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What new music did you get today?


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Youth and Gaudi is here, awesome. And I manage to get the Life is cds on Orange Records for under €2. The only record Colordrops Live Version  is on. Yay. =))



And some Swedish rap music. First press and still sealed. Not that is that valuable, but just amazing. =))


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My "today" is still quite flexible, but this time it has been less than four months, not one year and four months... Hopefully this is roughly correct.



  • At the time of writing, Liquid Sound still has a few "slightly wonky" signed copies of that Astronaut Alchemists 12". Nowadays they also handle UK->EU taxes on the Bandcamp side, which is nice. Dealing with the customs is still annoying (and more expensive), even though the process has been streamlined here in recent years.
  • Ultimae just got another pressing of Gneiss and Period, which I managed to miss once. I think their output has improved in general again, compared to some years when it was a total glitchfest. Their communications and extras are still heartwarming, and the latest shipment arrived on the same week (Mon->Fri), which is remarkable because international shipping still has its issues, and our local post sometimes sits on parcels for several days.
  • I've also got a bunch of disco and a few 90s electronic classics. Not listing those now. :P
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9 hours ago, Oopie said:

Seems they've recently also released expanded editions of Abduction, Implant and Children Of the Bong's Sirius Sounds! 

Yes, and I strongly recommend to get them all. They are really well made. And also, Timeshard. I wonder whether they plan to re release any other albums from Planet Dog.


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Bah, let's do this. Or at least try. I've had tons of hassle this year with orders failing in almost every imaginable way. Now the queue of outstanding stuff may be shortening a bit. Some replacements and the Hallucinogen remasters are still on their way but it's about time to sort this incoming-pile.

Arrived CDs, this year or so, probably in no particular order:

and vinyl...

...and some disco and italo and epic synth stuff and other things that I don't feel like listing right now. :P

Now I can finally archive these somewhere deeper and start pondering new purchases as Bandcamp Fridays are returning soon. :mellow:

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Smooth and slow acid from Nick Barber, the way it's meant to be.

The pleasant surprise of the month.

And while you're there, make sure you also pick "The Ambient Picnic" for some proper chill out.





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On 9/13/2023 at 12:13 AM, thanosp81 said:

Smooth and slow acid from Nick Barber, the way it's meant to be.

Unfortunately I skipped that one, despite it sounding pretty good. As mentioned in my previous rant, there was a completely absurd amount of hassle with all of my summer orders when this was released so I couldn't handle any more logistics. My wallet was also bleeding, and UK shipping + customs really bite for single discs. Furthermore, it's a nice collectible, but I really doubt whether I'd really play the vinyl anywhere. I have to draw a line somewhere with shelf-filling collectibles...although it's pretty far out there. Maybe I'll eventually regret this skipping too. :rolleyes:


Anyway...now basically all of those cursed orders have arrived (except one CD which may not be even pressed yet, thus not shipped either). So let's clear the backlog before I go shopping again. :lol: Many familiar and trusted labels here.


Fractal Glider – Zactoglider
Martin Nonstatic – Pulsatille
Lauge & Aes Dana – Terrene
Triquetra – Myriad Vision
Morphic Resonance – Extrasensory Perception
Triquetra – Access Denied 12"
Virtuart – Pisces Moon Rising EP
Hallucinogen – The Albums Remastered
Gaudi + Savona – Havana Meets Kingston in Dub

...and more disco. B)


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10 hours ago, Dolmot said:

UK shipping + customs really bite

I feel your pain. We end paying almost double just because of taxes and shipping. Smart move Brexit, I hope ppl enjoy it.

10 hours ago, Dolmot said:

it's a nice collectible

Lucky me, I don't treat them as collectibles. I only buy LPs when there is no other physical format available and that saves me quite  a lot of money :)

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Not new music per se,  but finally most of my music collection in reunited. 

When I left Greece 10 years ago, I had to leave my CD collection behind. But now they are back with me, only a 30kg box remaining to be shipped :P . Time to see what hidden treasures I will uncover.



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Very little collecting these days... however I was very happy to recently score the Color Box album and today I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Nerve's No Foco cd-maxi for sale on Discogs! It was last sold in 2011. One of the very best releases of the tech-era. :)

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Today I realised that Jikkenteki has three albums I didn't know about 😲😳😲 early stuff that wasn't released before. 

On bandcamp he has it all available with his three studio albums and a collection of compilation tracks. I bought it all again, even the ones I have already for easy streaming. 


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It has been a while again. There's quite an incoming pile here, old and new stuff. Time to update various listings. I'll start from CDs...

Benza – Benza
Society of Inner Light
The Irresistible Force – Kira Kira (the 2017 disc, along the 2023 reissue/remaster release)
Dub Trees – Nature Never Did Betray the Heart that Loved Her (2024 reissue/remaster)
Pitch Black – Electronomicon (2CD version)
Pitch Black - Invisible Circuits
Acidum Influxum
Veasna – Providence
Vaporized – Human Odyssey
Distant System – Distant System
Tor.Ma in Dub – Life in Dub

That should cover most of it. There's also some dark ambient from Cryo Chamber and some other things with no relation to this forum. I'll check and list vinyls in another post. It was already painful enough to lose half of this list once when I tried to click the tab but hit "close tab" instead. The forum had helpfully auto-saved exactly the first four words of it. :(


Alright, time to rip a few discs with no digital versions and then stash this pile.

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Well, maybe not that much new (or used) vinyl. Here's everything somehow related I could find right now. I've managed to score some nice finds from other genres recently, though.

Tor.Ma in Dub – Terra
Deep Fried Dub & Italiks – Crown
Palefield Mountain – On My Way
Syb Unity Nettwerk – Life Support System (Mindscape Mix) / Sun Invaders (Full Moon Mix)
Astral Projection – Let There Be Light

Meanwhile, one counter suggested that this would be the 9000th reply in this topic. B)

(And now the forum found my lost draft, which I had already re-typed yesterday...)

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