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    This mix is SO good. Thanks for sharing.
  2. grahf

    Ott - Mir

    Hey, in case you guys didn't catch it - Ott is going to self release this album. Not on any label.
  3. Yes, definitely Liquid Stranger. And Sub Swara and Nit-GriT... Nucleya's remix of Tonic totally rocks my socks: http://soundcloud.com/nucleya/tonic-midival-punditz-nucleya-remix I have been sufficiently inspired by this "tribal psystep" style to make a little mix. Hope y'all enjoy http://soundcloud.com/grahf/tribal-psystep-mix-1 tracklist: Bandish Project - Brown Skin Beauty (Liquid Stranger Astral Abduction Mix) David Starfire - Cobra (Sub Swara Remix) Chase & Status - Eastern Jam (Trillbass Remix) M.E.E.O. - Wilder Beast Yolanda be Cool & Dcup - No Speak Americano (High Rankin's Bait Wobble Remix) David Starfire - Shakti (Jef Stott Remix) Shock One - Adachigahara's Theme Stellamara - Prituri Se Planinata (NiT GriT Remix) Mew - Vaccine (Eskmo Remix)
  4. Among more "traditional" Dubstep artists, Excision, Mimosa, and An-ten-nae stand out as having a more "psy" feel in some (but not all) of their tracks. Honestly, true psystep is a pretty rare niche genre as far as I've found. Anything by Bird of Prey, but you probably already knew that. M.E.E.O. - Wilder Beast from the Flying Sauce compilation (Ektoplazm). This track is a dubstep/psytrance hybrid with a wicked wobble in the breakdown. Soundcloud discoveries: 11:11. Lotsa free tracks, and quite deeply psychedelic too imho. - there's a remix of Pink Floyd on there, that's psy right? Personally I find tribally-influenced dubstep to be quite psychedelic, and there the horizons open a bit: Kalya Scintilla - http://kalyascintilla.bandcamp.com/ Shackleton, David Starfire, Jef Stott, Pavel Dovgal. Desert Dwellers Remixes EPs have some good tribal dubstep tracks. Shackleton has some really cool deep dark minimal dubs, I'd like to investigate this guy more
  5. I have more rare stuff than I thought I did. expensive: Young American Primitive album and Saafi Brothers - Mystic Cigarettes = around $40 each (YAP rereleased his self titled and some unreleased stuff on digital, so the price seems to have actually fallen a bit since then) cheap: Jaia - Blue Energy/Synergy (yellow feather release): $20, bought directly from Dakini mail order. I see it's pretty hard to find now. Adham Shaikh - Essence (normal cd price back when it was released. Apparently this has become rare as well) Asia 2001 - Live: $6.50 (No joke! The cd case still has the price sticker on it. I bought it at Logos records in Santa Cruz CA, a very nice record shop btw. I had no idea this was an uber-rare release until I looked it up on discogs.) With everything and everybody going digital, the thrill of the record shop hunt is not quite what it used to be.
  6. How does Zen/Buddhism influence your work? Do you plan to ever make more music under the Padmasana name?
  7. Tool - Lateralus (listening to samples of new tegma album just before this)
  8. So you don't need a seperate breakout box for the MIDI i/o?
  9. The new rules suck? Did they change? Are they anything different than what is expected on almost any internet forum anywhere, or real life? Not particularly. Boils down to: be decent and nice to others. I don't see how that will prevent any of us from pursuing the main purpose of this forum, which is discussing psytrance. "drug incitation" might mean that one should not incite or suggest that others do drugs. In other words, I can talk about my own experiences, but not recommend that the entire world do the same. This reasonable and cautious from the legal standpoint of the site operators. Mars: I sent a semi-melodramatic email to you at a hotmail account I dug up from a suntrip records page during the downtime. Not sure if that's an account you check often, so I'll repeat the question: what is to become of the old goa reviews and artist info pages? Before the downtime there was a sidebar with links to those old pages, but I'm no longer seeing it. Did they get blown away? Good to see psynews back, I didn't know what I was gonna do without it.
  10. Thanks for reviewing this one Deathposture. I am seriously impressed from the samples I have heard from this album. The sonic manipulations and intelligent breakbeats really set this apart from run-of-the-mill ambient chill. In fact I'm tempted to say that this is some seriously unique and cutting edge work, and that solar fields has progressed a long way over the course of his albums. I suppose I can't say any of that for sure, as I don't own the real thing, but what I have heard is enough to get me salivating.
  11. I also have this exact piece of hardware. It is a soundcard itself; the quality of which really blows away my integrated sound, I didnt think I'd be able to hear the difference but I was quite wrong. I'm using it for dj'ing at the moment... it works well for that because I can output two stereo channels from my computer into the left and right channels of a mixer. For producing I'm not completely convinced this would be the best choice... as it only has 1 stereo input (not including spd/if, but don't you need special hardware for that?) and no microphone input. But it does have MIDI, which is a plus. The sound quality is good for sure, but this doesnt seem to be the best device for recording. So it depends on what you would want to do in the studio.
