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i love all psychedelic music

it such a lucky marriage between

psychedelic culture and trance

though inevitable i think

7000 years of tradition comes together with psy :)

and thats what i call


how i love the day i first met it



1st choice


but love all the rest too :)

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I voted for Goa Trance but I also love psy, trance and full-on (as long as we don't speak about the Skazi-type of full-on). Quite a tough decision.

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I can't choose just one, because some days I feel like listening to goa trance, another time I prefer acid trance, old-school trance and so on. It depends on the mood I'm in. The only style I can't stand from that list is "hard dark trance", whatever that may be... B)

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Hmm, frequently changing I´d say. One day there´s nothing better than some oldschool madness and the next day I´m so fed up with it that I need some stripped down to the bone minimal or psytech, and then I can´t stand this monotonous pounding anymore and am longing for some nice chill or whatever. It all goes around in circles...

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minimal prog


...tech also

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