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What music are you listening to right now?

Sputum Rotgut

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Ricardo Villalobos- Fabric 36 (2007) (Fabric)


It's awesome. Seems like it's time to go for some of his older material. For unknown reasons I've been ignoring his older work for quite some time. There is no more excuse. His Fabric DJ mix just blew me away.

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Hallucinogen - Solstice

Hallucinogen - Solstice RMX


Hallucinogen is the best

You really are incredible Radi. Whatever would you have listened to if you had never discovered Simon P <_<


Good for you :)


np: Drap Drop - Poponga. More full on japanese psy mayheem. Shit. This almost makes Filteria sound like down tempo ... B)

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This is for you, Radster:


E-Mantra - 01. Voyager II (Opus Iridium, 2008)

Shakta - 02. Ten Times Around The Sun (Opus Iridium, 2008)

Filteria - 03. Birds Lingua Franca (Opus Iridium, 2008)

Artifact303 - 04. Feelings (Opus Iridium, 2008)

Ajna - 05. The Art Of Happiness (Opus Iridium, 2008)

Radical Distortion - 06. The Dreamer (Opus Iridium, 2008)

Afgin - 07. From The Heart (Tribute To Wonderboy) (Opus Iridium, 2008)

Ethereal - 08. Moondawn (Opus Iridium, 2008)

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