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  1. Tantrance 3 is for me the best comp ever released. Not many bad tracks there.
  2. Okey, I get it But anyways, no news about Power Source?
  3. Hallo everyone! Long time since I was here, hope you all feel fine I just got got my hands on a unreleased track by Power Source (at least I says Power Source ) The track is called "Get On Top" and it sounds quite new, not like the old days So I just wonder if anyone heard anyting about this track or any news about Power Source? Rumours? C ya! Mod note: Post edit due to piracy. Thanks FP
  4. Long time that I wa here but anyway, count me in
  5. 1. CDs that spinned in your CD-player the most (artist albums). Jaia - Fiction 2. CDs that spinned in your CD-player the most (compilations). Groovecontrol 3. Best label. Dragonfly 4. Live acts that impressed you the most. Jaia Live @ Trance Vallee Express (Didnt hear it live thou) 5. Live acts that disappointed you. Dont know 6. DJs sets that rocked your dancefloor. Dont know 7. DJs sets that made you leave the dancefloor. Dont know 8. Best party. Didnt go to any big partys 9. Best festival. Same here 11. Best drink/beverage. White Russian 12. Best drug/trip. Heiniken =) 13. Best moment/experience. Drunk on a warm summerevening, talking to my friends =) 14. Worst moment/experience. School in general 15. Best non-psy. Some house probably... Robbie Riviera did a nice EP.
  6. "Dimesion 5 - Transdimensional" Transwave stuff
  7. yes...Track No4 is made by E-Jekt AND Power Source
  8. I miss Space Pussy so I had to go with Snakey Shaker... Brings back memories!
  9. Power Source??? Anyone heard if their planing to do more stuff?
  10. My vote goes to navras, but zwara is a close second... Navras just blows me away...
  11. Hmmm...I get very happy when im drunk so when I listen to music that makes me happy when im sober, then you can figure out the rest...
  12. Hmm...this was nice... if this "new" genre evolves a year or so I think it will be great...
  13. MFG has released a track on this comp. VA - White Label Republic (Mixed By John 00 Fleming) CD1 Cell - X-Press MorningIncolumis - One With Sanctuary SBK - Nightfly RPO & Thomas Penton - Perfect Storm Alex Stealthy - The Way It Shouldnt Be Super8 Vs DJ Tab - First Aid (Perry O Neil Mix) Bjon Small - In A State Of.. Oliver Prime - Radiance Chakra - Opacity Lish - On The Edge Violet Vision - Cellophane (Sub6 & Domestic Mix) Delirious - Innerface Sub6 Feat Michele Anderson - 7th Son (Ticon Mix) CD2 12 Moons - Analogue Haste OOOD - Free Range Tikal - Welcome Whirloop - Blue Objects The Digital Blonde - Requia Wizzy Noise - 10 O Clock MFG - Shining Faces Astrix Feat Michele Adamson - Closer To Heaven Protoculture - Magnetic Electric Universe - Supreme Space Indica - Visions Of Tomorrow Astrix & John OO Fleming - 3rd Time Lucky
  14. All ready got it, but signed so others can enjoy it as much as I have
  15. Nice work man! whats the name of the track?
  16. Free Lemonade (Psychaos Remix) freaks me out every time and The Furnace is really good aswell...
  17. Hmm, I like this one, usually Im not a big fan of full-on, but here is an exception. And its a litle more commercial, but that can be good some times... You dont need to watch your cdplayer on the barbeque-party for girls who wants to switch cd for Madona or whatever...
  18. Its the same with the danish group "Pharagonescia", they released an 12" with two tracks "Pharatropic" and "Touch". I've only heard Pharatropic (released on Destination Goa 2 I think) and that is among the greatest tunes ever made imo. http://www.discogs.com/artist/Pharagonescia Check it out!
  19. Stickers are always nice, i always put them om my travelbag so its easy to fint it when your waiting for your lugage at the airport Big booklets are also welcome, some nice reading before u fall to seep is always nice...
  20. "Man With No Name - Way Out West" was released in 1990, dont know if you can call it psy thou...
  21. Shakta - Silicon Trip Chakra & Edi Mis - The Promised Land Oforia - Delirious
  22. Whats the title of the compilation?
  23. I would recomend "Loopus In Fabula - Lolita" or "Shaolin Wooden Men - Trickster" if you are in a crazy kinda mood
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