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  1. This is the most complete, deepest, loeveliest, wierdest psy-chill album I have had the honour to listen to. Not much more to say, just listen to it.
  2. I think there are a lot of us, also love Entheogenic and dont like AYS. .
  3. Entheogenic - Flight of the Urubus Ishq - Orchid Hallucinogen in Dub Solar Fields - Leaving Home Entheogenic - Entheogenic The infintiy Project - Mystical Experiences
  4. Very good album, always been an Entheogenic fan, -Flight of the Urubus - being their best maybe. Favorites - Rio Barra, Skull Cap, Trara, Urubus, Microcondian. Like the new direction they have taken. 9.9/10
  5. 1.) Entheogenic 2.) Spontaneous Illumination 3.) Dialogue of the Speakers 4.) Golden Cap 5.) Flight of the Urubus .
  6. maybe you drop them a line, and ask for confirmation of your order, maybe your CC info didnt get through, who knows.
  7. Yup, same here, anyway hope this one will be good , looking forward to
  8. WTF this is the best album in a very looooong time! Nothing better so far this year . Give it a try
  9. 1 Entheogenic - Dialogue of the Speakers 2 Penta - Funraiser 3 Ananda Shake - Emotion in Motion 4 Artifact - Artifact II 5 V/A Quality Relaxation
  10. I don't even want to talk about the 3rd Shpongle. Shpongles album were less and less to my liking. Entheogenic got better. Entheogenic does it perfectly well for me. .
  11. I really really like this release, the first in a long time!. The new tracks are good. Some of the remixes are mindblowing. Very satisfied! .
  12. I am getting there Their second album knocked me out flat. It is a major piece of work only listened to it for a couple of times, still trying to grasp it. ( only got it couple of days ago) Hope their third one will be as good .
  13. I listen to a couple of the new samples, mh.... dont know... On the other hand the second Entheogenic wow. ( sorry I only got it today so) .
  14. Got it today, wow what an amazing album!!! I have to give it a couple more listenings, have to grasp better what is going on here. First impression is mindblowing. .
  15. yes ozric tentacles have some real cool stuff
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