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Pleiadians - Family Of Light


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Head Spin is excellent. 10/10 for that song.

The song Family Of Light, is absolutly beyond! It made me drive 130mph in my
fathers Benz S420. I was pissed that it was electronically limeted to 130mph..
I was so fucking pissed it wouldn't do 160 that I had to think of how amazing
the song was, to take my mind off the slow ass, mother fucking 130mph. I can
get out and RUN faster then this. Unfortunatly, there are NO other tracks on
this cd that come close to the two songs I mentioned. Universe 13 sucks
extreme cunt. Modulation is too drawn out, like my cock. Meter sucked so bad,
I can't even remember it. Moon In Your Window had the most annoying voices,
followed by such annoying screechy, acid sounds. Last of all, Seven Sisters is
way to long and drawn out. It should have ended sooner, kind of like
Modulation. I hope that Pleiadians next cd is more like I.F.O. but with
greater complexity and intricate layers, like in tracks like Family Of Light
and Head Spin. I can't buy a cd with only 2 awesome tracks, because the poor
one's ruin the impression of the whole. Please learn from this cd, so you know
what not to do in the future.


2016 Update - Okay Eminem of Psynews. Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed that morning. Jeez!

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I have to correct something in my review above. The song that I was driving
130mph to, was not Family of Light. It was Asterope on I.F.O. How I confused
Asterope with Family of Light is beyond me, because the song Family of Light
has those monster growling sounds. Reminds me of my dog when he's constipated.
Asterope, on the other hand is fucking
beautiful-delicious-incredible-genious-amazing-awesome-pure woe. The only
excellent song on this cd is Head Spin.


2016 Update - We'll we can agree on Asterope being superb. Head Spin is not the only excellent song on Family of Light you self-centered, lacking in consciousness, unhappy little human being.

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Guest Quetzalgoatl

The only track that reaches the same level as IFO is 'Meter'. The rest is

pretty forgettable. Definately a different style than IFO

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Guest Acidhive

This one is just clearly a great piece of work. Some people like to evolve, also in

music styles, and the Pleiadians did a great job on this cd..

IFO was great, but not very varied. This one however, has those great uplifting

songs, but also some songs in a somewhat different style. Although the full-on

songs are the best on this album, the other songs are also very good... Seven

Sisters for example is just great!

So, before shouting all that crap like: IFO was waaayy better, some of you guys

should learn to listen...

I'm giving this 8,5/10 !! And IMO Modulation is the best!

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Guest Swede Indeed

Yepp, super-cd! But don't expect IFO. This is deeper and harder. Head spin is a

real Mind blower. Listen loud at 3:42 (...make my head spin BOOM BOOM BOOM

BOOM) To bad that none of the tracks get back on track again. It's like one

big blow and then they just keeps on like before and ends leaving you wanting

more. Universe 13 is a bad track (well, less good), tried to listen to and

understand it but nope, I usually skip it to go to Modulation! Very good

track. A bit long though with no real blow in the last 9! minutes. Meter is

almost perfect. Nice bass folowing the melody. Real oriental vibes here!

Family of light is good too. To bad that the awsome awsome awsome melody at

4:11 is so short and doesn't come back. Moon in your window is Ok and Seven

sisters is great! Slow ambient track with beautiful sweepsynths and a up-tempo

groove in the second half. Very great! (?) This is a 10/10 album and I like it

as much as IFO.

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Guest n0n[at]gmx[dot]net

i'll get my head spining allright... just need my friend to bring the cd back!

now! :)

thats cd so great... what a production, wow, i got it on mp3 also, in a 192Kb

and you can really feel the different with this album, like, on the mp3 all

the high sounds are just missing, and, well, that cd is good. thats it.

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AMAZING ALBUM !!!! I can't believe when I see people saying that this is bad or worse album than IFO, okay, it is slightly weaker but it is still fukkin great ! I like their cosmic, tranced out style...these guys are surely aware of their talent and it shows...


This album is the ultimate cyberdelic melodic bliss. I like all of tracks except UNIVERSE 13 and MODULATION, METER, HEAD SPIN and SEVEN SISTERS are truly fenomenal...10/10

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Guest martin_m[at]marihuana[dot]com

Pleiadians rule.ifo is the top of psy music and can not be

overuled.this is a preety good album.head spin,modulation&moon in your window

are exelent but the other track's are preety good,don't let me say that are

overwhelming................exelent album......no dough.this and ifo are

pearls in my collection.great work EXELENT 10/10

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It sounds a little dated (Not too much!) Modulations is just something else!!!

