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Pleiadians - Family Of Light


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Guest karmana_loic[at]yahoo[dot]fr

I'm a big fan of Trance-Goa and I'm trance musician . I'd never listen here. I

belived that Pleiadians is a trance-group from Israël but not: italians? And I

don't know that Etnica is the same group.It very good! This album is very good

because I like their style (the sound bass drum is excellent and original)and

I like a lot Meter but my prefer song from the group is Zeta Reticuli (I

discovered in 1997). The acid sounds is good and hard. If you must to buy a

goa-album, Family of Light is a "reference" (better than Etnica's album).I

hope that the next album will be better.

Note for this album 9,5/10

If you are trance-musician or a Goa-fan, contact me...

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like most of the follow-up albums, this has much better quality production but

less character than its predecessor. i like it more than i.f.o. though,

because it sounds deeper (see my i.f.o. review). "modulation" is a great

track, but maybe stretched out a bit too long. "head spin", "family of light",

and the last 2 tracks are also good. i by far prefer the "pleadians" stuff

from the italians to their "etnica" stuff, altough i've heard the newly

released etnica singles kick a lot of ass; we'll see =). 7/10 for this album

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Guest wesker[at]micanet[dot]it

I always thought i.f.o. was one of the best psychedelic cds ever...I can't say

the same for this one...it's an

anthology of old 12" tracks (1996/97) plus three new tracks, and only two of

them seem to be 1999 tracks(the last two). However I like it...having those

old tracks all on cd is good for me(I liked them at the time and I like to

listen to them now sometimes) and the two new tracks are really great...I hope

pleiadians'll do a whole

"moon in your window" style cd...it will be a great one!!!

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Guest Ehsanur

Am I the ONLY ONE who thinks that Headspin is the greatest track, regardless of

genres,that was made in 1999???????? (I still don't get those who are

critizing this album. Fuck that! )


Bom Shankar-Eshanti Brahman

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Guest Peterpajas[at]hotmail[dot]com

U might Think it Ok after a few songs but then it just gets on your nerVs Its

just to anoying and u get tired of the sounds. Listen to the Album then u

realise that there so mutch better trance out there 4/10

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  • 3 weeks later...

great cd, better than i.f.o in my oppinion. has a monstertrack called

'modulation'. this cd is worth the money just for this track. 'headspin' and

'moon in your window' are also two great tracks. 7.5/10

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  • 5 weeks later...

Brilliant work, just like their first album. This sounds different, but just as

good. One remarkable difference is power of the kickdrum used. Most of the

tracks have very hard kick and bassline (especially meter and headspin), just

the opposite from the first IFO album, which had quite light low freqs. This

sounds harder in bass, but not always as strong in melodies etc. Anyways, all

the tracks are great excluding track 2, which I don't find that interesting.

10/10 for this one too. Perfect work.

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Guest Per Sterud

Headspin and Meter are frickin' awesome tracks, but the rest is a little

abstract for my tastes, especially when I.F.O. was so accessible had

masterfully artistic at the same time, traits I found lacking in Family of


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Guest Ravemail10

Ah yes, we come to the best goa album ever made. With this i am finally

convinced that goa is divided into 2 groups - the pleiadians and everyone

else. Yes i have listened to all IM cds, to all Hallucinogen cds, to all

X-Dream cds, and my opinion still stands. Very intelligent, more mature than

IFO. Still melodic though. This cd actually grows on you, where you get IFO

almost immediately. 101/10 See my IFO review. Bom! - Raven

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Guest Isra-Alien

I don't have IFO, but this one is excellent, fantastic melodies. My fav tracks

are 1,3,7, but also all the rest (except #2, which I really don't like) are

great - Headspin is just brilliant: fast and wicked; The first 10 minutes of

Modulation are great , but the thing that make it so good is what happens

after it...; and Seven Sisters... shit that's good!!! Reminds me Hell's

Kitchen... Overall 8.5/10

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Guest *{(~'~)}* y0ung

in my opinion mAx & mAuri at present are making muzik that can be described in

three ways : 1)they make muzik that is reminiscent of the older 'Goa-trance'

style because they were there since the beginning (history, trip tonite rmx,

hells kitchen, simulate the future, BMV), 2)they make muzik that is modern

(more teknoid, darker, less melodies, entheo-sonik kicks etc.) and at times

ahead of its time (polar ep and andromeda ep, coming soon rmx,

casablanca&trueprotosswarrior), and finally 3)their muzik grows on the

listener's ear and thats a pleasant process ;) Most of their muzik's aspects

excell: kick drum is a rubbery, tennis-ball sounding, low-pitch gms (but

better) that when heard on a powerful soundsystem makes u 'realize' ;) their

percussions are refined, much subtler than for example x-dream and at times so

effective in their simplicity (scorching combinationz of cymbalz&hihats)...

their melodies can be both blatant and refined for their subtlety. maybe the

samples are a bit cheezy (history) but some are mindboggling (vimana, simulate

the future). i think this pleiadian album wasnt liked much because it was

released *much* later than it was supposed to, i'm sure the next pleiadian

releases will satisfy ;) *s0nik-b0m!*

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Guest Per Sterud

I need to change my earlier opinion - a month and a half and a few listens

later. Some albums take a little time to grow on one. This one took a lot of

time, but has turned out to be really quite an amazing album from beginning to

end. The only thing that still bugs me a little is some pretty obvious melodic

dissonance on Seven Sisters, the last "ambient" track, which adds a little

cringe factor.

