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  1. Funny to see the new guys reaction to NHJO FUCKING LEGEND!
  2. Best picture untill now. Not only because you look awesome, but for the surroundings, the beer and the cheers attitude Oh, also great to see some pics of Deathposture, Reznick. Brings back memories
  3. Where my stuff, nigga?

  4. NJHO what the fuck man? You send me an e-mail last week asking for 500 euros for urgent needs. What was that all about?
  5. Goddamn it! OT is back! Why no one tell me those things? And what happened to ** by the way? I lost the link.... kind of want to still visit the place if it is still around
  6. Oh its sad off topic is gone, for ever. I do consider that time can heal everything and thanks to it, things can lost its relevance and this anger and nonsense won't matter anymore. Time will prove what we did today is right or wrong, because we never know. What Im worried is that the world war 3 can triger upon us, alien may visit the earth and whatelse and we wont be allowed to discuss In the long run, maybe this will cause negative effect or positive. Im willing to bet on the negative for some main reasons: - I truly believe, that whoever hacked the server and psynews is not Offtopic related. Hardly is someone acting all against what psynews stands for. Even if it is an member/ex-member attack it is still not off topic related. You see, the only people we can think of doing that ( that good ol greek gang) is more "psytrance" people related and they are all twisted and would do for much more than what happened in that section. In fact, the whole section was never about them - The off topic, in general, had a much wider positive "vibe" than a negative one. It was in fact, the reason a lot of us registred or continued to log in. And during a period of time it was really one special corner of the internet. It was incredibly funny, creative, weird, psychedic and truly unique. Im talking about the post-bruce era. Right after registration was set and required to post. There was one freaking good small community here such as it was during the pre-bruce era. There were never really a lot nasty fights, and most of them was evolved around religium and politics. There were some ocasional sports, taste of sperm, music, and other trivial matters of discussion, but in the end is what made this site an uinique place Well see you around then, hopefully, I willl still meet some of you guys here, there are still some things I need to do
  7. I did a quick hoover around off topic section to look for those bullshit topics, but I couldnt find it. It has all got deleted? What kind of bullshit are we talking about here? Flame wars? pure ad spam? Pure nonsense topics? hard Insults? Seriously, I just wonder about it cause I was gone and couldnt see exactly what was. In the past, when ever something like that happened there would have a huge trail of closed threads to investigate on
  8. Be skeptical of anyone with 5. :D

  9. Juno Reactor- High Energy Protons nah Im just kidding, I said just because its really a great old dark track...but I do not think it was the one that kicked the whole darkpsy thing, that defines the today sound. I believe that we could say something from Parasense or Xenomorph
  10. Yes, it is nicely said. I especially enjoyed the porn/love/music analog. I can relate with that. Last time I was involved on my music I pratically never listened to anything. Now that Im on a break I listen quite a lot, and got some weird urgency desire for dodgy music
  11. There have been about 6 months since the last time I really dedicated to a track. Remember that project which I was involved with lives act and all that? Well, I quit it..... I left the project cause I dont have the time and proper settings It all started around december and settled it down a few weeks later. All related to a bunch of life sucking resource problems that I have and they have several subcategories but I may say the root one is the basic finish-my-studies-and-get-a-real-job kind of problem. The funny part is that I know this is not the end of it. I know one day Im gonna be back at the all night making music and getting that rush when it finally start to reveal itself, to take shape I've actually put a date of my return. It will be around the end of this year, probably in december, just to close an year...Nah I'm kidding, it will be because it is the date set to graduate, which I believe is more tiresome that a lot of real work out there. The time I produced the most was when I worked in night shifts and went to the University during the day, but I was at no process of graduation. I cant use all the energy that making music takes when I have to spare it in order to, well, graduate. Also, I have never been more creative at this break up. I have all those new fresh ideas I want to experiment, but I know what it will cost me. So I will wait untill I actually have the disposition to make music once again And what I want from this topic? That you, share your experience if you ever had a great period of time away from music.
  12. And so do I My bet is that a mod locked accidentally; and left without seeing it perhaps? I know this happens from time to time If so, somebody just unlock it
  13. Radi, did you click on those links after all? I dont even like this kind of music, but I cliked just to see what it was. On the first comp Nemo recommend you, there was not only tracks by these ayhuaska dudes as also there is tracks by the Voodoo People, which you were asking about a few days ago Dont put in your mind that it was rude on part of nemo just because he wrotte one word. That it is irrelevant on this case. Its all about the links, man It was at least a starting point so you can begin your own search for music you like Ultimately, you are wrong on calling nemo lazy. You were the one who misinterpret the whole thing Right now, you do not only own a thanks to him, but also an apologise
  14. Actually Charlie, I was already on 4 and stayed this way. Santo vote did not change....yet....

  15. I agree in one way or another about everything the others have said, especially snap point about the 8bit sounds which is cool I would also buy it. Great work once again Per :clapping:
  16. Now you're back down to 4. How come? :(

  17. I dig that Very experimental, night stuff. Intense darkish stuff Maybe a dramatic background that goes over that part where the songs construct itself from 1:33 to 2:40. Some synthetic aliensh deep sounds kind of pad on the background, would be my take. Perhaps you want to make it raw and leave like it is, which would still fit perfectly, because the track does have an atmosphere, and a great atmosphere. I was just thinking a form to enhance it But dont mind my old blabering, and I dont really wanna interfere with the messages from The Oracle :drama: Its great itself and btw, in terms of production. It sound raw, dirty, mucky, confusing and creepy. Like it should be 9/10
  18. Not only do I see it on a compilation, as it would probably be my favorite one. Great work, Per Im Impressed, with the production I mean. The best work of yours to date, on this aspect, and on my opinion Really, really great....Oh and, just so you know, you and Symph are my favorite undeground artists of all time Never stop making music Merry x-mas Per
  19. Its not only amazing music, but its also creative, smart and unique. I simply love Symph work, and the fact that this track is amazing it didnt surprised me at all One of the greatest eletronic tracks I heard this year, trully Keep up Symph, and congrats
  20. Thats a great poll. Despite on what many says I never listened any tracks from both of them, but I would say Jikkenteki cause he seems to be more down to earth kind of guy, while OOOD seems to be more of a weirdo, but I think thats because he is british :drama:
  21. Hey Santo :)

    Thanks for stoping by and giving me the 5 stars I deserve

  22. 5 gold stars for the psynews superstar.

    Hi :)

  23. I will notice the effort and put you on my book once more. Ah.I would have said "once again"; thats typical of me actually, but now I know "once more" works and it sounds better You could not have made a mistake now....or did you? Nah...I know its right. If I had a real doubt I would consult Charlie, and if the doubt persists, I would consult Otto Matta and only then the dictionary, if necessary
  24. off topic, but.... There was a time I used your posts as a reference if I had any doubt about how something should be said, in terms of grammar and spelling. Then after a while I start to see that was some things you wrotte I thought it was wrong . "Wtf is that? Who wrotte it? Oh, abasio.....I wonder if it is right then". I used to think...but then I realised it was indeed wrong and I stopped using your posts as an english reference :drama:
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