I really wanted IFO just from the reputation of overbearing high melodies

interweaving. Wish me luck in finding it!!!

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Guest niels_knigge[at]ofir[dot]dk

Clearly It doesn't reach the heights of I.F.O.

I find most tracks mediocre to good, except for track 2 and 7. Track 3 is very

long BUT good, track 7 is very long AND Bad. Best track must be 3 or 6.



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Guest jaaaaaaaay


Children above. Headspin is an amazing track, but everything else is too

screechy and repetitive!!! After track 1, with partial exception to T3, the

album becomes pure shit, or it is too repetitive and hard for most people to


THE CLASSIC I.F.O. in YOUR NEXT ALBUM!!! I.F.O. was amazing, Family Of Light

is NOT, and I wish I could say better.

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Guest DJMikeM

Not very good in my opinion, It's like they just wanted to put out an album and

not really look into depth of the music. Very boring and blah, would'nt

recomend it, but IFO was defanatley way better. In IFO it sounded like they

had a passion for the music, now it sounds commercial blah.

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Guest raceofrobots[at]hotmail[dot]com

The best album Ive ever heard . Amazeing work with the synth ,And

some of the best perrcusion Ive ever heard , You wanna know what Goa is this

is Goa ,Doesn't get much better than this ."Seven Sisters" Holy shit I tingle

every time I hear it .

Definitly 10/10

Every track just as good as the next.

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Guest clark_303

I didn't think this would be as good as I.F.O. at first but it is. And how is

this commercial? And why should Pleiadians just copy I.F.O.? Shouldn't they

evolve too? This isn't as melodic as I.F.O. but has more technoish sounds and

beats and is also better produced. Most songs are really dark and hit you

really hard. Modulation is probably the most powerful psy-trance track I've

heard. All songs are still filled with cosmic melodies and mindbending

atmosphere. Family of Light is my favorite track but every other track is

great too. Get this is you like psy-trance at all. -Clargoa

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I thought that this was much better than IFO. IFO was quality of course but my feelings just got much more into this one.

headspin starts us off with a nbrilliant goa track, lots of rhythm and acid.

Modulation modulates perfectly

Meter is as good today as when I first heard it, top class!

Moon in your Window I just can't find words for and then we finish with

Seven Sisters. a superb chilled out track.

With a 10, 14:30 & a 15 minute track on this album you know the quality is going to be pretty good and this album doesn't disapoint.

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Dragonfly Records

Update 2008
Update 2012
Update - February, 2016

01. 08'11" Head Spin
02. 10'33" Universe 13
03. 16'49" Modulation
04. 07'09" Meter
05. 07'35" Family Of Light
06. 08'04" Moon In Your Window
07. 15'51" Seven Sisters

My perspective of this album has changed in retrospect, though I still find it inferior to I.F.O. There is some amazing work on it.

When I first heard this album back in 2001, I didn't like it very much. I noticed the style had changed to being less melodic, elaborate, and intergalactic compared to I.F.O. I found less involved arrangement among melodies and the track Universe 13 I felt was unimaginative, uneventful, uninteresting, boring, and lazy...in need of more drafts, refining, or a stronger track in place of it. Meter's synth work (later on after the awesome opening two minutes) I found distracting. The signature Ka-Ka-Krrr FX in Family of Light was distracting to me and (also I found) Moon In Your Window too screechy and the voice sample unnecessary. Suffice to say, I feel similar today in 2016 regarding every criticism, though I don't find anything too screechy about Moon In Your Window. One thing that's changed is my tone and appreciation. I.F.O. was a milestone in Goa when it first released, and I was comparing the follow up to it as opposed to enjoying Family of Light for what it was. I think it's understandable that when a group releases what many consider the MAGNUM OPUS of Goa-Trance, expectations are high. While I still notice things I don't care for regarding several of the tracks, I've gained so much insight over the years like many of you. My perspective has expanded. Consciousness has expanded. There is some really wonderful here, though at times I feel a mixed bag. The positive far out weighs the negative. As opposed to focusing on what this album lacks compared to I.F.O., I'd rather look at it more broadly, objectively in the sense I'm not comparing it to I.F.O. so much but listening to it for what it is. Some of it surely has to have made improvements over I.F.O. right? For starters, the beat work, baselines, production, and mastering are I feel. ... I appreciate how each of our perspectives make up a piece to the whole. We each offer insight and here's mine.


