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  1. After a two year break from the studio, I got back this saturday and made a track to have fun. Remembering good old days and checking my skills at modern production, I have made this track full of cliches, and enjoying every bit of them There are chants for shiva, sh101 lines, more sh101 lines, weird blips from my ms10 and growls from the good old moog. Enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/kodomotr/604-1
  2. Well it d be really coll to have a beer We dont know anything about Athens, some pointers would be lovely !
  3. I choose their FSOL stuff over AA anytime man. The music they did was excellent, cant think of all those moments listening FSOL. But, for me, its the next best thing I have seen the videos of FSOL Athens and I was so pissed I missed that show, but I had to work and still counting that I dont live in Greece, cant blame myself too much.
  4. Hey people, I dont know if you have heard about the Amorphous Androgynous. Its my fave band I guess. The FSOL guys rocking it out in a very psychedelic rock way, mixed with sitars, sytnhs, reverse guitars and all that you can think of. I will be heading to their Athens concert, I just wanted to hear if anyone else is making it and what do you think about the Amorphous Androgynous. FSOL for me is one of the top psychedelic bands of all time, I had great time on their music. I used to listen to and play in a psyrock band and when they got into it and blow the whole genres roof off I was quite happy Hey I would love some pointers for Athens too, where to go, relaxed places, cafes, bars, places to hang out, psy shops, head shops
  5. I will soon write new recommendations by the way we are nearly finishing our first compilation if you liked mercan dede and baba zula this will be much more psychedelic music with turkish influences it is a concept album based on a book writen a few hundred years ago and is about sufi and buddhist ideas a guy drinks a special turkish cofee with a so called mad man and trips into stories where he meets buddha, god and much more
  6. If you like psychedelic music and dub, here is a shortlist of the most psychedelic dub artists from France, and France is where its at, at the moment... -High Tone - Start with the album Acid Dub Nucleic and carry on from there and their collabs like WangTone, Highvisitors, Kaltone... -Kaly Live Dub -Lobe Raidant Dub System - Echo Chamber Oddysey (put this album on, crank the volume up and just wait for an audio meltdown) -Brain Damage - Always Greener on the Other Side -African Head Charge - Visions of a Psychedelic Africa -Zenzile - Sachem in Salem and more of an electro infused dub Ez3kiel and L'oeuf Raide comes to my mind
  7. I purchased and that second the download link appeared on the page, it doesnt come as a download link or something by email, it is there in your account on their webpage Altough I havent faced any problems still there may be as Pavel says so... The only thing that bugs me though is some singles cost a little less than 4 dollars to buy track by track, but cost more than 5 when you choose the option to buy the whole single, what the????
  8. oh and I was really waiting for the Total Eclipse - Espanolizer (2007 remix) Altough I listened to this track at 2006 and asked Stephan about how to get my hands on it He told me he sold it to Twisted and it is up to them to release it Love this track and love this version more than the original
  9. It seems it is up now There are some unreleased material as well as the whole back catalogue Nice http://www.twisteddownloads.com/
  10. www.myspace.com/taurusbabas the space rock track is a bit different than the others, so pleae listen like another world too altough the tracks here are before I got the 2408mk3, eventide and the waldorf my new tracks will be on the album and too far out ambient ones are not online anywhere, I play them when people are high enough to listen
  11. Computer: Apple Mac Quad 3.0ghz, 4gb ram, 750gb HD Sound Card: Motu 2408mk3 Pci-E Preamps: Motu 8pre SPL Channel One Midi: Motu Midi Express Outboard FX: Eventide H7600 TC Fireworx Alesis Quadraverb2 Rat You Dirty Rat distortion Boss Re20 Tape Echo Vox Wah Wah NI Guitar Rig Hardware Monitors: Adam A7 Synthesizers: Moog Little Phatty Stage Nord Lead 2 Access Virus B Waldorf Blofeld Korg MS10 FutureRetro Revolution Roland TR-505 Roland SH-201 Silicon Chip Theremin Circuit Bent Yamaha Drum Machine Circuit Bent Speak and Spell Midi Controllers: Evolution UC33e Korg PadKontrol E-MU X-Board 49 Microphones: Rode NT1A Rode NT5 Shure SM57 Acoustic and Electric Instruments: Hand made Iranian Santoor Gibson Les Paul Standart A Stratocaster that we have put together from selected parts specially Martin Acoustic Guitar Amplifier Fender Princeton 1000 Field Recording: M-Audio Microtrack DAW and Soft Synth: Ableton Live 7 NI Guitar Rig 2 NI Battery 3 Some equipment is in the other room, like guitars and amp and some are at my friends as they needed them, but what you see is what I use the most nowadays.
