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  1. Will anyone know anything about NYE party in Morocco? Supposedly called "Sun Rise" or something.. I'm not sure where, when or even IF.. but if anyone has some info, I'd much gladly appreciate it! Thanks!
  2. Has anyone heard about imcompatibility issues regarding Intel Dual-Core processors and versions of Cubase?
  3. Why would it have a multi-processor toggle then (and it's grey, un-clickable)?
  4. Picking tracks that are alike somehow is part of a DJ's job. If you pick tunes that have way different beats/percussion/melodies... then I'd say you might be doing the wrong thing. It's all about building a set.. not just laying one track after another...
  5. So my trip to NYC is kinda messed up because all flights are fucking packed! That means... I have no idea what I'm gonna do. The situation of Varig, the biggest brazilian internationl airlines, is critical and all their passangers are packing other companies' flights. Hmmmm now I need someone to bring the stuff to me, paying the import taxes..
  6. Ahhh mulato! I wish I was able to go.. So... PAY ATTENTION TO DJ MATERA's set if you're not into the full-on trend!!!
  7. Can anyone who has downloaded them all put them all together and put them back up online? Not too sure if they're too big or not, but can we only download like 1 file every 30min from rapidshare? Thanks
  8. Hey there Stalker... (I'll speak in English so others can join in and help me out as well) So.. when I said USD500,00 I said for BOTH Midi Controller + Sound Card. So those sound cards you recommended are kind of outta the question for now unless I can find a Midi Controller for USD 100.05 or 5 cents respectively.. From the top of my ignorance and lack of experience, I'd rather spend more on a Midi Controller that should contribute marginally more to the creative process of music making that an expensive-full-of-resources sound interface should contribute to music making with quality/fidelity. Are you with me on this one? So.. Midi Controller with more keys, knobs and sliders and a at-least-decent sound card is what I am aiming for here. I was thinking about M-Audio for both Sound Interface and Midi Controller. In this case I was thinking about these options here: M-Audio Axiom 49 @ USD 250 + M-Audio Firewire 410 @ USD 260 (but when you click on it says 299?! What do you think?
  9. So I have decided to venture into this music production world. I found this machine here I believe is enough to produce for quite some time: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?sk...d=1138087857903 Processor Brand Intel® Pentium® D Processor Speed 2.8GHz System Bus 800MHz Cache Memory 2 x 1MB on die Level 2 System Memory (RAM) 2GB Type of Memory (RAM) PC2-4200 DDR2 SDRAM Hard Drive Type Serial ATA (7200 rpm) Hard Drive Size 250GB Recordable DVD Drive Yes, double-layer DVD±RW/CD-RW Recordable DVD Drive Speeds 2.4x DVD+R DL; 16x4x16 DVD+RW; 8x4x16 DVD-RW; 5x DVD-RAM; 40x24x40 CD-RW >> 700,00 USD >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Now... I want a recommendation for a SOUND CARD!, software and midi controller, Monitors Anyone? I was comparing Mac vs PCs prices and I can't really like the idea of spending more on a Mac even though many people say Macs are better for music production. I'm thinking about spending tops USD 500.00 on Sound Card + Midi Controller. And another top USD 500.00 on the monitors So.. can anyone give me a hand here?
  10. So I went to a friend's house last night. He produces full-on, he goes under the name of "Mental Skragma" and has been putting a few nice live-performances out lately. Nice guy. So I went there to check out music production and we worked together so he could teach me the software part.. and I put in the idea of what I wanted to make the music sound like. The result is on the link below http://www.sendspace.com/file/hs0liy Feedback? NOTE: My very first piece of electro/minimal.
  11. He's my oldest brother. More info here >> http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=39198 Thanks for the feed back
  12. Nice shots!!! Anyone's got more photos? I liked the main stage area quite a lot! So much shade.. hehe Much better than last year's!!
  13. Take your time... Better to have people listen to it properly at when they're able to... and this is one mix I'd say is less "noisy"... If you have listened to the first one you'll notice right away. I prefer this one much more. You got any of your sets so I could give 'em a go?
  14. Just give it another try. I just clicked on the link and it was available Thanks!
  15. Indeed..it seems there weren't as many people attending the festie as last year. The main stage's area looks much nicer this year! Look at how much shade there is... wow! That's fantastic.. I can imagine staying there for quite some time.. last year there was little shade..
  16. Did you meet Tash and sherlockalien? They were there
  17. I'm super busy now, but reading this again, new posts added, I really want to write some stuff. My musical taste has changed a lot, I started DJing (poorly for now) a more progressive house/electro sound and the quality of parties have changed around Rio/Brazil. More to come later
  18. I'll download it later. My internet connection has been very bad recently.
  19. Just bringing this back up. It's been quite some time since this post and I'd like to re-write some thoughs. Busy now, but I'll get back to this later.
  20. haha I didn't know you had a man And I've given this mix a few listens and I warn you: the mixing (beatmatching) is horrible! I like the progression of the set and the mixing (as in volumes, crossfading levels, EQ) very much. I believe it was much better than the first one. But I made very many silly mistakes on the beatmatching part which I could probably easily correct. I'll try to record this same set again with more attention. My brother said my mixer or my amp could be delivering the music with a bit of delay headphone-speakers. haha I prefer - sucks! - to believe it was the DJ Back to practice some more!
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