1. Head Spin is a classic, or at least a cult-classic in Goa-Trance. Don't listen to this in the background or you may get annoyed with it fast. This requires your full attention without concentration on any one part. Just let go and enjoy the ride. I LOVE the song's cosmic opening, followed by the synth plucking "twang" sounds. I love how many layers they were able to cram into this thing, all the while producing delectable rhythm, aggression, and fluidity. That said, Head Spin is not as seamless, fluid, nor as elegant as the transitions or structuring on I.F.O. It isn't as melodic either. But that doesn't seem to be what they were going for here. Sure you could argue that more variety of sounds could have been used, more emotion, atmosphere, etc. The song feels emotionally distant to some degree, and yet there's something hypnotic and kinesthetic to the whole, and on an adrenaline level. The latter relates to being in the mood to enjoy this missile. The beats and baseline stand out more here (and on this album) than they did on I.F.O. too. A good set of ear buds or head phones really showcase those crisp, tasty details and the immersive, more intimate feel that would otherwise feel less present hearing this song without them. Head Spin capitalizes on creating Maximal Psy/Goa-Trance in the 90's. It's raw, uncompromising, intense, abrasive, and even a bit over-the-top, catchy! The song raises the stakes as it progresses. Aside from being a monster, some may feel that it lacks the epic vision and feel of the songs on I.F.O. to some degree. As said, it's less melodic. I don't find it as deeply satisfying as my favorite songs on I.F.O. due possibly to lack of emotional resonance. But for what it is, it's pretty awesome, both for its time and even today. A

2. Universe 13 starts off interesting and atmospheric, coupled with soundscapes and ambient. The song isn't half bad, but now I can articulate my criticisms. My first issue is the tinny beat at 0:55 that continues through a chunk of the song. I find it distracting to immersive opening. The song picks up and retains some unique FX and ambient. Some nice development occurs at 2:17, but by 2:36 we return to that repetitive "tinny" beat and that's my first issue with this song. Around 3:05 presents more catchy sounds, and again at 3:50, though I feel like I've heard these ideas executed better before. The ideas are good; it's the delivery that doesn't agree with me. The song is like two songs colliding without marrying one another as Pleiadians usually do. The result is a bit harsh and convoluted sounding, like cousin that forgot to marinate. The song seems like an experimental track filled with ingredients but lacking the measuring and physics we're used to, to turn a list of good ideas into something delicious. I'm baited with some nice sounds always hoping that one of these unique sound fusions will elevate the song from out of its current state, but such sounds work as mere accents it seems rather than elegant transitions to transformation. I'll say that another fairly catchy part is around 8:05, but again, it's basically sound effect, not a section of the song. That's my other issue with the song. It never feels fully realized to me, thus it's not up to par with the other songs and to me, sounds a bit bland, repetitive, overly long, dull and uninspired. I'm sure others will appreciate it more than those of us who didn't and I won't say it's half bad either. Their Deep Frequencies track on the other hand is an example of slow, long too, and ENGAGING. So yes, I would have loved a more interesting, arresting track in place of Universe 13. I'm sure they had their reasons for including it here so I'll stop here. It's just pretty mediocre to me, for what Pleiadians are capable of. C

3. Modulation is a return to excellence. Well that was easy! Universe 13 was, well, considering these guys know how to produce super songs. You gotta ride your winning horses and this is arguably the best track on the album. Maybe the only thing unnecessary is the voice sample, but really, I have to dig hard to find faults or gripes. It could have been more emotional I suppose, but it does have feelings (that come later). It's even a bit dark. Fortunately, there's rhythm, a leading sound that sticks in my head, and then there's that baseline, etc. Modulation has such healthy development too. The song's engaging, evolving, fun, and quite possibly the best "epic" Goa song I have ever heard to date. When I say epic, I mean over 15 minutes long. This thing is awesome, with at least 4-5 acts! Moreover, they're CATCHY! Eventually, without being boring for a second, the song returns to its powerful signature synth leads! Here's a track that sticks to what works. It knows its imaginative and visionary, ideas for Universe 13 that never reached its potential in my opinion. Modulation is refreshing! Not a second is boring, rather I'm hooked for the full 16:49. Now why couldn't Universe 13 be this good for its slower approach? This song is like five great/excellent songs all homogeneously rolled into one to form a SUPER WHOLE. It's nothing like anything on I.F.O., and yet it's EXCELLENT, what this entire album could have and should have been. Well done! A