  12. Set is not exactly new (2003). Coloursfest is a festival in Scotland. I have this burned to cd somewhere, I suppose it's pretty solid hard trance/fullon/whatever but I only like the first two tracks really. Dickster has a pretty amazing groove and cool drippy sounds going on, and the digital blonde remix is of a real classic (li kwan - point zero is in the first hour of oakenfold's 'goa' essential mix). The rest is pretty blah for homelistening IMO, but I'm sure I would've danced my ass off if I was there to hear the set in person.
  13. haha, some ppl got some serious sound equipment here. My current setup is a pair of yamaha little bookshelf speakers that are probably almost as old as I am, and I just added a pair of altec lansings that I bought for $2 at a surplus sale. I have a subwoofer but it doesn't work :\ Suits me fine for the moment, anything more would be hard to transport. I do have the sony mdr-600's though, which I think are the best headphones one can get at normal retail stores around here.
  14. I'll just put a word in for Apollo - Atmospheres and Soundtracks.
  15. Is it just me or are chill cds much less susceptible to this "one sound" syndrome? Maybe I've just been steering clear of the more boring chill cds without realizing it. Only albums I own that fall into this pit are Phi - Phinalizer and Beat Bizarre - Pandora's Groovebox, and they're not particularly bad offenders.
  16. Interesting insight! Perhaps this shows that the social cycle of musical evolution takes places in all genres, at all time scales. It took rock music 40 years to get where it is now, but trance only 10. "Where it is now" seems to a be a fully evolved state where everything has essentially been done before, but instead of there being nothing new to experiment with, creativity explodes in all directions and there's an infinity of new possibilities. Perhaps older musical genres like classical and jazz did this too, but it took them a century or more. The extrapolation: if it took trance music only ten years to fully evolve, then the "next big thing" will explode incredibly rapidly, in the course of a year or two. Things are too chaotic in the world and in music for me to even attempt to predict what that would be, but I hope for clarity when the time is right.
  17. it changes every day but today: Amon Tobin and Carbon Based Lifeforms. And Ishq and the Secret Chiefs 3, lol.
  18. My opinion... is that as soon as a "progressive" sound becomes solidified and codified, then it ceases to be progressive. Simultaneously, new artists will come along to create something fresh, and that style then becomes what is progressive at the moment; the cycle thus repeats. For instance: FreQ's album was really cool and popular last year, then his style got reduced to a formula and copied quite a bit. Then something new has to come along - for me, it's the new Ticon, wow, what amazing shit. Perhaps they'll push the stream of releases in a new direction, who knows. Anyways, my point is that music never really stagnates, if it feels to you like it has, then you need to break out of your box and look for new interesting stuff, it's always out there somewhere.
  19. Well, I'm listening to the streaming preview on Digital Structures' webby... and Oh. My. God. Words fail me to express how awesome this sounds. I suppose these guys have nailed the true meaning of "progressive" music - going completely beyond genres and cubbyholed scenes to create something really unique and special. I suppose I can hear elements of house, trance, and electro in here... but whatever the fuck. It's making me shake my booty and nod my head, and generally get up and dance, just sitting here in my chair, and that's what's important. Psyreviews compared it to Underworld, and I can see where he's coming from with that comparison. Perhaps, like Underworld's best, this will be a timeless release that still sounds special a decade from now.
  20. FSOL - Lifeforms is 133 bpm, plenty fast enough for a dancefloor. Rabbit in the moon - out of body experience banco de gaia. Needs More Orb in the chillout.
  21. I've only sampled a few albums from this guy, but I can heartily recommend: S.H.A.D.O. and S.H.A.D.O. 2 - with Bobby Bird from Higher Intelligence Agency, very trancey. unexpectedly uplifting melodies appear out of the ambience. Dreamfish and Dreamfish 2 - with Mixmaster Morris, very smooth floating ambient. long tracks, (15-20 min) makes you feel underwater. I've tried the Fires of Ork 1 and 2 as well, but found them much more repetitive. Pity... Namlook and Geir Jensen from Biosphere sounded like a perfect collab!
  22. Glad somebody else likes this. It's rather tough to categorize, and sounds nothing like the epic/dream trance most people know miles for. ethnic/ambient/techno would be on the right track, but the guitar and vocals that prosect mentions in his review throws it somewhere else entirely. Some parts are too energetic to properly call this chillout music, so better listen to it while doing something active instead. It's got funk, ethnic percussion, and a little bit of trance. Try this if you want some crazy melting pot of a lot of genres and ideas. Not gonna bother with a number, but there's definitely a lot of artistry and originality that went into this album, if you care to listen for it. Check out the FSOL remix of "Paths" as well, it's quite a modern psychedelic masterpiece.
  23. Have you read his website? He obviously respects electronic dance music off all kinds but doesnt take it over-seriously. Infact, i quote from www.ishkur.com/music: It's just his opinion. I find his comments mostly pretty funny actually.
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