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  1. yes, I have uploaded 2 tracks on this site Look for Narr and listen. Its nice.
  2. behringer truth B2030A yeah...heard they were good. They work just fine they do.
  3. If you have a sentence, you can cut it up, and align the beginning of the words with the kick. A ringmodulator is a fun tool for voices.
  4. I like the melody starting at 2:34 . Makes me think of a depressed cartoon character.
  5. Add the 'Edit by' line in this post?
  6. Download EVM Bassline. Its free. Very nice vsti. Play around with it for a while, I think you`ll like it.
  7. i felt bad thet for awile Im ok now, Ive finished my first track ever. big Thank you to everyone here, you all are fuckin geniouses genisies sei. Genious. Id like you to hear ut but dont know how, but Ive had so much help from theis place. Love u all. Thank you !!!!for tips and all
  8. radi is not real. Its an experiment. Im waiting for the results.
  9. Narr

    Dream Dance

    Hey sfx !! Thats an insane avtar you got there. Gets my dick tingling !!!
  10. Aphex Twin - Didgeridoo
  11. You could try using loooong notes with the chopper attached to it and then some sidechain compression on that.
  12. As mentioned above Boldly audio, and even more so, Sanatonic audio. There are so many weird faces to be found on that cover, plus i love green.
  13. Oh thats a good one ! Have you seen the cartoon from wich samples are from ? Salad fingers ? Hilarious.
  14. Sounds like you`re about to produce some original stuff, eh?
  16. Narr

    Derango :)

    Yeah I love that sound that sounds like some kind of horn or something. An opium horn...
  17. Narr

    My Set

    Green Nuns of the Revolution, Slinky Nuns , A Green Nun.... You got a thing for nuns, mate ??
  18. and now YOU said it ! Nothing beats the forest. smells good, nice soft ground and nature is the only deco I need.
  19. Narr

    Derango :)

    Well there is one thing wrong with their album. It should be entitled Gnarled Roots instead of tumult. and dont forget, if you like Tumult, listen to Boldly Audio and Sanatonic Audio from sanaton records.
  20. Narr

    Sick Psy

    Ooooooh yes....Never heard a single bad Quasar track, they┬┤re all great.A very talented artist. I agree . I just like osmotrix better. But youre right about the sickness.
  21. Narr

    Sick Psy

    One of my all time favorites. OSOM - OSMOTRIX
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