4. Meter is more zippy, fluid, and melodic than Modulation. I LOVE the cosmic opening. The first two minutes are sleek, with a dynamic kick drum, synth work, and direction. So far the track is perfect for me, but then something happens after the transition from 2:25 to 2:31. An anything but intergalactic synth lead enters that to me, does not compliment the immersive journey. But rather distracting from the universal space flight. This melody/sound work (thrown on something so strong prior) changes the feel of the song, bringing it closer to Earth, foreign culture associations, and definitely not galaxies. Some will accept it as more or less catchy. You could argue that it works (or doesn't). it adds variety among the more cosmic ingredients, but I was never a fan. Again at 3:31 is where the arrangement changes up again, to one less interstellar. To this day I have my preferences (more cosmic), but at times I don't mind the sound fusions. Other times I just cannot get into the track with these unclear synth choices. At 4:16, the cosmic feel takes precedence. Fantastic stuff. We're back in the zone! This part is accented with an echoed "boom" effect. More melodies enter. The beat changes up again. This section is VERY catchy! But it's short lived since yet again, an aversion synth to the track's cosmic feel shows up via 3:31, and another and another. Meter is energetic, sleek, tasty and engaging, but those last two words depend on your enjoyment of the synth work which to me, take away from what around it is a mesmerizing jewel in Goa-Trance. The song is unique, though no lead gets stuck in my head. The buildup early on is great, as well as the mini-climactic feel approach. Overall, Meter is a song some find awesome or great with its relentless energy, while others feel mixed due to some experimental synth choices that takes away from the intergalactic feel relative to the promising opening. B+ / A-


5. Family of Light takes a backseat to more ambitious structuring but I only say that in relation to Pleiadians. It starts out distinct and intriguing, fairly darker and atmospheric. Those mechanical roaring sounds make the song feel more repetitive at times, similar to the WHIRLING sound on I.F.O.'s track Targeta. The song develops nicely and has fantastic elements throughout, even if it peeks in the second act. The female voice samples are nice too. There is a mystic/cosmic and nostalgic feel to the song which is what I love, its future/retro melodies! Their style coupled with the leading section via 4:12 is fantastic, ascensional work. The song has feeling, and the key notes compliment it, like a story being told. Even those Ka-Ka-Krrraww sound fx have grown on me, from was once more or less distracting. The song may not be considered spectacular as a whole, but rather great with one spectacular section. But opinions differ. There is some masterful work here and on the previous tracks too, though I'm not so sure about Track 2. I really enjoy the melody/sound work here when it arrives regardless of the shortcomings. Even after it leaves, we have those tasty nostalgic, melodic remnants to eat up, the female samples, etc. Great song overall, but superb as a whole, I think not, but that one section from 4:12 to 5:00 is infectious :wub: ! A-

6. Moon In Your Window has grown on me the most since I bought this album back around 2001. Initially I didn't care for the voice samples. I felt the song was too screechy (acid-y in retrospect) and piercing for some reason. I still find the voice samples distracting. The first few synths I sometimes find piercing or grating, though as a whole, the song utilizes higher and lower ones well. The beat stands out too. I like how often the song changes up, the sound/melody (synth) work encompasses healthy development, though some of the synth choices are, for the record a bit grating at times. Nonetheless, the arrangement is varied, though each new synth entering does not have much development like much of the album. Some of the synth and sound mixing here is outstanding, thus producing a sleek, involved, intelligent, and gripping ride. A song doesn't need to be climactic to work well as Moon proves. The key changes are great. Same with "accents" and sound effects. I'm not sure the title choice since it seems to specifically reflect the voice sample that only distracts from the otherworldly creation here. Back in 2001 I found this track disappointing to put it mildly. I was comparing it to Maia, Electra and Asterope on I.F.O., instead of listening to it for what it is, a chapter as part of a new vision and album. With exception to the mediocre voice sample and a few synths that could be perceived as more or less abrasive or grating, Moon In Your Window is a tightly composed, interweaving, and delectable track. A-