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Guest smokeBuddha

Sorry, but this is not a good album. The only decent track is Modulation, and

even it is not very good. This may seem critical, but all the tracks had the

exact same damn sound to them, what's the point? 2/10

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i have had this album for 18 mnths now, and it wont grow anymore on me... it

did get up to 6/10 for a while (the kick and bass and low end frequencies),

but too many half baked efforts on this that are ruined by some sound or

mediocre melody, or else just too busy... it doesnt get a red rating from

me... xcept for headspin ...00000OOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo

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  • 1 month later...

Little update to my review : this is amazing, much better than IFO. Better

drums programing and production. Also Modulation is one of the best track ever

with a very full sound : Close your eyes you think are in a jungle. 9/10

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Guest Ehsanur

Oki,one and a half year later: Sounds not that fantastic as it did in the

beginning but still, very good!


Flower power .....booya!


Eshanti Brahman

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Guest heierli[at]library.ethz[dot]ch

This is my absolute favourite CD. I heard this work 40 or 50 times in the first

month and it was no time boring. The tracks are so different and abstract; 5

or 6 (or more) melodies on the same time. That's wonderful. The melodies are

very psychedelic and deep (it's how a spiral who get's deeper and deeper), for

me, this is perfect sound. There are no boring tracks on this cd. My

favourites are head spin, modulation and family of light. The ambient track

seven sisters is also very good. I think that this cd is a masterpiece par

exellence. Max, Maurizio and Andrea (from Milan) are genius. I can't live

without this sound, it makes me happy all times. 10/10 (Greetings from


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Excuse me people, if Pleiadians is so good as you all say it is, then what the
hell is Universe 13?! That has got to be the worse piece of shit I've ever
heard in my entire life! For those of you who own this, and for those
interested in buying Family of Light, take into account that one bad track on
Pleiadians is quite a chunk of the cd. However, I cannot deny that I was very
impressed with Head Spin. On the other hand, Modulation and Seven Sisters would
have been a lot better if they ended a couple of minutes shorter. Modulation
sounds like two completely separate songs pasted together. Although Modulation
is one of the high points on this cd, the excessive running time damages the
quality of this track. Most people don't have patience for tracks that are
fifteen minutes along unless they are amazing-which, while this cool, it is
not amazing. In conclusion, I respect that nothing is perfect, but I can't
respect the shitty elements that damage the quality of Pleidians. 7/10 without
Uviverse 13: 5/10 with it.


2016 Update: Boy I sounded harsh back then. Calling anything "shit" that the Pleiadians made is pretty low. Besides still digging Head Spin and not being in love with Universe 13 to date (my girlfriend likes it and some of you), I disagree with what I wrote back in 2001. I love Modulation the way it is, even with the fake-out (if you would call it that) ending that adds yet another terrific, completely unique and creative segment/finale. Sure Seven Sisters could have ended after the uptempo segment or even before it, but there's something more Pleiadian-esque about their decision to vary it up more. Their approach to bring the uptempo (second act) back down to ambient (third act) is poignant and harmonious. There's something special about the peaceful, ambient conclusion/epilogue of the song. I really like and accept it just the way it is.


It's interesting to see how perspectives change overtime.

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This album rules as much as IFO. Before I bought it, I read a

couple of reviews here that said it sucks, but I knew that Pleiadians wouldn't

never let me down :) This is absolutely incredible psychedelic trance. The

sound quality is great, it's truly a joy to listen to this.. Especially the 17

minute long track modulation is awesome! My favourites: 1,3,5 & 6. Rating 9/10.

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Well, one thing's for sure: Pleiedians style has evolved... but not in the way

I would have liked it to... The melodies are a lot more subtile and repetitive

than IFO. No more feeling like a hurricane is going over your head with this

one... unless you have a 500W speaker system. I guess a lot of guys out there

do have one, that's why they like it. I don't. 4/10 for some effort in the

more ambient tracks.

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Guest Diepeveen

Clearly not as good as IFO, but still a nice album... Best tracks must be

1,3,6,7... The other tracks aren't special... Not outstanding, but good none

the less - 7/10

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