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What new music did you get today?


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3 hours ago, Oopie said:

I rarely do massive purchases like this these days, but an eBay seller had all these great CDs available and I couldn't help myself!

Interlect 3000 - Electric Allsorts

Koxbox - Re-Oscillation maxi-CD

Spectral - Celtic Alchemy maxi-CD

Sandman - Psycho Toons

UX - Ultimate Experience

Transwave - Hypnorhythm EP

Finally... Koxbox and Transwave collections complete ^_^

nice score, hypnorythm in particular is amazing!

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I got the ZNA compilation of course. =))



21 hours ago, astralprojection said:

wow that thing looks absolutely stunning :)

It sounds even better, absolutely magical. thanosp81 is doing a amazing job with his Digital Reprints. =)

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Having only recently introduced to the solo projects of Son Kite/Minilogue duo, I instantly fell in love with the sounds of Markus. The mystical vibes his music emanates in conjunction with the techno rhythms just hit the perfect, sweet spot for me. And this is how my journey begins.



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Gah, I haven't posted in this thread in a year or so! I should have, but somehow there has always been something more urgent to do, or maybe I was just out of energy afterwards.


Anyway, to fix that even by a little bit, I picked some semi-random stuff from the "incoming" piles. (Sorting of the record shelves has been postponed too many times as well.) There's no very coherent theme in this selection, other than all being somehow noteworthy or fascinating. There's some repetition from earlier posts - even mine. Maybe some 2019 highlights? Maybe crowd pleasers? Maybe some showing off too, who knows? Far from being a "today" listing but whatever...


And because we're search engine, vision impaired and collector friendly here, a brief listing and comments:

And that's it. Now I'll pack that stuff again, clean the rest of the table, and maybe rip a few pending discs. There are some orders to place too. Special thanks to several members here who have been involved with these releases. Let's see what 2020 brings. :)

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Triphonic album on Zenon (digital)

Aes Dana - Inks on vinyl from Ultimae

And from the non-psy genres

my wife surprised with the Autechre - NTS sessions vinyl box set she had kept secret for a long time for our 10 year wedding anniversary. 

Also non-music but music I also have the Erica Synths Techno System coming to add to my studio this week which is like my mid-life crisis purchase instead of a motorbike or tattoo.

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Sneaky Voodoo - "Worm On A Kazoo" EP (Zenon Records)

Synergic - "A World Beyond" (Samaa Records)

Non-Psy Electric:

Degs - "Letters From Ndegwa" (Hospital Recodds - digital & vinyl order)

Mako - "Oeuvre" (Metalheadz - (digital & vinyl)

Braintune - "The Nature Of Suffering" EP (Dark Descent Records)

Heavy Metal (Vinyl):

Slayer - "South Of Heaven"

Amorphis - "Under The Red Cloud"

Cloak - "To Venomous Depths"

Obscura - "Akroasis"

Immortal - "Sons Of Northern Darkness"

Earth Rot - "Black Tides Of Obscurity"

Omega Infinity - "Solar Spectre"

Tribulation - "Down Below"

Suffocation - "Pinnacle Of Bedlam"








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I grabbed a bunch of stuff from Bandcamp last Friday during the sale.

Some of the one's I'm liking a lot right now are:

Pororoca - Hollow Flower Farm
Funky Gong - Matsuri Digital - Be Humanized
Hibernation - Ambient Re-Works 01
VA - The Square - Acid Disco

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I got Mantra Move - Raven Dub this week. I'd say it doesn't try anything particularly groundbreaking, but it's solid and enjoyable for casual listening. I've probably cooked a few dinners to it already.

Also, I still have a pile of Suntrip backlog to go through...and a few pending disco, synthwave etc. orders to make...but maybe some time too for listening now when everything is cancelled and closed? :rolleyes:

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This week:

Suns of Arqa - Bringing Light to the New World Disorder
Globular & Geoglyph ‎- Messages from the Resonator

And a few more should be in the mail right now. There was a happy coincidence with finally having a bit of free time to place long-postponed orders, Bandcamp's revenue share waiving day and a couple of sales. ^_^

(Mark your calendars: the next similar campaign days are June 5 and July 3.)

