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  1. The forum looks really bad logged in, theme changes and causes layout issues. I wonder if my account is so old it wasn't migrated properly? edit: [[Template core/front/profile/followers is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]
  2. What's this, bunch of old geezers?
  3. I like em too... Forgetting Sharah Marshall was one of the funniest movies I've seen lately.
  4. Man With No Name always liked that one. also Green Nuns of the Revolution
  5. I saw Stay a few days ago and it was a good movie imo. Trippy and weird moments, with nice shots and colors.
  6. Hellz yeah! I like all his movies! Love some of them!
  7. I have to say Symphoid. Not that I'm close to as talanted as him, but he influenced me.
  8. Thanks guys. Didn't know you had listened to it that much Caffy. A good sign I hope.
  9. I thought the movie was ok, but nothing more. I watched it and was entertained for the moment. Then I forgot about it afterwards.
  10. Just some shameless promotion! I guess the genre would be dark epic 80ies-influenced horror-ambient, with melodies and drums! Listen or download in that link. Listen or ban!
  11. That he is. He makes all the music alone. The others do vocals or dance.
  12. A new album is on it's way with "rave" influences according to Liam.
  13. It used to be all about FotL, but the latest years Jilted has surpassed it. It has always been there, but I just realized I prefer to listen to it if I would choose now. Actually haven't heard much of Experience, only about 4-5 songs, but Out of Space is sick.
  14. Definitely was you that I saw. Oh well...
  15. Do you remember me? I just woke up and it's 21:53 now. Shit. My trip started Thursday morning when I took the train to the city to meet up with my partners in crime. There were four of us and after some time we were all gathered and ready to go to the airport. We naturally teased everyone we knew an met while getting to the airport (1 person). The flight was uneventful and we arrived at Stansted safe and sound. Took the buss into the city, exited the buss at the wrong stop, but we sorted it out. Took the tube to Camden where our Hostel was, dropped our bags and went out to eat and drink. Had some fish and chips (ey, give us a break alright?) then went to the first bar. Gay night. We tried the next one. Cunt bouncer. Third one was alright! Had some beers and talked about our expectations. Good times! Thursday morning! After a night of extreme noise from the upstairs neighbors and extremely hot room we woke up too late to manage a shower. To "save money" we hadn't booked the room any longer. Friday was mostly spent walking around in Camden. Unbelievable how much shit you can sell in one place (I've been there before). We went to get our Shpongle & after party tickets, had a nice talk and mug of wine with the Old Indian Guy (OIG) selling them. It was getting dark and we started to move closer to Roundhouse, looking for a place to have beers. Had a beer someplace. Continued. We went inside the inspiral cafe for 15 minutes or so (in the basement). I didn't remember that was the place were some psynewsers were going to meet up. I do remember now afterwards that I must've seen yohankiwi, a guy with black and white pants (but no hat!). I didn't recognize the outfit as a "jester" so I didn't connect the dots. I wonder how many Pienewsers I saw in there. We then went to another bar were my friend's friends were drinking (also going to the concert/afterparty). Had a fun time there, with some nice girls serving in the bar! Around 20:00 it was finally Shpongle time! Once you got past all the "tickets, tickets for tonight"-guys the queue moved quite fast. No illegal substances on me so doggy didn't pay me any attention and we were inside! Went straight to the main floor and waited while listening to Younger Brother. Most of you have heard the concert already so you kinda knew how it was, not a very good singer, but otherwise awesome! Chills down my spine many times! Ahhhh! I'll just leave it at the right now. One thing that bothered me the people booing when there wasn't any extra number. Wtf? We decided to go grab some food and just chill for a few hours after Shpongle, hoping to avoid a queue at the afterparty. Said and done we were upstairs at this really chill asian place. After a couple of hours we decided to find the afterparty. No tube, all closed down. The streets looked like mayhem. Drunk halloween people everywhere. We asked our way around and after some trouble with catching the bus together we were all gathered at king's cross. With our spirits high we walked to Scala only to be greeted by this ridiculous queue! It wasn't moving at all! So we went and talked with the bouncer and said we had electronic tickets and we were in immediately. Just like that. 5 seconds of queue time! I kinda felt bad about it afterwards because everyone I talked with had been in that fucking queue for 1-2 hours. When I got in I noticed a guy standing in the stairs ahead of me. I immediately recognized this guy in a jacket and hat as traveler from behind. I don't know how I could that. I had a nice 20 second conversation (in English and Finnish) with this glass eyed man before I had to move on. Friendliest face I have seen! That baby face together with those blue eyes. Had a great time at the party. Talked with people from all around the world. Green Nuns and X-Dream were niiiice! Stayed there until we were thrown out when they closed at 6. Spent the morning walking around trying to find a place to sleep. We went down to the tube and considered crashing in the circle line, just going round, round for 5 hours. But after a while, one of mine friend had enough and called her sister who found us a hotel by Hyde Park where you could check in immediately. Slept there for 8-9 hours before checking out. This was when my friend was starting to feel sick. He threw up 3 times in the tube. Nice. Finally we just said fuck this and bought bus tickets to the airport (the train tracks were flooded anyway). Arrived 23:00 at the airport with 8 hours to go until the plane would take off. It was pretty nice just try to sleep in the airport. I like airports. My friend puked on the airplane too. Awesome. Hope you all had a great time!
  16. First time I came across it I thought it was cool. Now, it just feels meh. :drama:
  17. Same thing on Delta - Minusman. 6 minutes of silence. Why?
  18. I'll remember to wave hi to you.
  19. I'm digging it! Argon is a favorite, I love the sounds and feeling. :posford:
  20. Ah interesting. Too bad it will take a while. But better it takes a while than a crappy album! On another note, I'm also kinda looking for a place to sleep the first night (Oct 30th) for me and my friend. Could be a sofa or mattress on the floor. Doesn't really matter since it's just that night and we'll be out of your hair.
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