hotmail[dot]c

One of the most anticipated goatrance albums of all time has finally arrived,

but be warned, it may not be quite what you were expecting. There is a lot of

variation in the extraneous noise, but it is severely lacking in the melodic

musical department, for there is rarely more than 3 notes of variation in the

melody. At times, it manages to vaguely resemble what we liked so much about

IFO., but it seems to be missing that extra oomph to take it to the next

level. Much of it is cluttered with attempts to build complexity that miss

the mark, and do not denote any significant talent. Also, it has at times a

very choppy and abrupt feel. If you like blips, bleeps, pops, and squeaks,

this album is for you. If you like smooth flowing melodic trance with plenty

of grooves, you may want to look elsewhere. Overall, not a bad album, but a

bit of a let down from the highly acclaimed all-star Pleiadians. 7 out of 10.

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Guest Antic

I couldn?t get it on CD yet but I heard it on mp3?s (thx Gizmo!) and I really

like it. Maybe it?s not this type of music, that will grab you immediately at

the first listen but it will surely grow on you. It?s very complex with many

layers and interesting arrangement. Though it?s sad that they use the same

samples and ideas through all the songs, so it gets boring after a while. I

wonder why didn?t anybody noticed that these songs are very similar to the

ones on Etnica?s Equator (especially to Vibra and History) ? do you really

hate it so much that you don?t listen to it at all? They?re maybe more

dancefloor-oriented as Pleiadians, but as Etnica they show their other, more

chilled out side (?ethnical? I think ? see Patricia? our happy!) and those two

albums really fit great together ? they should release it as a double CD! The

other thing I wanted to say is that I apparently seem to like other tunes than

everybody else ? I don?t see nothing special in Modulation (the first melody,

which luckily lasts only few seconds, pisses me off and ruins the whole

track!) and the melody in Headspin is too loud, messy and not so very

interesting or uplifting. In my opinion far better are Family of Light, Meter

or Moon In Your Window but it may change when I?ll buy the CD ? I erased the

mp3?s from my HD (not because I don?t like the format or I think it decreases

quality, but because I prefer CDs and want to pay artists for their job!). I

hope it will be soon. As for now it gets strong 6/10

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Guest ir0nm0nk3y

Great Album. As good as IFO but, with more variety in sound. It is definitely

something that needs to be listened to loud but, then I can say that for all

my trance.

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Guest Ravemail10



Almost as good as IFO. If one bad thing could have been said about IFO is that

it is all one, really-high-pitched note. This is varied but not

minimalistic(heaven forbid, when pleiadians go minimal i will go buy a britney

spears album). The longer tracks are difficult to get into, but after 3

listens i really love modulation. The absolute best track is Moon in your

Window! Very different from IFO style, tingling with acid lines :-)


BTW you guys really should listen to their 2 new tracks:

Jungle Trax,

Zeta Reticuli Lazy Spiral Remix

especially the remix, kicks hard


this album gets 10/10 on my weird-shit-o-meter, where IFO gets 11/10 :-)




- Raven

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