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Ordered a bunch of new stuff over the last weeks:

Day.Din vs. Fabio - The Unreleased https://www.discogs.com/DayDin-vs-Fabio-The-Unreleased/release/989419

Dharma Kaya - Full Service - The Russian-Israeli Full On Sound https://www.discogs.com/Dharma-Kaya-Full-Service-The-Russian-Israeli-Full-On-Sound/release/2027615 (I'm listening to it right now, seems to be a real gem; the first two tracks were fucking awesome)

Mercury Fall - Gaiascension https://www.discogs.com/Mercury-Fall-Gaiascension/release/4563644

Miraculix - The Arrival https://www.discogs.com/Mercury-Fall-Gaiascension/release/4563644

Flexus - Christiana Selection Vol. 3 https://www.discogs.com/Flexus-Christiania-Selection-Volume-3/release/5506773

Rocky Tilbor - Goa Sessions https://www.discogs.com/Rocky-Tilbor-Goa-Session/release/8269015

v.A. - FullOn (HOM-Megta Produktions) https://www.discogs.com/Various-FullOn/release/184693

Andromeda - Temptations https://www.discogs.com/Andromeda-Temptations/release/250727 (ok, but the older albums were better)

Bubble - Bootleg https://www.discogs.com/Andromeda-Temptations/release/250727 (nice album, Bubble has his own style)

v.A. - Imagi:Nations Part 2: Day https://www.discogs.com/Various-ImagiNations-Part-2-Day/release/484687

Asia 2001 - Psykadelica https://www.discogs.com/Asia-2001-Psykadelia/release/6917485 (nice but not mindblowing)

Afgin - Old Is Gold Selected Tunes (2006 - 2015) https://www.discogs.com/Afgin-Old-Is-Gold-Selected-Tunes-2006-2015/release/7277369 (very nice, the album he released on Suntrip Records was even better tho)

DJ Ans - Wind Up https://www.discogs.com/DJ-Ans-Wind-Up/release/296019 (rather boring, I'm glad it was cheap)

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My purchases from Bandcamp's May revenue share waiving day have been trickling in. The next one should be on June 5. Use your chance to give full support to artists, hm?

M-Run ‎– Live Session Album
GoaD ‎– Hypnotic Mirage
Master Margherita ‎– Border 50
Eskostatic ‎– Serpentines & Valleys
James Murray & Francis M. Gri ‎– Remote Redux
Aes Dana ‎– Inks

+ cards, stickers, bookmarks and a handwritten note signed by Aes Dana. :)

Youth & Gaudi – Astronaut Alchemists Remixes is now shipping. Should arrive soon...

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Some stuff I had in the mail during the last few days:

v.A. - Inti (Suntrip Records) https://www.discogs.com/Various-Inti/release/10158584

Celestial Intelligence - Incandescent https://www.discogs.com/Celestial-Intelligence-Incandescent/release/14431713 bought both albums from Anoebis via Discogs, both are great!

Atomic Pulse - Direct Source https://www.discogs.com/Atomic-Pulse-Direct-Source/release/1066259 the last few tracks are the best

v.A. - Accelerator 1.0 (Turbo Trance Records) https://www.discogs.com/LElf-Triptych-Accelerator-10/release/249734 The whole series is great and I'm happy to have all of them now

v.A. - Secret Garden (Frakasound Records) https://www.discogs.com/Various-Secret-Garden/release/1386967 only (mainly lesser known) Swiss artists, the quality of the tracks is high


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On 5/15/2020 at 6:23 PM, staffan said:


And waiting for two albums, not psy related. =))

I also got the Out of Orbit album in my mail box today... has been on (almost) daily rotation since I got the digital version, so good! :wub:

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