7. Seven Sisters is an emotive, floating, retrospective, introspective, and expansive downbeat Goa number. I once felt this started out good, then felt drawn out. Sure it's long. So what. I think it's beautiful. Unlike tracks 2 and 3, some may consider this too lengthy because part of the song seems to repeat toward the last third as opposed to developing more in combination with repeating leads. Regardless of its shortcomings, the song is spacey, elegant, and rare. I love its harmonious sound throughout, like angels or light beings realizing their limitless abilities throughout the Universe and beyond. Another word is poignant and space opera-esque. Seven Sisters is like a space opera with characters you love. It's so hard to say good-bye to them. Maybe these characters are going to a place of peace i.e: angels, spirits. Overall I find this a wonderful way to end the album, and a beautiful good-bye from Pleiadians (though we are approaching their solar system in actuality -- believe it or not, as physics and astro-physics shows I believe, so it's not good-bye to the true/real Pleiadian start system that (along with Goa) inspired the Goa-Trance group. Rather a seed was planted that will one day lead to a truly magical realization via expanded consciousness :)). I love this song. If there's one song filled with feeling on this album, it's Seven Sisters! Did I mention the more mid/uptempo Goa-esque pickup in the second half? Totally unexpected and not necessary; it's surprisingly unique and kicks ass. The song could have ended 3-4 minutes before it does. But I don't mind the bringing the energy back down finale! This is the most emotive work I have heard by Pleiadians to date. Just shut your eyes and breathe in deeply while hearing this on ear buds. Agree or disagree? Unlike the others, I have to be really present to appreciate this song, otherwise I'll shut it off unlike the others, and that's maybe the least positive thing I can say (personal preference). The end result is a rewarding track with lots of replay value (like numerous songs here). I think Seven Sisters is a beautifully realized space opera, downtempo Goa-Trance number. Well done Pleiadians! A

Family of Light is different than I.F.O. It's less cosmic (comparatively speaking), less melodic, less elaborate in its melodies and melody arrangement, less homogeneous, and less elegant overall. It is more rough and hard. The baselines and beats stand out more, with greater variety and production. The songs sound widely distinct too, though I.F.O.'s songs sounded distinct, the style on Family of Light has expanded too. I have listened to Universe 13 again and again, and it's honestly not bad. It's just not very catchy to me, and I question its purpose here relative to the other songs that I enjoy so much. If a track is not clear to me (or us), how was it not clear to the group who literally raised the bar unless it wasn't the entire group that raised the bar on I.F.O. and one or two artists less involved with the debut wanted to make their own track (Universe 13) here? I don't want to speculate though or focus too much on Universe 13. I think we compared this album so much to I.F.O. when it first released, that we failed to enjoy it (as much) for what it is, and what it is? Family of Light is an ambitious, imaginative, and visionary sequel that is different, yes, and that also showcases some of Pleiadians' best work, some of the best work in Psychedelic Goa Trance. I enjoy and appreciate this album so much more today, in the year 2016 than ever before. It's not I.F.O. and yet what made I.F.O. so great was that it was/is different too! This is a very creative and well done album with some of the most awesome material in the genre on it. Did the complaints from fans back then contribute to why the group split? I wonder. Around the positive, some pretty critical stuff was written back, in these forums and by myself too. It's nice that we grow and mature, how we become more conscious versions of ourselves over time. I am thankful for this album because without it, I wouldn't be able to enjoy what I love about it so much. Although I.F.O. will always have a special place in my heart and yes, it is still my favorite of the two, F.O.L. also resides in my heart. I feel pretty bad for trashing it back then and I apologize. I want to add that Seven Sisters is great and so much more enjoyable to me than "Celeano" on their debut; there's just so much more feeling in it (which I prefer). When I first wrote about this album, I was a lot less mature and well, conscious. I thought Pleiadians were going to make a third album (in goatrance) and I wanted so much to influence it to some degree, to say what I wanted, to hear all new, awesome tracks that made me feel the way I felt when first listening to I.F.O... like an I.F.O. Part 2 with just as much magic as the first time. It's amazing the impact one album can have on one's short-term mindset. But then consciousness kicks in; we (or many of us) one day realize and all is forgiven, the truth preveils. Though not without its flaws, F.O.L. has some amazing, beautiful and wondrous, magical work on it. Things have an interesting way of working out in the end.


