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Longest Psytrance song?


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hmmm I still do long tracks and always will.


Very good :) Yeah the 90s...I actually explained to my sis once, when she said she could never hear any difference between "ordinary techno" and "your goa stuff" anyway that the simplest way to identify a psytrance CD was to look at the track lengths. If there's any two-digit number of minutes, it's very likely either classical music or psytrance. Which of the two should be easy to guess from the cover then :D
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mystery of the yeti 1 - tribal gathering 14:29

shpongle - 7th revelation 14:24

makyo - yakshini 20:46

padmasana - universal consciousness 20:21

some spicelab tracks...


That's about all I have that vaguely fits in the "trance" genre. There is also of course Orb's 40 minute Blue Room... which is awesome, but not trance.

Banco de Gaia has some extended remixes off Last Train to Lhasa: Kincajou (Duck! Asteroid) at 36:09 and 887 (Darkside Return) at 22:32. Those are sorta ambient, but also have trancey parts.

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Dont know if those hasn't been mentioned thou:


Koxbox - Neurobic 13:40

Pleiadians - Zeta Reticuli 13:13

Mystica - Ever Rest (Tour De Force Remix) 13:49

Squaremeat - Night Train 13:46

Boris Blenn - Source Of Emotion 21:32

Crystal Moon - Butterfly 14:25

Saafi Brothers - 2046 14:23

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The longest one I have here which isn't already mentioned is Klangstrahler Projekt - Rising, 14:18 long.

I think it's their best piece btw :wub:

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My next release after my album in June will have a trance track that's 30 minutes long. I have a little over 26 minutes of it finished done so far, but you'll have to ask Death Posture if its any good or not as he is one of only three people who've heard it to date.... :unsure:

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If you count ambient/chill...


Matt Coldrick & Matt Hillier - Elemental Journey - Absolute Ambient.com Volume 2


1 Terra Firma (12:08)

2 The Band From Atlantis (12:21)

3 Fire Dance (14:17)

4 Where The Evening Meets The Sky (7:24)

5 Air (23:27)

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Guest Astro Cortex

Too lazy to read the entire thread but Juno Reactor's Luciana is surely the longest psy track?


It's not psy ;)

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Guest Astro Cortex

It's ambient psy, isn't it?


Not really. Shpongle is ambient psy. Luciana sounds a lot different to my ears, but still it's certainly psychedelic in some way (as most non-psy ambient actually is).

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Guest Astro Cortex

As has been stated many times, there are many ambient releases with longer tracks than luciana.


True, Pete Namlook has done a lot of those, also Steve Roach, and many many others. But yeah, Somnium is probably the longest one ever released.


Btw, this thread is still called "longest psytrance song".....


Banco de Gaia's Kincajou (Duck! Asteroid) is said to be 90 minutes long in its original form, but obviously had to be edited (to 36 min.) to fit on CD. I'm not sure however if this can be called psy ambient either.

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Guest Astro Cortex

But this one has most in common with today's trance/techno/etc. so I say this is probably the longest 'trance' track in existance. :P


OK, you asked for it:


Pete Namlook & Klaus Schulze - A Saucerful of Ambience 61:02


A good deal of it is actually trance.



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koxbox - Lunar Bin/Doppelgänger [14:29]


oddly enough noone named that one??




shpongle's "and day turned to night" is the longest one I've got....

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