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What massive track to drop at new year moment!?


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:lol:  :lol:  You know what, I was reading through this thread from the beginning and I was thinking about the exact same song. And then I read your post!! That would be the emotional new Years. Youd have to time it so the melody comes on right at the new year point, that would be perfect!! :lol:

So there you have it, I outed myself as the ultimate cheesemaster again... :rolleyes:


Muahahah, finally somebody agrees with me!!! :lol:;)

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Now I can guarantee this will be a hit.

You havent gotten a guarantee from anyone else have you ?

Well then i trust you`ll make the obvious choise.

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lol alien, i knew he was gonna throw the line-up in your face. i knew it!

hehe you guys are pretty funny :)

luff u


haha no problem, I didnt even think the line up was so special to tell you the truth... There isnt any prog act/dj there that I want to see and didnt see yet, except for maybe zombi from israel, but still nothing so special...


I thought the last UP was much better... B)

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Will Saul - Mbira (Infusion remix)


Sweet track.


Let's hope it won't be playing full power full on at first moment of 2006 @ UP.

I'd like something with more 'charm' ;)


See you @ UP, Traveller

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I'd love to hear some song with a massive buildup, and right when the climax is about to come, and everyone is ready to dance, the music stops and this voice starts laughing at you......


and then like ninjas wielding dual meats fly in and pour strawberry jam all over the DJ's face while he rubs it over his body and multiple rabbits with top hats slowly eat away at your flesh, all while the DJ plays Heaven by DJ Sammy.

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lot of people think astral would be fine

hmm they ll be playing live here in Turkey in nye

I ll tell you which track did they play

for me, after a stressfull year, working hard at my dayjob

and family stress this and that last months have been really been putting me down

so for a new start


Leftfield - Release the Pressure


not psy but this fits for -me-

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I'm doing a psy trance set at new year at a party and was wondering whether you could give me some recommendations for a phat track to drop at the new year moment?  I was thinking something heavy but maybe euphoric in the breakdown, but definately with a massive build-up and drop.  Any ideas??


Transwave - Cycles of Life

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Transwave - Cycles of Life


Wow, I have to agree. I was just thinking that as I was reading through the thread. I saw someone posted a transwave track previously, but yeah grab that quasar ep from symbiosis and drop CoL. Totally a 10/10 track in my opinion especially for the occasion. Everything else seems either a little too energetic (the ones i know) or too sissy like :-D



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One that could fit is Talamasca - Cancer


There's this long moment of "steady going" (could fit for the countdown) and when people shout "0!" that trump hjuuge! melody, the best one from him, kicks in.


Surely that would be remembered.

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It depends.


I would put in a classical tune (don't laugh) for half a minute or so - the Donauwalzer for example ... this is played all over our country on new year's eve - I have once been on a techno party right at the nye moment and they really put this tune in! But you should interrupt the classic shit after thirty seconds with something cool. Maybe with the "Ich unterbreche ungern eure Freizeit, Jungs..."-sample of Zerotonine - Der Exot, but that's probably too little killargh for you.

Or wait, I guess I'd pick Son Kite - The Stars Within Us ... and I'd tune in right at the "...... now real drums and now music!" sample...


But if you want more killargh you could pick Man With No Name - The First Day (climax begins at 4:20) to interrupt the classical thingie .. or even without classical thingie, just as you like.

Or Space Buddha - Acid Prophecy (super climax 5:40) for even more killarrrgh!


I guess I'd pick Space Buddha!

dRove me to exhaustion as I let it play during a running session...

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