Favorite tracks: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7


I.F.O. recap and some thoughts - This album is like my alien dream woman from across the Universe. She's beautiful inside and out, compassionate, adventurous, intuitive, intelligent, highly evolved, and conscious (aware) ---> everything I.F.O. is. The last track, Celeano could have been a more engaging I suppose. The first time I heard I.F.O., I gave it a 9/10 because of Celeano to be honest. Naturally, we were in the peek era, the golden age of Goa and I thought it would last forever. I wanted to leave room for I.F.O. 2 to... you know it's pretty trivial now I realize. We enjoy what we enjoy and that's that. We are attracted to what we're attracted to. I'm grateful for so much. Nothing is perfect of course, except to the mind. Everyone's a little bias. We're not 5th dimensional light beings (yet). One day... [my opinion --->] Many of us will experience the 4D earth as 4D beings. When spirituality and higher truth come together, acknowledgment and experience of the physical and non-physical realms, people will start to perceive what was once outside of their perceptual range, what has existed all along. Everything will change. The world we have always desired is being manifested. So it's important for us to keep our vibrational frequency up! We are energy and attract what we put "out" there. Many of us are dealing with personal challenges but this too shall pass! As Earth's frequency continues to rise (physics can test this), more truth will pour to the surface. Darkness will continue to be exposed and the deeper meaning to the photon's showering Earth (now acknowledged in science based documentaries such as N0VA: At the Edge of Space on Netflix in 2016) will begin to be understood in ways scientists cannot fathom. Earth will experience some extraordinary occurrences between 2015 and 2030 and our experience will be proof. I.F.O. is like that giant leap in consciousness -- in music. An awakening to a genre already awakened. It raised the bar. Same with Family of Light to some degree, though it changed the style somewhat and wasn't as loved after the little I.F.O. album became huge. GOA has opened us up and expanded us spiritually for things to come. So it's not just an album in the past. Everything we feel drawn to is a part of something greater. There is more about this in my "About Me" for those interested. This music simply inspired me to write this over simplified bit as part of my review (in reflection) here.

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8 (almost) years have passed, and my initial verdict still stands on firm grounds. There's no need to do a track by track description in 2007, for everyone have at least once heard this album! I mean, if there still are people out there who haven't at least once listened to this album, they must have really set their minds and bodies to it. Now, why have I decided to write something about this album now? Well, first and foremost, I much rather prefer writting something about an album after at least two years, giving it time to properly sink in. Now, what amazes me about "Family of light" is that I still hold my original opinion about it; I still think that "Head Spin", "Modulation" and "Meter" are the killer tracks here. The classics. And I really mean that. I retain those 3 tracks true classics. "Modulation" still has the power to wreck any speaker system and blow away any crowd if played properly. No joke. And tracks like "Moon in Your Window" gradually grew on me; I know that I really sound cheap, but as many reviewers wrote before me, I couldn't stand that Morisson sample at the time I first listened to the CD!!! And to conclude, and to further prove that my original verdict still stands, I still think that "Universe 13" and "Family of Light" are much weaker (maybe weak is the wrong term, for nothing these italian maestros did back in the day could be referred to as weak...) than the rest of the album. In no way are those tracks bad, but after hearing the 3 mind blasting tunes I listed above, in my opinion, the remaining tunes seem reasonably inferior. And the album is concluded with "Seven Sisters" which I really like, but I must admit that there are times when I'm just not in the mood for it, and simply find myself pushing the "stop" button in the middle of it. Something I have never done during the last 7 years with "Head Spin", "Modulation" or "Meter"!

Is this release essential? In my humble opinion, everything these italians released before Andrea Rizzo left the group is a must have. And this album is no exception. That does not necessarily mean that everyone will fall in love with it, for I know many (OK, not many) people who aren't too crazy about the italian goa sound, but give it at least a spin or two. It is after all, The Pleiadians, and it will be worth your time.

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Jon Cocco:

That's a very good and competent review.



It's interesting to see how people commenting upon this album almost always praise Head Spin. Personally I've never taken any liking to it. It's noisy and harsh and not in a way I find very stimulating. There are tracks that does that so much better the way I see it. Crop Circles - Antonomasia for example, one of the most impressive tracks ever and yet full of discordance. But where Antonomasia have purpose, direction and a fierce personality, Head Spin seems to lack.

As I read peoples reviews, again and again I listen to Head Spin, trying to like it, but still find nothing.


Modulation & Moon in Your Window are often the reason I play this album, especially Modulation, there sure are no other tracks like that one. I also like Meter and Seven Sisters. Even though the skills displayed in some of these tracks are truly breathtaking, in difference to IFO, FOL has problem with flow and evenness in quality. This tends to make me reluctant to put it in the CD-player.

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headspin is slowly starting to spin my head :ph34r:

modulation and meter are the best ones, modulation :wacko:

also moon in your window is good.

overall i think this album gets better with every listen if you have different approach to it - dont expect IFO, expect pleiadians, and they will deliver ;)

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