  12. well for the money you ll pay for a mixer like that or a little more you can get a soundcard with 2 preamps like a motu ultralite or a rme fireface 400 then get decent eq plugins or an uad card with the eq and comps on it or a liquid mix the resulting sound according to my experiences is much better unless you really have high quality outboard stuff and know exactly how to use them, its really better rather to mix in the box. Those plugins also with their presets makes you learn how to set these up, shows you templates. these are all choices though for the sake of putting all these eq control right under your hands may be better suited for you it may add more to you rather than the sound quality, you may find that mixer sound even better who knows... but even if it is the case I would still get some really decent plugins and a nice controller like uc33e and map the eq s to knobs and still you can reach them, you just have to work more when you re starting mapping these things and such, and different eq s would be different colors so there would be matching sounds from one of them for you... I am an analog freak mostly, but have found out that, if you cant replace the plugin with a much better SOUNDING gear, you might as well just not do it. I try and keep my sound sources all analog (not all of them though I still love some va) and my synths outboard, as for me it is really dull to control and make sounds on a synth with a mouse or control all of them with the same layout. Different synth interfaces and sound engines and converters make me synthesize different sounds. But for eq s, I tried some yamaha mixers, some outboard eq s and the resulting sound was really far away from what I could achieve in high quality plugins. I still add more outboard stuff though, with listening and judging if it there to replace some plugin.
  13. I got my first moog the little phatty awkard name but great sound planning to get a cp251 for a noise source, a second lfo and such and a freq box for th third osc
  14. www.myspace.com/taurusbabas our new track called space rock pays hommage to our rock roots
  15. well, you just order the cd s based on artists, labels, reviews or something like that then... I ve been burned more than a few times like that, and not have that much cash you know The samples may not reflect the whole album but not a single soundbyte reflects much less for me anyways I ll wait till it hits saiko or psyshop to give it a listen and may buy over their artist site for the back up I mean they could ve a myspace page or something like that with the new tracks in it, cant find that too
  16. I can understand that they re selling through their websites but how come we can not even listen to some samples before buying, why should I buy some album without knowing how it sounds like, their previous album let me down, so I want to hear some samples at least before buying. Is this a technical diffucilty, ignorance, or a lousy trading trick? This is music, I want to hear it before I buy it.
  17. very interesting setup mate very minimal and high end I am dying to put my hands on an eventide unit though there is none around I d also love to get your ideas on your monitors
  18. I love my Future Retro Revolution It gives me what I THINK and LOVE about 303 sound and way more more like a devilfish 303 (not completely but with more reso and stuff) with a great interface that I love playing with plus midi plus a midi/cv converter for free
  19. I take a break find out that I was way too lost in the track itself just chill or walk outside then return if i feel like it
  20. thanks for replies I was thinking it is not reachin anyone and it s a pity if nobody listens to what we do we want to communicate I would be interested in what you think of it production wise altough its a 128kpbs mp3 if you re interested i d put up a 320kpbs version too
  21. sooooooo... where is it? I want the digital download, it is march already hey we ve been waiting for two years guys come on
  22. I have a Nord Lead 2 not the new one 2x the original 2 and I recommend you buying the old one too For a few reasons First of all, altough the new lead 2x is updated with higher quality converters, it made it loose its sound characteristics, made it more sterile and not as agressive sounding as the old one, the sound is everything for me... Secondly, the 2nd hand lead 2 is much cheaper to get, and is a sturdy va that can keep you company for a long time It s one of those synths that the longer you spend time on it, the more rewarding it becomes Its not hard to program, presonally I do not like tis filters response but for the rest its quite good Its also one amazing synth that anytime I make a sound with it, it sits really well in a mix. Virus is a whole other bag of tricks, I love my Virus B and its kind a of a jack of all trades synth and it really is well thought with all its modulaiton possibilities , fx if you like onboard fx, warm almost moogish filters, vast array of sounds, very logical layout, and even deeper than nl2... Look for second hand Virus B, they shouldnt be that much expensive, and they are really well.
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