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  1. Hey, Just finished this. This one is filled with dark Sci-fi atmosphere. No real beats or breaks, 38bpm. The name comes from one of the samples I recorded. It's the CV Sync-Out pulse on my synthesizer, but processed to get kind of a big generator sound. Link: http://soundcloud.com/seawasp Cheers!
  2. I'll edit once I'm done, I'm at the second track, so far it's excellent!
  3. Hi! I'm working on mastering my music properly. This was finished very recently. Slower than usual, but I think 124 BPM is a real sweet spot. I found a mellotron VSTi and it served its purpose in this tune. I know it's not really psy or goa, but it's definitely trancy. Time: 7:57 Tempo: 124 http://soundcloud.com/seawasp/seawasp-aztec-solitude Cheers!
  4. Javi - I'm curious what made you think the mixdown was horrible. Sounds fine over here, including the "phazy thing." Overture & Psybro - Been Keeping at it for 5 years strong !
  5. I made this off and on over the course of a few months. Some dark, playful Goa trance. http://soundcloud.com/seawasp/seawasp-crepuscularium Have fun! Hope you dig what you hear!! Cheers, Nimai
  6. It's the second one! Thank you so much!! I need to investigate Solar Quest some more. Fantastic stuff!
  7. This was a track I had a small clip of. Unfortunately, the MP3 CD it was on was completely scratched up. My computer couldn't read the tracklist. Before it had been scratched up, the track that played introed with an ominous pad, some tribal tom drums (with echo/delay), and a piercing mid-octave acid lead with lots of pitch slides. It sounded like it was going to be a high energy track, but the clip ended just after the first drop some 3 minutes in... I hope somebody can at least name me some suggestions... Thanks!
  8. http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3ia3HNzhpk http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRSL7K5y8cg Tom Waits always does it for me. That one gets me too.
  9. I'm still on there. I posted my and my buddy's album flyer there, and I think they took it as spam and deleted it . No label announcement forum there...
  10. Beyond the Subatomic and Solar Power (both by Space Tribe) are tunes I would count in that mix. I was hoping for it to be all amateur tunes, but no bites. I'm working on something that's on a shuffle rhythm right now... Cheers! Ni
  11. There isn't enough psytrance or goa that is done on a shuffle, instead of straight four. A little while ago I was hoping to do a mix of songs on a shuffled rhythm like this. Thought it would have been fun, but there weren't enough takers .
  12. Really fun music mate! Sounds like a nice tight goa trance track!
  13. Heya! Long time no see! I remember hearing your tunes on Trance Addict. I like what I'm hearing here. Especially that drop! Cheers man! Ni
  14. Hey there! I figure I'd post a youtube stream here: This is a fun one. Very old school goa here, a little faster as well. Enjoy! Ni
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