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  1. http://www.politicalcompass.org/facebook/pcgraphpng.php?ec=-5.00&soc=-5.59
  2. Matrix, Aliens, 12 Monkeys, Terminator 1 & 2, Equilibrium but I like almost all of the ones on the list I've seen. Sci-fi is my fav genre by far, too bad there's not many movies anymore let alone good ones.
  3. Some favs: Sludge/doom: Cult Of Luna Katatonia Acid Bath Mindrot Eyes Of Fire Neurosis Progressive/technical/brutal/old school/melodic/etc Death Metal & grindcore/black metal: Akercocke Deicide Amon Amarth Behemoth Bloodbath Cannibal Corpse Dying Fetus Nile Job For A Cowboy The Berzerker Cattle Decapitation Pig Destroyer Cephalic Carnage Scar Symmetry thrash/speed/technical metal: Slayer Kreator Children Of Bodom Meshuggah Austrian Death Machine Chimaira Lamb Of God Extreme Gothic Metal: Cradle Of Filth
  4. Meshuggah is not doom, though they do kick tremendish ass. Very good band.
  5. I don't know too many bands as I kinda just got into it a few months ago but....For sludge/doom: Katatonia, Acid Bath(well these guys r liked 5 or 6 types of metal vary original. too bad they only had 2 albums), Neurosis, Cult Of Luna, Mindrot, Eyes Of Fire, Sunn O))) <---these guys r drone doom, 2 guitars, no drums & half the tracks have no vocals.
  6. Homecoming is not like the original games. It has clunky annoying controls(u have to dodge at the right time) & it takes like 3 hrs to beat. Doesn't even take place in silent hill much but some neighbouring town. It follows the movie design/monster themes much more than the games. It's basically been americanized. No subtley & pacing. They even put in some annoying love interest bs in it. I wish I could get ahold of the original series(2,3,4) I never got to play them besides the 1st one which I still own. They re-released them all as one package when the movie came out but only in japan & europe I think. fuking lame.
  7. There are other silent hill movies? Silent Hill was for playstation not NES & yes this is still of my top 5 games ever. The movie was pretty good, the last couple games though not so much.
  8. OMG gag me. FIRE!!! I remember this song from the mortal kombat soundtrack.
  9. Yeah thx for the pic Malevol3nt. I dunno about some of it though. I mean I'm by no means an expert but space tribe as dark psy? I kinda like that album it's one of the 1st albums/songs I heard when I 1st discovered psy/electronica in general but it's not dark at all imo. Oh wait now I see another dark-psy genre above it. That one makes a lot more sense with dark soho/xenomorph. Don't get why there's 2 parts though. Oh well very interesting.
  10. I like some of their stuff. I have their 1st few albums & like them but I love metal so I like guitars in tracks(not all the time though). Haven't heard a lot of their newer stuff. I'd say they're alright overall. Need a bit more variety in style though.
  11. Phutureprimitive - Sub Conscious(why hasn't this guy made more than 1 album? it's so good) Elysium EXquisite CORpsE
  12. thx for another album. I saw u post a dnb track in a thread on the other electronic forum "human error" I think it was called but I haven't seen it on ur site. will it be available eventually?
  13. Yeah I didn't mean they were grindcore, they're extreme gothic metal, I meant I had heard a few remixes of some of their songs somewhere years ago that very vaguely sounded like the stuff he said he was looking for. I don't think they were ever actually released they were from some dj set I had that sort of sounded like something he'd like.
  14. Don't have 1 song per say, just listen to my ipod for ~30-90 mins. I do tend to skip to my more favorite songs though(I always have it on random). I definitely need it to go to sleep. It helps take my attention away from the constant racing thoughts & lets me space out long enough to get to sleep. It'd probly take me 4+hrs to get to sleep without it instead of 1.5-2hrs.
  15. I tried listening to some stuff on her myspace page but it wont load properly. From what I heard: 1)This is not grindcore. Grindcore is a sub genre of metal akin to death metal. 2)This sound more like some industrial/gabber/extreme DnB hybrid. If u want some stuff like this that is actually grindcore try The Berzerker. The have gabber/speedcore influences, crazy samples & distorted kick drums. Their new CD The Reawakening has a bonus disc with remixes & is a lot more experimental/electronic(though you'll have to buy it from their website as its not available in stores sadly). If u can find their old stuff when they were just a one man gabber DJ u might like that too. A couple vids(Note they dont wear the masks anymore): The Berzerker - No One Wins The Berzerker - All About You Probly not exactly what your looking for but if like extreme techno u should like other extreme music. I cant think of anything else u might like. Maybe some of their remixes or remixes of Cradle Of filth, Mortiis maybe.
  16. I dont mind hidden tracks as long as there an actual track after the last listed one, & not after 15mins of no sound. I hate that. It just adds more time to the album so it seems longer & tries to make u think you are getting more for your money. I also dont like those ones were u have to rewind from the beginning of a track as some cd players wont recognize it & if its an mp3 it wont work either. That being said hidden tracks are nowhere near as bad as record labels that re-release albums as special editions/digipaks like 6 months to a year after its released with like 5-6 bonus tracks/bonus dvd with music videos/making of the album/etc. I hate labels trying to milk things especially when the new songs are usually just filler ie covers/demo/etc. Movies are terrible for this too. Why does there have to be different versions for everything. Just cuz someone lives in japan instead of north america he should get 2 extra tracks or a movie/video game with different(and usually more/better content). I dont think so. I shouldn't have to but essentially the same thing multiple times to get all the content I want. It makes it way too hard to get a bands discography or the best version of ur favourite movie/game without having to pirate it.
  17. +1 Metal heads are a lot friendlier/chilled than most ppl think.
  18. +1 Damn i knew their songs were all similar but...there are many better canadian bands then nickelback anyway.
  19. Yeah I live in BC, The Okanagan. Shambhala is the only big 1 I know of but I havent had enough money or a vehicle to go as of yet plus I cant order stuff online & afaik no stores in town sell tickets anyway. I have checked ur site a few times, Ive seen a few parties but most of them are on the island & I cant afford the $300+ it would cost to drive to van & take the ferry(its like over $100 now thanks to fuel tax) there & back. Also Ive never heard of most of the ppl & the flyers never say what type of music it is. Id hate to go all the way there to have to listen to some kind of techno I dont like.
  20. I used IE & picked the open option. Then While it was loading I hit download again then save. Dunno if thats even why but it worked for me.
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